Nick m
Nick McHatton

Self-diagnosed TV Fanatic (I'm sure there's a WebMD diagnosis somewhere), and I watch The CW more than I would like to admit.

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Chandel Charles

I am the Reviewer for the USA Network Shows Psych, White Collar, Royal Pains & Suits. I also covered Common Law,  Memphis Beat on TNT...

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Jim Garner

I am a 40ish gamer geek with a sharp sense of humor and a dull sense of exercise! I am TVFanatic's resident artist and former Senior...

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C f ohara
Chris O'Hara

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Teresa Lopez

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Christina Tran

Hi. My name is Christina, and I am a TV-holic. Although I can’t exactly pinpoint when it all started, I’m going to have go with somewhere...

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Henry A. Otero

Shows I cover here at TV Fanatic include: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Constantine, Sleepy Hollow, 12 Monkeys, Helix, Killjoys, Da Vinci's...

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Mr probst
Luke Dwyer

Luke has been covering Survivor and The Amazing Race for TV Fanatic ever since he sent the TV Fanatic's editor-and-chief an overly...

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Courtney Morrison

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Douglas Wolfe

I'm a blogger and sometime improv artist and occasional actor who works in IT to keep food on the table.  Also - as you'll see from the...

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Gabrielle moss
Gabrielle Moss

  I once drove 45 minutes out of my way to take a photo in front of the house from the first season of "American Horror Story," which...

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