Adam Monroe was one of the founders of The Company. But power corrupted him. Through the help of Hiro, Adam discovered his abilities while living in feudal Japan as Takezo Kensei.

Adam possesses the ability of rapid cell regeneration. Like Claire, he's sometimes unable to regenerate if an object is inside of his body until that object is removed. The cells in his body are dying then healing, effectively making Monroe immortal.

Adam Monroe Quotes

As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste. I swear... You will suffer.

Adam Monroe

I haven't had a drink in months, and they make a mean appletini.

Adam Monroe

Heroes Quotes

I'm back.

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Mohinder: (voiceover) There are many ways to define our fragile existence; many ways to give it meaning. But it is our memories that shape its purpose and give it context. The private assortment of images: fears, loves, regrets… for it’s the cruel irony of life that we are destined to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil, success with disappointment… this is what separates us, what makes us human. And in the end, we must fight to hold on to.

Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys