Under the Dome Review: Out of the Dome

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Zenith. The Obelsik. The Red Door.

I thought we were going to get some real answers on Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 7, but instead got new reveals which introduced more questions. That's okay though because they enlightened us with riveting new clues which opened up an entire new world of possibilities.

At first, I wasn't impressed with the fall to Zenith or whatever it was. Now, I'm super enthralled by what it could all mean, especially now that Pauline is involved. She's been able to prognosticate what's coming, so she should be able to unravel the mystery and figure out the purpose of the Dome and what the source of it wants.

The Dome itself isn't the controlling force, but whatever entity is behind it and the egg clearly have been manipulating people and circumstances in Chester's Mill. I have to wonder if free will even exists under the Dome. Given Big Jim's consistent arrogance, it appears that the entity can't control people's actions, but uses the environment around them to push people into certain directions.

Despite the Dome's actions against Big Jim, the fact that his life was saved has been interpreted by him to mean he's meant to be in power. His arrogance has gotten out of control. He's desire to be the main and only leader of Chester's Mill was never more clear than his string of actions this hour. He pushed Rebecca around, threatened her and then held a memorial for Barbie without Julia. He's more dangerous than ever.

The only way to bring him down may be to give him an emotional shock of a lifetime. He's going to lose it when he finds out that Pauline's alive and faked her own death, plus he's not going to be happy  that the Dome allowed others out and not him and he didn't even know about it. That's another huge ego crush coming. I can't wait! 

The conduit between Chester's Mill and Zenith was put there by design and for a specific purpose. Is Zenith the other side because Pauline is there or did Pauline end up in Zenith because of the Dome? I tend to believe now that the entity wanted her to go there. Why? No clue yet, but it could be tied to the Red Door. Is that a way for her to get to Chester's Mill? I hope so.

Sam and Lyle's purposes in Zenith are still a mystery, but Barbie's connection to his father is important. The Red Door is on Don's property and it's there for a specific reason. Don said he wanted to help his son because of their shared understanding of love for a woman, but there is certainly more to his interest than that.

We'll have to wait until next week to get more insight into the Zenith residents' place in the whole situation. In the meantime, check out photos from next Monday's Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 8, "Awakening."

Will Barbie find a way back under the Dome?


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If all this is happening in a space of two weeks and the area of the dome (outside ) is supposed to be a nuclear wasteland how was Barbie able to approach the dome without getting radiation poisoning.And why weren't the black opp's members that captured then wearing protective gear?

@ Boat

Barbie's father said that only one part outside the dome is a nuclear wasteland; not all of it. Barbie was already inside the dome & protected from the nuclear fallout when the military tried to destroy it.


Barbie's father is involved because of Aktaion Energy, which is housed in the obelisk and must be getting it's energy from what came down with the meteor. Perhaps the dome is actually to protect the egg and get the residents to understand how important it is to stop whatever is happening with Aktaion.There is even what looks like an evil butterfly on the Aktaion billboard (or it's an Akteon stag, but that doesn't fit, so I'm rollin' with the butterfly). The dome must have waited until Barbie was there to come down so he could reconnect with his father and mitigate his involvement. Or something. Solved! ;-)

@ Carissa Pavlica

That sounds entirely plausible. I cannot wait for next week to find out more!

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