Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Throwback Thursday

I'm looking forward to more of owen and alex..

@ Dil

And amelia shepherd. I think she is a power house.


What did I love about this episode? I loved seeing Alex bringing the thunder at Arizona and kicking her out of the NICU, because she needs to learn to respect him.I loved the little scenes with Jo and Alex and the little scenes of Jackson, Owen, and Callie discussing their project, and the little scenes with Amelia these were AWESOME!! I loved seeing April did not know that I missed her that much. I loved Geena Davis as Dr. Herman, finally more to her storyline, AWESOME!!! I totally get why April is not in many episodes this early on in season 11. I missed Maggie this episode. As for the Callie/Arizona centric episode it wasn't that surprising and I am glad that they took a bigger break or broke up or whatever. Overall, the episode was kind of boring and I found myself switching channels to The Vampire Diaries. Just because the whole Meredith's angry and I want to be a great surgeon but I have not done it is getting old. Yes she is very good, just like Alex they are both great surgeons' but are they really on the same level as Ellis Grey, Cristina Yang, and Derek Shepherd. No, I don't think so. I love Meredith as much as Alex but she really needs to come to terms that she might not be as great as her mother. But that doesn't mean that she is not a great surgeon. Some people are great at coming up with new and revolutionizing ideas and some are not. What happened with Meredith's 3D printed portal vein from last season, she just quit that. Totally missing Jolex! #JOLEX =D

Sarah silva

Sore they going to have a scene where Will gets beat up for being gay every season? He got into a fight in a parking garage last season and now he gets beat up in the park.
My question is who sent the guys to beat him up? It is either Jeff or hot trainer guy. I really hope it is not hot trainer guy.
Deacon being worried about him and going to talk to him twice and Luke being a jerk and not being worried about Will just about his face an not wanting him to go on stage like that because Luke thought it would ruin is show, just shows what type of men Deacon and Luke are.
I was a little surprised that Maddie is upset by all the cameras, just last season she posted a video online singing a song and was mad at her parents because she wanted a singing career, but the fact that she was upset and did not like all the photos and stories that are out about her proves she is not yet ready to become a singer.
I do not like this Teddy and Jeff friendship, Teddy is far more interested in listening to Jeff give advice and telling him what to do than he is at thinking on his own. I do not see this going well.
I am not sure what to feel about the Avery and Juliette situation. I am not sure I want to see her let him back into her life or if I want to see her with Noah. However Derek Hough is only on a few episodes so I am sure she will get back together with Avery.
I like the idea of a Zoey and Juliette friendship.
It was so obvious that Micah was Gunnar's son. I predict he will break up with Zoey for Kiley, even though he can be a father and not be with her. However Gunnar has said over and over how he has no family and I think he will believe this is the solution to that, date his baby mama and try and be one happy family.

Sarah silva

I loved the scene in the bar with Elena and Stefan when Stefan fake proposed. I also like that Stefan told Elena about Alaric erasing her memories of Damon. He was the perfect person to tell her. Everyone has their way of dealing with the loss of Damon and for Sfefan that is moving to Savannah making a measly $200 a week as a mechanic and baiting guys into bar fights.
I like that Elena and the idea to write in a journal about asking Alaric to compel away her memories so that she would never blame anyone but herself. Personally I was surprised that after reading her diary entry she still wanted to stay compelled. I guess she is still not ready to face the loss of Damon. I hope once they return she will want her memories back.
Speaking of Damon, we find out why he is stuck in 1994. We also find out why Kai is there and more about who he is. Of course he has to be a bad guy, it would be too much to ask for him to be good..right!?! One question, can't Bonnie and Damon play along and bring him back to 2012 and then kill him right away? That seems like the best solution to me.
So did the show ever mention in the first season how no one in town remembered Stefan and Damon? They were just gone for 15 years and I am sure people would remember them and see they had not aged.
So my prediction that Sarah being Bonnie's half sister was wrong but those that predicted she had a link to the Stephen and Damon were right. She is what their cousin or aunt or something.
No mention of Matt and Tripp..lol. I think that Matt will help Enzo escape as long as Enzo gets the look that Matt shot him that said do not dare let Tripp know that we know each other.

Sarah silva

As Taylor Swift would say Joel and Julia "Are never ever ever ever like ever getting back together".
Joel lashes out when he gets hurt and says some pretty mean things, as we saw last season and saw tonight. It dawned on my that Sydney takes after her father in that regard.
Joel could have gone to see Julia and told her he was upset and that it hurts to see her move on and he will be angry for awhile. OR he could have said that seeing her with Chris makes me want to fight for her even harder because he still loves her etc. Instead he went it full of anger and basically called Julia a slut.
I think Crosby is having a hard time with the Lucheonette not doing well and Adam always blaming him for that fact. It also seems like he feels he does not have any Crosby time and he took that time riding his bike. So he is going through a lot and I hope it call gets better soon. Every time he and Zeke are on the screen I wonder which one is going to die and I find myself distracted. We did get a great father son scene at the bar.
Zeke is not taking his pills and needs too. Camille is not reminding him about his pills to be bossy she is concerned for his health.
I am with Zeke though about Camille's driving, she sure drives slow.
If Ryan can clean up his act I would love for him to be with Amber, however he can not I would like to see Amber meet a single father or a man that will be okay with the fact that she is having a baby..there has to be someone out there right?
I think Kristina does not like Dylan. I would think that someone that has similarities to Max would be a good fit for him but Kristina is very protective, if not over protective of Max. How funny was it when he brought the books home?!?!
Good catch about the titles of the episodes. Also I did not notice Max crack a smile, I was looking at Crosby. lol

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I could think of a bunch more GA characters who died who deserve to be on that list more than Heather.


Megan Follows is amazing! You cant help but love and hate her character. Imagine Catherine barging into your bedroom with a slew of servants and loads of tonic!

Debbie scott petty
Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 Review: One Of the Good Guys

i'm not liking this season that much either. cyrus is too smart to fall into this trap w his boy toy. maybe he thinks he deserves to be taken down. i don't like jake but i like the actor; which is confusing for me. i guess the only reason olivia want to believe rowan is because he is her father. talk about daddy issues!


This was the best episode so far. The problem is number of flashbacks. If one multiplies number of characters with the flashbacks, it becomes very complex show.The cast is fantastic, acting is superb. If they would cut-out most of the flashbacks, and stick to one or two storylines per episode, it can be one of the best crime/drama series of 2014.

@ User2014

I seem to be in the minority here with not digging this episode as much as some of the others. I do think some of the episodes suffer from the flash backs because some of them are unnecessary. Like did we really need the scene where Laurel volunteers to bring the trophy to Asher?


What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive................. The look Sam gave Bonnie as he came down the stairs after the confrontation with Annalise..............it's obvious--Sam was sleeping with her too. I'd like to know as well what got Frank and Lauren to the point of sleeping together.......... I also agree that the progression of the flashbacks to the night of the murder are progressing very slowly(we're still on the night of the murder for God's sake). There must be a reason for that.............but what is it? So there's not going to be a full season of this show? Or is there going to be a mid season finale???

@ Terrie

I'm so curious about Sam and Bonnie... It's going to be a limited series, so 15 episodes will be a full season.

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