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The incomparable Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is the Chief Medical Examiner on NCIS.

Dr. Mallard is a Scottish-born doctor who has been long-time friends with team leader Gibbs, and underwent medical education at the University of Edinburgh.

He has a "second talent," as Gibbs calls it, to be able to read people, which he expands by studying psychology in his free time. Standard leisure activity.

In cases without actual bodies for Abby and Co. to work with, he assists by using his psychological training to decipher the clues left by the perpetrators.

Duck is an eccentric who often talks to the deceased while doing his job and rambles to his colleagues with many long, off-topic personal remembrances or historical accounts.

He's a kind man at heart, however.

He lived with his aging mother and their four corgis until she had to move out due to Alzheimer's.

Mallard drives a Morgan he restored himself. The ring tone on his phone features bagpipes playing "Scotland the Brave."

Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard Quotes

Gibbs: He said he was set up.
Ducky: His presence here would tend to confirm that. But set up by whom? Gibbs: Someone from his past ...
Ducky: ... making it appear that he stalked and murdered his tormentors.

We do not guess, Timothy. Nor do we assume, presume, guess-ture or prognosticate.


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Thank you David, for giving us so much fun over the years. From your Man from Uncle days to the NCIS, it is bloomin' lovely to see you again. Take care dude, and watch out for the geek in the glasses... serious prob's there ;o)
Cheers for now...


He has a sense of humour our ducky an I hope to see him in this series NCIS


I'm A great fan of ducky he and I are of an age and as my wife oftens says were both a bit of know it alls.lol
when you live a good long time you pick things up and they pop out of you head at the darndest times
Ducky just reminds me that you're never to old to learn.looking forward to another season with my favorite scotish gentleman.
stay well duck.
yours with affection
Norbert Coyle


I have watched Mr. McCallum's career since 1963(!), and love that he has found the niche of the charming and intelligent Dr. Mallard, a character that continues to grow while remaining steadfast to those he cares about. I loved that they had the elegant Nina Foch as his feisty mother, and how they ended her character with Ducky showing Scottish reserve and yet deep emotion. Scotland Forever!


Of all the team members on this show, Dr. Mallard is my favorite...hands down. Wish they would do more shows around him, as his background seems by far the most interesting and it would be great to learn more about him.

Of course anyone who has followed David McCallum's career knows that he is an acomplished actor, and I can't see anyone else doing this role. I must give credit to whom ever had the insight and good taste, to cast him as Ducky. "Brillaint!"

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