Doctor Christopher Duncan Turk, who's mostly known as just Turk, is played by Donald Faison and is J.D.'s best friend on Scrubs.  He is a surgeon at Sacred Heart and quickly dates and marries one of the nurses there, Carla Espinosa.  He and Carla then have a baby Isabella together.

Turk loves to dance and is definitely one of the best surgeons and makes it well known.  His man love with J.D. is one of the best parts of the show.

Turk Quotes

J.D.: I can't believe she called me "sir."
Turk: She called me "mister."
Carla: Maybe it's because you're bald?
Turk: I'm not bald - I shave my head.
Carla: Well, then, let it grow back.
Turk: Careful, honey!

Turk: Alright Jake, here it is. The latest "Vengeance". I had to travel to five stores to find that.
Jake: This is last month's.
Turk: Look, I'll track down the new one for you later, but right now I've got to make sure I have a job next year.

Scrubs Quotes

Perry, what has two thumbs and still doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso! I thought we'd met.

Dr. Kelso

J.D.: Kudos on the nice pooper.
Ron: Thank you.
J.D.: Mine's firm like mutton.
Ron: Lovely.