Shonda Rhimes Addresses Grey's Anatomy Critics: What Did She Say?

Grey's Anatomy was never about Patrick Demsey to me, I enjoy all the characters. I was shocked when Patrick Demsey's character was killed off, I knew Shonda Rimes had a reason behind it. I'm looking forward to season 12 and all the excitement it will bring. Folks know not to call me during the show.

Yassin jagne

The whole episode was just one big "what the hell?"!!!

Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Breakfast of Champions

best but most uneven show on TV at the moment. the industry that manufactures the american dream showing us the dark side of the american nightmare

Power Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Three Moves Ahead

I think whoever stated that Ghost informed Tommy of his plan is maybe correct. I think that scene with Tommy's sketched photo with Isabella Ruiz as the witness will come to fruition. I also think Ghost might use that to pit Tommy against Ruiz. Ruiz might end up getting killed to protect his daughter. I also believed Tommy will get off the case because of the way Angela got the sketch. I think Ghost has a perfect opportunity to go back to Lobos, especially with Jefe in jail, that the only way he will take over is if Tommy is apart of it. He could then take the deal that Lobos offered him, move and give the NY distribution to Dre for betraying Kanan. As much as it doesn't seem that way, Dre doesn't want to be in the streets like that, he wants be like Ghost, maybe not dress like him, but not be at street level. He knows he won't get that with Kanaan. I think Kanaan will either get killed in the final episode. 50 cent eluded to a major character dying in the finale.


I'm gonna watch that episode again and comment because there are soooo many things that happened ! I wasn't ready lol. Somehow I thought this episode was meant to be the finale so watched it with a different mindset lol.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Strange Frequencies

its soo bad its getting to confusing teen wolf is not as amazing as it was they need to stop complicating it to the point where a person looses interest and its to slow

Noisy from norway

Great news! Both Max von Sydow and Ian McShane.

UnREAL Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Future

The show has very strong women whose only weakness is love or rather to be loved. That‘s why I can’t take Chet seriously. This guy tries to be Quinn but hasn’t got the balls („camera down!“). Jeremy is a hypocrite, I understand that he‘s angry but he cheated on his fiance. Why isn’t she humiliating him in public? Going to Rachels mother is a dirty move. Seems like Jeremy wants to be part oft he game.
I was rooting for Rachel and Adam, but in the end Adam isn’t used to the game. Despite that I kind of hope that Adam will return next season, I just don’t kno how he would fit in a new koncept altgough to me he is „The whole package“ (btw great title).
I have a love / hate relationship with Quinn. You want her definitly as a friend (yes, Jeremys head on a silver platter, please), not your enemy. I believe her when she says she manipulated Adam to protect Rachel. When she comes back next year she will have a thicker skin. She’s turning more and more into Quinn which is good for her emotional stability but not for her as a human beeing.
I’m curious and exited about the second season: any thoughts or wishes an that?

The Best of 2014: Worst New Show

lol, as soon as I saw Gotham on the list I was like: "is this a troll?"

Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Wish You Were Here

Sally Pressman was on Army Wives for several seasons.