Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad Confessed All

My hope is that Martin won't have to "fix" anything.
I foresee that all of those leaving will be tied to Clyde somehow.
BTW: what was all that "Ari's got nieces and nephews older than her" junk? Unless Will or Gabi has a time traveling child from the future coming back with their family, it is impossible. Nieces and nephews are the children of one's siblings. All of the other Hortons are parents, grandparents (and so on), aunts, uncles and cousins.

Noisy from norway

What happened to Bedelia? We haven't seen heard of her since the timejump. Great episode!

UnREAL Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Princess

These two's chemistry is off the chart !!!!

Power Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Three Moves Ahead

Another brilliant set of chess moves on tonight's episode, courtesy of Ghost. Some predictions on how Tommy/Ghost's storyline will unveil: Tommy is butt hurt on how Ghost set him up to be the safricial lamb on the Lobos takedown operation. Holly pays Tommy a visit while in jail, they make up. Tommy is released from jail due to lack of legal evidence in the case. Kanan gets to Tommy and fuels his feeling of betrayal from Ghost. Kanan lets Tommy in on his plan to kill Ghost. Tommy leads Kanan to believe he wants part of "mission takedown Ghost." Tommy then learns Kanan was behind all the attacks in season one in order to reclaim his position and let's Ghost in on Kanan's collusion to get rid of him. So Ghost and Tommy stage Ghost's death and then have Shawn kill Kanan. Voila! Kanan the snake is exterminated. Season 3 will make it an even plane field with Lobos and Kanan out of the picture. And then Tommy and Ghost will be pinned against each other as best friends turned rivals.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Reese a DiLaurentis?

Rhys not Reese you guys! And he's gotta be a red herring, we've been told that we've seen Charles before,... Though Marlene King has lied before. He could be related to Wren though... He kind of looks like the lovechild of Wren and Jason.


Great review! I also think Dre might be playing all sides. So, much happened in this episode, it is hard to see what might happen next. But like you said things are never going to be the same. Two more to go

Henry Reagan

Other sources have said Henry WAS Commissioner.

Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

Did anyone think it interesting to realize how much clout Dr. Pawter has? After she said who she was, she was called Saya (don't know how it's spelled), the same thing the woman from the 9 was called by Dutch. Whether this means she's from one of the nine families or it's just a name for Qureshi women, I don't know, but I hope we find out more of Pawter's story.


I don't think this season has been THAT rocky. The first half has a few problems (I wish we saw more of Pazzi) but the episodes just as good as previous episodes. The first half was different but i like that it was different. And the slow burn really paid off.

Ronald simkins

The thing about this episode except for the episodes with Liam and Parrish I don't trust anything that went on with the rest of the crew. How could Scott lose his powers? I do think that Lydia is getting a little insight into "reality". I am also intrigued with how Malia somehow can fight the Doctors.