True Detective Season 2: Main Cast, Plot Details Leaked?

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Has the full main cast, along with numerous key plot details, regarding True Detective Season 2 been leaked online?

According to The Wrap, the central story of Season 2 will center on the killing of a corrupt city manager in Southern California named Ben Caspar.

The crime will bring together three law enforcement officers from three branches of government, with casting details below:

Colin F pic
Moss image

COLIN FARRELL will portray Ray Velcoro, a damaged detective who has been through Hell in his personal life and professional life.

TAYLOR KITSCH will play Paul Woodrugh, a 28-year-old military veteran who has seen a great deal of of violence and destruction.

ELISABETH MOSS will come on board as Ani Bezzerides, a Monterey sheriff whose troubled upbringing has driven her to gambling and alcohol.

VINCE VAUHGN will be Frank Semyon, a former thug-turned-businessman who's conducting a shady deal with a local mayor and his political cohorts regarding construction of a high-speed railway system that links Southern California to Northern California.

Michelle Forbes (The Killing) may also play a key role on True Detective Season 2.

No word from HBO or creator Nic Pizzolatto regarding these rumors. So we cannot verify the veracity, although The Wrap has supplied very detailed information here.

What do you think of these potential roles and cast decisions?

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This would be right up my alley. Love all of them. I vote yay, if Mr. Pizzolatto is listening. Of course he reads TV Fanatic, right? ;-)

@ Carissa Pavlica

They will have to live up to the expectations generated from the 1st season though which they might find tough to do so. Not sure about Eilsabeth Moss though.

Sarah silva

I like casting of Colin Ferrell and Taylor Kitsch.
Not sure how I feel about Elizabeth Moss. Michelle Forbes is a good actress but I am not a fan of hers.
When I first heard Vince Vaughn was going to possibly be on the show, I was not liking the idea of him being a detective but I can get on board with the role he will be play.
Of course none of this is for sure yet until it is officially released!

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