Suits Season 4 Report Card: Grade It!

For me it is really difficult to choose a best episode since Suits never disappoints, it's definitely one of the best shows on TV. Even though this season was very much about Louis (who is just brilliant), I think the character that surprised me the most was actually Harvey. He revealed himself along the season and has come a long way since season one where he was mostly a tough ruthless lawyer. Jessica, on the other hand, has shown no mercy and has become too much invested on keeping her name on the door. I know she is fighting for the firm, still...Donna and Rachel are also amazing and so beautiful they steal any scene! Their characters add so much to the story. It's an extremely well written show. Can't wait for the next episodes!

Satisfaction Review: A Risk Worth Taking

Carissa I enjoyed your review. I agree that it appears that Simon will eventually disclose to Grace that Neil has known about their affair for some period. Simon however, has no current knowledge of Neil's involvement with Adriana or the tricks she sent him out on. I doubt that Adriana would confide that information to Simon. It isn't in her character. If confronted by Grace, Neil could simply tell the true story of how he discovered the affair and how he was able to connect with Mallory, the one date that Simon can confirm. So it appears to Grace that her husband had one adulterous interlude in response to seeing his wife actually having sex with another man. Grace would know that she had been having an affair for six months before her husband had discovered the betrayal. The fact that he actually saw the betrayal, the degree of personal injury this could cause would not be lost on even Grace. She could not deny its existence since he was an eye witness. The discovery of any of Neil's transgressions other than Mallory would be dependent on either Neil confessing or Adriana turning Rat. I am not sure that either is in the cards. I believe that Season 1 will probably end with Grace taking the Milan opportunity. I doubt that a divorce is in the cards for this couple. I believe that Dylan and Grace will be entangled in some manner, either in their current location or Milan. That relationship would probably point out to Grace the stability that her life with Neil afforded. Dylan would offer temporary excitement and artistic feedback but it would not offer the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. The plot will then change to how these individuals reconnect with all the varied influences trying to keep them apart. It will be during this period that Adriana will become most interesting. She will offer Neil excitement and psychological intrigues which keep him interested but not fulfilled. His fulfillment will come when he finally reconnects with Grace at some point down the story line. The path toward their joint satisfaction will take compromises which neither is in a position to achieve currently.




I have lots of enthusiasm for the new season. Glad we're heading to Russia. I've tired of the Mossad mess and middle east that's been so much the focus for years. I've got a really good feeling about this year.


After finally watching last night's episode, I picked up on something once again, that makes me question Graces character. My redeeming side of Grace, was excited to see her and Neils love making, even if it was in a bar bathroom, especially when she said she missed this. And at first, I felt she was again showing her desire to reconnect with Neil, when they were spooning, the next morning, and she asked him to tell her again that he was jealous of her behavior. But when you really listen to her, and the circumstances around her comments during those 2 scenes, the synical side of me sees her as being still detached and a bit manipulating. When Neil first approaches her about the lying, and she finally gets over the fact that he's not talking about Simon, she tells him that she didn't realize that she needed his approval to pose naked in front of another man ,kinda self centered, and later when she's spooning with Neil, and makes the jealous comment, it was right after she witnesses Dylan and her sister, kissing, and showing their attractions. Think the jealous comment may have been her reflection of Dylan and her sister. Just a bit of manipulating of Neils feelings. IMO.


Hey Carissa, it's obvious that I am completely obsessed with this show, just by my constant, long winded, border line S/M rants. It's no secret that I hate glorified cheating, in what should be a good marriage. ABC ran a series, called Betrayal, a while back, that drew out the same reaction from me. That being said, I made some observations that in turn resulted in a compliment to your review. I have checked a couple of other review sites about this show, over the last few days, to get an idea of what others are seeing compared to the great posters here. I have to say that 90% of the reviews and comments are that this is nothing but a salacious, sexual soft porn, with just a touch of unrealistic human interaction, mainly with Neils character, not exposing his knowledge of the affair in the first couple of episodes, which is the only point I agree with. Your reviews, on the other hand, make me question, along with most of the other posters, what goes thru the couples minds, despite how unrealistic it is . You clearly draw in a more open minded and mature group of followers. I know I tend to come off as delusional, about how this show will end.And everything is pointing at that it's going to be a one season deal, but just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your thought provoking review, and allowing me to psycho rant .

@ reality adictt

Carissa's reviews are great. I was hooked on this show, and this reviewer, after watching the pilot. I think it is a serious subject and they are trying to address it as such. As long as they do, I will continue to watch. Betrayal may have had the same idea in mind. If they did, they soon lost their way introducing non-relevant subplots, to cover their bases. I soon lost interest.

@ sojourner

You guys! If you can pay me those compliments, I am doing what I hoped. Whether the series intentionally set out to create such deep thinking I don't know for sure, and it doesn't really matter. The wring could have gone in so many other directions so far, but it continually surprises me and makes me think about adult relationships. It's not very often we get to do that so I want to embrace it while we can. :-) I've been sitting out this discussion for the moment not because I'm ignoring you (never!) but because I have a different view on Grace and I'm trying to figure out how to address it. I'm not there yet, you know? I'll be back when I can get my mind around it. Carry on your discussion (don't apologize for long comments!) so I can continue to contemplate with new points of view!

@ Carissa Pavlica

Sounds good to me. I look forward to hearing from you when you get your view of Grace figured out. I like movies that make me think. this TV show continues to make me think.The first time a TV series as done that in a long time.

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I really want to know if there's going to be another season and when

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Days won't be the same without EJAMI.

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Yes, this is certainly the doldrums. No news, no spoiler alerts. However, the DVDs for S6 will be out the end of September. Good chance to review the entire series so we are primed to analyze whatever they do with S7. We were promised a shocker at one time. It probably wouldn't be my idea of a perfect shocker though. I plan to start watching the DVDs binge fashion, one disk at a time every day I have the time. Knowing how it all turned out up to now should make for interesting speculations about what S7 might be like. I suppose we could guess what the shocker (if any) would be. And of course we would all be wrong.

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I love this movie is they make season 3

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