Sarah silva

I have to say that I was not expecting at the end for Callie to be the one to say their marriage is over. Especially when she was so against them separating and she slept with Arizona the day before. Then in therapy she said she had been happier in the last few weeks than she has been in a long time. That was a shock to me.
We did get some great Meredith and Callie scenes.
I was also just fine not seeing Maggie.
It is interesting that Callie said she was bi sexual and that she is attracted to both men and women. I too think that she will get together with Owen.

Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Episode 4

I'm hanging in there, but not nearly invested in the American version. One of the reasons I enjoyed Broadchurch so much was because of the actors. I'm just not feeling it with most of the Gracepoint cast, of course with the exception of David Tennent. Simply do not like Danny's family at all. And I'm sorry but Ellie is the worst cop ever, she lets her personal feelings get in the way of her job and as a police officer you cannot do that. At this point I am most suspicious of the Priest since I get the very strong impression that Gracepoint's ending will deviate greatly from the book and the excellent BBC show.

Sarah silva

I was surprised that Annalise did not fire Bonnie after learning of her betrayal and or knowing that Bonnie likes Sam.
It sure seems like Laurel going to Frank is going to be a mistake. They need less people not more knowing what they did. First Connor going to Oliver now Laurel going to Frank!
I too was expecting Rebecca to recognize Sam but she did not.
Connor is funny, I agree his sexting was hilarious!

Spindae 2o

I laughed so hard while watching it! Great episode. Cristela delivers those lines and I love it.

Sarah silva

I too agree that I can never believe when the episodes are over because they are that good!
I like how each week the cases are so different.
I do not like snakes and had to close my eyes during those scenes.
Jack is great at what he does and I can not imagine any of Beth's choices for the job being any better than he is.
I do not understand either what Ben has against Jack.
It was only a matter of time before Jack and Janice hooked up.
Perry is one creepy fellow.
I thought the drawing of him sleeping with someone was Beth's friend. It is part of his Beth story.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode.
I like how the main storyline intersected this week. Jamie ever the good guy tried to help the woman that was in trouble but by doing so she gets beat up and ends up in the hospital. Danny and Baez are on the case and soon discover that Jamie tried to help her out. They also find out that Jamie has a bounty on his head for helping the young woman. Jamie is told to do desk duty until they catch the guy but of course he does not want to do that so he and Jenko go about their day and are ambushed by a molotov cocktail while on duty and then Jamie has no choice but to be taken off duty until the killer is arrested.
Social media is a good and bad thing. The episode showed how it can be a bad thing: Rutgers not accepting Nicky because of her tweet about her teacher and then her tweet about her grandfather affecting Erin's case (which I think should not be allowed).We did not have twitter in my days in high school and as Erin said a slam book is different than Twitter and as much as there is freedom of speech you have to watch what you say.
Nicky's teacher sure is a witch though!
Henry still has his old school ways and as much as he should change with the times, he is a stubborn old man and will never change.
The family dinner was super intense but even though Frank and Henry had an argument Frank still told his dad that he loved him! Which ended the argument. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.
Earlier Henry revealed to Frank that years ago it was him that someone was after just like someone was after Jaime and he did what he had to do to ensure Frank's safety.
LOL about Jamie's apartment. It is not the same one he had last season which was nicer.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Legacy

A really good episode. What would have made a great episode, fo me, would have been Ellie reopining the bar and having Jordan manage it. I'm holding on to hope it will happen in a future episode.

Sarah silva

Such a great episode.
I am not sure if I want Ellie to be Steve's love interest. I think a friendship would be way better.
Thomas did not sell the book he just told Flippa that because he was on to Jerry and knew that the book was bugged. Therefore leading him to kidnap Jerry.
Seriously, why is Scott Caan absent a lot lately? He is either missing or not in the episodes as much as he used to be.
It as nice that Steve as able to give Ellie closure and get some closure himself.

Debbie scott petty

bobby is my favorite character so the last episode really got me. i realize this season no one's safe but i hated that they got my boby elvis! hopefully they'll get him back.

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Nowhere Man

The fact that the heroine (in both forms ) is rendered so powerless bugs me. Audrey has had to be rescued twice in 2 episodes. Really wonder about the whole Nathan-Audrey- Mara thing. Apart from the fact that there already is an Audrey Parker (the brunette) and this separation or rebirth was a result of a trouble which they all want to end, they've talked about Audrey and Nathan being connected and even said Nathan's trouble was the first they thought of etc, so who is Nathan really connected to Audrey or Mara?

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