Melinda Gordon is the main character in The Ghost Whisperer. She possesses the ability to speak with earthbound spirits of the recently deceased.

Sometimes, Melinda must help these individuals settle scores from their earlier lives, while other times she simply has to assist them find a way to accept their fate.

Melinda runs an antique store and was taught by her grandmother how to properly use her power.

Melinda Gordon Quotes

Delia: Did you just offer to give a ride to a ghost?
Melinda: Only because she doesn't know she's dead.

Eli: I know you're gonna say I got ahead of myself reaching out to the brother who probably killed his little sister; manslaughtered, murdered, take your pick.
Melinda: How about you start a phone call with can you talk or this a bad time?
Eli: No, I want you to pick one, seriously.