The Monarch is Dr. Venture's arch nemesis on The Venture Bros.  The Monarch's revilary with Dr. Venture is definitely more one-sided and pretty much the funniest thing ever.  The Monarch modeled himself after the Monarch butterfly after they "raised him" when his parents died.  The Monarch is wealth from his dead parents.

The Monarch married his girlfriend, Dr. Girlfriend, who is now known as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.  Yeah, nothing short of amazing.

The Monarch Quotes

The Monarch: And deadly! Just like the monarch butterfly of my namesake.
Henchman: Wha? Butterflies aren't deadly

They seem to have already discovered the fleshy jig of the mommy and daddy dance

The Monarch

Venture Bros. Quotes

Brock: Someone is in my car!
Hank: Now that's a super power. He can do that from 10 states away.

Venture and I have been engaged in a deadly game of cat and also-cat for years!

The Monarch