General Hospital

Fridays 3:00 PM on ABC
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The firstborn child of Luke and Laura Spencer, Lucky has always been a reflection of both his parents. He inherited his mother's practicality and his father's sense of adventure...

Marital Status: Married to Elizabeth Spencer
Father: Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer
Mother: Laura Spencer (mother)
Grandfather: Tim Spencer (paternal grandfather)
Grandmothers: Lena Spencer (paternal grandmother; Deceased); Leslie Webber (maternal grandmother)
Siblings: Lesley Lu "LuLu" Spencer (sister) ; Nikolas Cassadine (half-brother)
Aunts: Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (aunt); Amy Vining (aunt) ; Ruby Anderson (surrogate great-aunt; Deceased)
Cousins: Caroline "Carly" Benson Corinthos (cousin); Lucas Jones (adopted cousin) Bill Eckert (first cousin once removed; Deceased); Jenny Eckert (first cousin once removed) Sly Eckert (first cousin once removed); Fred Eckert (first cousin once removed; Deceased) Michael Morgan Corinthos III (first cousin once removed); Morgan Stone Corinthos (first cousin once removed)
Significant Relationships: Elizabeth Spencer (married); Sarah Webber (lover); Summer Halloway (lovers; Deceased)

General Hospital Quotes

Claudia: Oh, you're in a foul mood, huh? Looking for trouble?
Sonny: You know, I have not been fair to you. I know I called you a lying whore, and all that. But hey, you know what? At least you don't pretend to be anything else.

Lucky, it's called cleavage, and it's the best weapon we've got.