Justin Walker is the youngest sibling in the Walker family. He's often treated as the baby of the family as a result.

Justin is closest to his brothers, Tommy and Kevin, but he also enjoy a special relationship with his older sisters, Kitty and Sarah. Justin never finished college and volunteered for the army soon after 9/11.

Justin Walker Quotes

Sarah: Everybody grab a chair and assume your usual positions. Oh, except for Justin. We decided to let you sit at the big person's table this year.
Justin: Yes, I made it. (hugs Saul) Uncle Saul, I made it.

Justin: Look, you gotta put a good face on this, right? Just act like this'll be fun. You know, it's you and mom hanging out on thanksgiving, you know, a couple single girls, ladies' night, you know? That way she won't freak out on us.
Sarah: I hope you all get salmonella and die.

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