Cheryl is Malory's secretary on Archer.  Cheryl, who Archer can barely remember her name, has gone by Carol, Carina and even Cristal throughout the series.  She's a bit of a sexual deviant and loves to be strangled during intercourse and even fantasizes about being murdered.  She's kind of an idiot and often drags Pam in with her during her antics.

Despite working as a secretary, Cheryl is worth half a billion dollars as the heir to the Tunt fortune. She also has her own private train car and a pet ocelot. Her great-grandfather was racist.

Cheryl Quotes

Cheryl: What the stupid shit are you doing??
Cyril: You said you wanted watermelon.
Cheryl: Watermelon's red?
Cyril: Yes. How do you not know that?
Cheryl: Who am I? Charles Frederick Andress?

Cheryl: Beep beep beep.
Pam: Oh, your giving me the truck noise, Karen Carpenter stunt double?
Cheryl: I'm sorry, I thought you were walking backwards.

Archer Quotes

I swear to god you could drown a toddler in my panties right now.


Cyril: Archer, do something!
Archer: Who am I, Alan Turing? He was also in X-Men, remember?