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Andrea had been driving her little sister, Amy, back to school when the zombie apocalypse occurred. They were saved by Dale and have lived with him since then, and don't know what happened to their parents.

Andrea had to shoot her sister in the head after he was killed by the zombies and resurrected. She carries the guilt of shooting her sister, and feeling like she had been a bad sister before the apocalypse with her, and if it weren't for Dale, she would have committed suicide by staying in the CDC when it was about to explode.

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it is sad her little sister died and her I wish they'd live to the end. and that andrea's best friend did betray her till she was turning in to a walker. why is the governor so mean he is a murder he killed andrea tried to kill glen killed people who lived in the same place with them and why would he make kids little kids go to fight and kill rick and his group.and the sad thing is andrea was trying to stop them from trying to kill each other and she never could): but everyone love the walking dead


Even though I'm not a to eat you.


your one beautiful actress

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