Eli Stone is a lawyer based on San Francisco.

On the show's season premiere, Stone is diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. A doctor tells him that the visions that Stone sees as a result of this conditions are actually divine hallucinations that portend the future.

Believing this to be the case, Stone thinks he's been chosen. He therefore chooses cases carefully, by their moral goodness and possibilities, as opposed to the amount of money that may bring in

Eli Stone Quotes

Lenore: So, his father and I went outside to find Eli naked covered in feathers and chocolate syrup.
Eli: Thanks, Mom. [to Nathan] And thank you, too.
Nathan: Come on, I was ten. Just be glad I couldn't find tar.

Are you breaking up with me? 'Cause I-I was just diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and that would be really bad timing on your part.

Eli Stone