Ashley Juergens is Amy's younger sister. She was the first one in the family to find out Amy was pregnant, and she was the one who convinced Amy to keep the baby. After seeing what Amy went through, Ashley promises herself that she will hold off sex. However she soon falls in love with Ricky, and tries to tell him that they could be together. She forces a kiss upon Ricky and tries to lose her virginity to him, but he denies her. She becomes so frustrated that she cuts everyone off except for her dad, and starts homeschooling because she is too annoyed to deal with her classmates. She develops a crush on her home school "study buddy", Toby, and they want to take a road trip across the country together.

Ashley Juergens Quotes

Anne: Your sister's not gay.
Ashley: Oh I know, but I also know she's not going to marry Ricky.

It's very stressful being around this family, it saps up all my energy.


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The Secret Life Quotes

It's too soon to leave Adrian. You know how you know it's too soon? You had to get drunk to do it.

Ricky [to Ben]

I love Ben. I'm not sure I'm in love with Ben, but I love him.

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