10 Truly Terrible Series Finales

Out of the stuff I've seen on this list which is probably half- gotta go with Weeds as the worst.

Suits Season 4 Report Card: Grade It!

Best Episode: I also agree, 9 was amazing.
Best BFF moment: I agree with you again Donna and Louis over Merchant of Venice was spectacular, really hope they reconcile in 4.5
Best One Liner: Early in the season - (I'm paraphrasing)
Harvey - You banged Molone what should i do about it
Jessica - I want you to say banged one more time in my face
Harvey - Im not saying cause I'm scared of you but rather that i have work to do
Jessica - Yeah ok White boy
idk i thought it was funny
Best Breakdown: I agree, seeing Mike hitting his lowest point once more was heartbreaking, i kept watching the season 2 episode when he and harvey got high over his grandmothers death.
Best Performance: Definitely Mr. Rick Hoffman I think it's going to be interesting to see Louis come at the firm like this, only to realize he's in the same boat as Jessica, even deeper since his deal with Forstman, and the fact that the SEC didn't give a crap about it. Even more, who's going to be the next target for Pearson Specter? I see Hardman returning or Tanner. Cant wait for the next half season...Anyone know when its set to premiere? Date or Month?

Graceland Review: Animal House

This episode was just...wow. That tape finally bit him, right in the kisser man. I was surprised when Charlie was revealed to be the unknown caller. No wonder she asked him to cut the peppers last episode. Never saw it coming, i loved it. Although i wanted Mike to have it, i feel now with pregnancy and the fact that Briggs was gonna get Mike killed, I'm glad she ended up with it, i had a feeling she was low-key for a reason besides the pregnancy, though i thought it was with kelly...wheres kelly? As for the rest, Paige is really starting to bug me. She is too emotionally involved in this, more than Briggs, and even Johnny, and Johnny, oh boy...For the first time, i actually felt Jakes was the innocent victim in this episode. Poor Chocolate Jesus. Overall, great episode, keep it coming, i can't wait to see Sid and the Solanos in cuffs. Also i liked that they got the fbi superior back, was beginning wonder to where he was. Since I'm talking about bringing people back, i hope they bring back the Caza leader, loved that character. The only thing i hated about this episode was... THE SAUCE!!! why you gotta waste the sauce like that Chuck -.- Time for dinner...


I at first thought Casey or severide. But when they said family and always bouncing back well how many times has Hermann invested in something, fail, and then bounce back. It only makes sense that it would be Hermann and for it to hit his family hard. But when you become a firefighter your has just grown even bigger. When a fellow brother/sister is lost it effects not only close close family but the fire family as well. I hate to hear that one of the main characters will be killed off. Will have my tissues ready.

Under the Dome Review: Through the Red Door

Does anyone else find Melanie creepy? I was more creeped out by her behaviour in the bunker than Juniors. How did that happen? I kept waiting for her to smack him over the head or something. She seems obsessed with the egg.

Pretty Little Liars Review: Fatal Games

Pretty impressive that the cops can tell if someone is using their memory or their imagination with a lie-detector test! I thought those measured heart rate and temperature or blood pressure—and Ali was certainly hooked up for those things to be measured. They'd need an MRI to see which parts of her brain lit up when answering various questions. Maybe her real name is Bethanny Young... I agree with the reviews over the last several weeks that Ali has been played inconsistently. She has looked worried and scared when no one was around, which belies her being in charge (of the situation, of the girls, of whatever). Then at other time, this episode for instance, she smirks while looking away and then looks serious with others (Emily and Ali and the text message). I can't manage to keep track of all the various clues, but that goes on for me in the books, too!

Chicago Fire Season 3 Premiere to Kill Off "Main Character"

maybe even casey as he has had damage to his head from earlier in season 2

Chicago Fire Season 3 Premiere to Kill Off "Main Character"

i honestly believe that it is Cruz, herman and both paramedics if you read the story all the way it says it his the family hard and its hard to come back to it Cruz who has guilt on his mind herman promotion and dawson as she has to go to a different fire house shay was with Dawson

Lost Girl to Conclude After Season 5


Ray Donovan Review: The Party's Over

Loved RD in S1 but S2 has been kinda meh for me until this ep. Way to stir it up and I agree about Liev doing drunk really believably. I have lost the ability to care about Abby and just want someone to knock Mick's head off his shoulders. I didn't think Conor's reaction after the crash and burn was very realistic but mostly I just really really really want to see more dancing Ray!

@ Easton

I'm so annoyed with Abby. I kinda wish she'd have the affair and leave Ray. Conor did us all proud and I totally agree about dancing Ray!

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