I don't agree with all the comments about the show trying to push Stefan and Caroline on to us as a potential couple. if you have watched the show since the beginning you could easily see that Stefan and her had instant chemistry together. and I would go as far as saying that the teases between both characters started back in season 4 or 5ish.So it's something that has definitely been teased in the past and not something that's just being thrown at us all at once this year.

Spindae 2o

1. I liked Hartley, I mean not liked liked but he wasn't meant to be liked. He is a douche, intellectual snob and has serious issue, but truth to be told who hasn't! I like they connected him to The Lab and the flashbacks were adorable. I'm rather intrigued if he knows something about Grodd.
2.Iris and her new job was a bit to pushy. Right away sitting at the table with the big guns, not a fan. I like she was put in her place, but also think it was nice to see her desire to rise above and deserve her plays at CCPN.
3. I think Barry and Iris went to fast to being friends again. I know their feelings calmed down and stuff but still they are just to normal at this point.
4.Joe not trusting Wells is just a great move, I just hope it won't end with the crew digging a grave for Joe. Think Joe's demise would be a game changer but I'm not ready for that cause Joe-Barry is probably the best part of the show so far.
5. Time has come for the writers to stop raising questions about Wells and give some answers. But sadly don't think we will get any really answers till the finally eps of the season. I'm out of theories!

Grimm Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Death Do Us Part

Yes, a decent bridge, if predictable. I liked getting away from bloody body parts, so ghost worked for me. Totally agree that Lily should have been arrested. Out of character for Nick and Hank to just let premeditated M go by, and a poor induction to wesen-based police procedure for Wu. Juliette's scenes made the show, and Henrietta's scrambling phone number / address. After seeing Renard's reappearing wounds, I immediately wondered if something happened to his mother Elizabeth, weakening her magical spells (causing Juliette to regain more of Adelind, undoing Sean's snake healing).
I'm also eagerly waiting to see more of Henrietta and Juliette.


I was saying the same thing as Garrett, in slightly different words. I am glad that Frank did honor Danny with the medal of valor, and it was very sweet of him to turn around and give it right back his dad after Henry's speech.

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Red Dye #40

ive always been a wade/zoe shipper and happy they are together please dont mess this up writers! been a levon/lemon shipper from the start and hope they end up together should get annabeth to give them her blessing and hook her with george. unlike gilmore girls on which i loved the towns people i only like rose and brick as the small parts levon is my favourite character though

19 Best TV Character Catchphrases

Gibbs slaps don't count? We use them on people all the time when they piss us off, though they usually don't connect. But an air Gibbs slap in traffic does a lot to ameliorate road rage.

Reign Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Banished

Conde and Mary should be paired. They are so similar.

Ronald simkins

This was an excellent bridge episode after the mega developments last week. It managed to continue the mystery of Juliet's talent. She must really be unsettled to turn down Nick's fine naked body. I love how Wu is getting further lessons in Wessenology. I am eagerly awaiting to see how Henrietta manifests her own type of nonhexenbeist witchery.


So far I'm absolutely loving this show. But I felt that way about Helix and it turned out to be a pile of incomprehensible nonsense so I'm leery here. And at some point Cassie's gonna make Cole shower and wash his hair, if only for sanitation purposes (or, you know, for other less noble purposes.)

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 4

This was a very entertaining episode that had a Season 1 feel. It's been a long time since we have seen all the residents of Bluebell under one roof and wearing so many sequins. Zoe and Wade were in their reunion glow and treated us to some of their old Season 1 banter. It was a good feeling to enjoy all the antics of the town without worrying about whether Zoe and Wade were going to get back together. Congratulations to the writers for scripting an episode that was as charming as the first two seasons. And kudos to the hairstylists who engineered Lemon and Annabeth's hairdos.