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Captain Renard, like Nick, is a descendant of the Grimms; however he comes from a powerful line of royalty. He is also Nick's superior officer.

Captain Renard Quotes

Looks like the killer needed a helping hand.


Renard: Rats dine on beloved teacher.
Nick: That's a little cold.
Hank: Guess who came to dinner.

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I think Renard is a half breed. Perhaps a bastard son of a Grimm and a wessen. Thoughts?


I am truly confused by this posting. According to the show, Renard is half-royal, half-Hexenbeast? If so, how could he be a Grimm??


He is a royal Grimm. It says so on NBC's website


Well that's weird cause unless I missed something, it was never said that he was a descendant of Grimms. And indeed it would be strange and incoherent given his reaction with the coins. Grimms being strong enough not to be effected by this coins.
But he is a member of royalty for sure as someone called him "your majesty" once if I remember well.
Anyways I love Sasha Roiz he really gives all the mystery of this character and I'm looking forward to know who he really his et what he's up to.


Ok--I don't understand who Capt. Renard is. If he were one of the supernatural creatures, Nick would be able to see his real self. If he wants to rid the world of Nick and other Grimms, he would easily be able to set Nick up. Renard is the fox; the captain is rather foxy in that he is slippery and he hides his inner self from Nick, whose character has to be a step ahead of the rest. We see Renard in his "den"--his office or his apartment, mostly. he steals shiny things, like the coins and the cell phone; slips them into his pockets or arranges to subvert the mission.
But Nick just goes along with Renard...trusts him, even. I'm so confused!


I initially thought he was a grimm from royal decent but remember the episode with the hitler coin. he got taken control of, which nick did not because grimms were stronger. now does this prove that renard is not a grimm or did we just mess the story up a little bit


if renard is a grimm, he must be human but not some beast.


Could be... Renard in german or polish origin is something like wise and strong...


remembering to when the reaper came and confronted Renard - Renard totally dominated him ( cutting off his ear in a mark of superiority )
The spoken consequence was ........ why aren't you bowing down before me.

Only Two creatures on this Earth could command such Power.

My hesitant first option would be the Lion.

But at the end of the day the king of all beasts throughout time is ............ The Dragon.

Could Renard be a Dragon ?

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