Terri, you asked so here goes( hahaha) : Why must we subject ourselves to so much grief ! There I said it. Don't get me wrong, this installment was a step up from the previous ones, which may have to do with Catherine AND Francis telling Mary off, but it's stll not enough ! I so wish Catherine had slapped Mary. She showed restraint, but her words were like lashes ! And like most of y'all, I was abusing my screen with cheers lol. I agree that Mary didn't show much remorse... Though she "came back" to Francis' side, I don' know. Is it a little too late (for me anyway).
Bash though, my gosh. I didn't see that coming. To stop the prophecy from becoming true he killed Clarissa. That was just cold... Like, wow. I said in my previous comment that his actions were taking him closer to the pagan world and darkness, well that one sure did. Lo and behold, Francis woke up right after that. Eerie...
Keena, is there nothing else for that character. I mean, like seriously?
Lola went downhill for me. Supporting Mary into hurting rancis, her "friend" and not figuratively slapping some sense into her, is just appalling !
Mary and Conde were just , well, boring. And aww poor Conde had a bit of a tantrum, boo hoo ! This girl is a total idiot ! Francis putting her in her place was just brilliant. Poor thing just woke and had to deal with this crap. Well he can't just sit there and take the humiliation anymore, it was about damn time !
Claude and Leith, I agree that something sparked. But I love him with Greer and that's that. Can it work out on the long term given her "profession" probably not. But right now is enough.
Reign is testing me. They didn't kill Francis this time (thought it was bad timing anyways), and that was good. But this show...It took me everything I had to watch it. Terri, your review was spot on and I can tell you're growing tired of this farce of a show too !


I know everyone here clearly adores Rayna/Deacon, but I am just not one of these fans, maybe I was the first two seasons, but at this point they are the most anoying part of the show for me, besides Scarlet and Gunnar. Do not get me wrong, I love Nashville, and I love Rayna herself, just not the love story. I do not like it from the moment she dumped Luke so ugly and played the victum after that. The songs he sang the last few episodes were my favourite,I really felt his broken heart, it stil takes him a lot to see her. I like Jeff at the moment as well, really like that Layla is more mature now and can see him clearly, and she still knew she had to support him at the end, her taking his hand was great.

Smallville Final Season Report Card: B-

it's World Wrestling Entertainment, retard

Daredevil Review: A Head-Smashing Good Time!

Love this show !! Healy smashing his head in that spike, the first time had me in a complete state of shock. You'd think I'd know btter.Nope, second time watching it and it still got to me ! HORRIBLE ! Fisk's introduction was really interesting because it started with Vanessa. And I found myself rooting for them. So somehow, it made Fisk more human, vulnerable. But that changed when/how he killed Anatoly. The gore and gruesome were in full mode there. WOW ! Not for kids alright.


Ok, I really have a lot of things to say that do not work for me, and all of them can be combined with one word - the writers are COWARDS! with these kind of shows it is great to explore the darker places, after all this is a supernatural show with a lot of violence. I'm talking about for example how everyone should stop being so moral, there are a lot of grey areas, I want some going to the dark side of magic from Bonnie, some hate-love sex even. Some ground breaking stuff, not these "I will kill two of my oldest friends by flipping a coin and with a smile on my face", cause that was just painful to watch. For me there should be a real reason for someone to be going crazy, and not like that with a smile on her face, while singing karaoke. just really dump, I am really missing. I don't know, it doesn't work for me, I am disappointed, and I was hoping for some years now that this show will grow from it's "teen vampire love show"that it was, but it didn't. I remember Buffy the vampire slayer, her story with Spike, it was so electric, so love/hate, so dangerous. I remember Willow going really dark, hooking up on "witch drugs", even their outer live stories were so much better, i so miss this show. I want to watch something that dangerous, that is far more real. The olny real person in the TVD at the moment for me is Mat, he has principals, he saw he wasn't that badly hurt that it could lead to dying and affect Tyler so I support his decision, he knows were his heart and mind is but unfortunately can not do much agains those supernaturals.

Sexy Saturday: 25 Torrid Television Affairs

No Gary Ewing and Abby Cunningham from Knots Landing??? Are you kidding me?

@ Rebecca A. Springer-Seeman

Blame the lack of photos on the Internet! I tried finding one of them for an hour and even went for YouTube video shots and they were all so terrible I switched them out for another couple at the last minute. Until then, I had them ready to go. Knots landing was my favorite!!!


I don't understand why Sam took the book to Rowena, she is worse than Crowley, and can't be trusted at all. She will try to screw them all over and Sam should know that.

12 Monkeys Season 1 Report Card: Grade It!

Season 1, grade = A
Best character/s = Ramse and Jennifer
I don't think Ramse will stay with the 12 ARMY unless its to dupe them and keep their money. I think he will help Cole in some way after all OLIVIA LIED TO HIM. She KNEW Cole was still alive. WITCH
When Cass returns Ramse should tell her that one strain was CURED and maybe they can do something NOW.


The only alternatives to Dany regaining control of her dragons are that they get set free and cause mayhem all over Westeros, or that somebody else gain control over them. There's no point in them flying free, as they are an integral part of Dany's story, and would reduce her to a vulnerable figurehead. The same thing would be true if somebody else could control them. The storyline requires that she regain control.


i did not like this episode, they killed jake ballard off to get rid of the controversial love triangle. If Jake gets out of the picture, and Fitz goes down for operation Remington, Liv will save him and they will walk off into the sunset together, or in their case, Vermont.
Marcus is not my favorite person, and yes, there is hypocrisy in his actions, i mean come on,the mayor's wife?. Glad all that was resolved in one episode. the only silver lining of this episode was Susan Ross for being absolutely fierce and not allowing anyone to walk all over her, You go Girl! ... Susan Ross for President. P.S. I just clicked the link and saw Jake Ballard alive, well i hope he doesn't die. And why is Travis from Cougar Town dressed all military??, looking forward to seeing him