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excuse me, but where is Henry Morgan of Forever?


Daenerys and Tyrion finally met! What did you think of that pivotal scene and what comes next for them? Fans have been chomping at the bit for this to happen. Having not read the books, I think those two will team up to take Kings Landing. Tyrion is masterful at proving his worth and will prove invaluable to Dany. With the loss of Maester Aemon, Sam is definitely more alone than ever. Share your thoughts on his big fight scene and his connection with Gilly. I think something is going to happen to Gilly to further Sam's character. He's a different character now than when we first saw him. Theon/Reek betrayed Sansa. Did you think for a moment he might help her? Will he ultimately find the courage to fight back? I had thought for a split second that Theon would help her. But then I realized that would be too easy and too quick for this show. What is Lady Olenna and Littlefinger's next move? Will bringing down the Faith Militant mean helping Cersei as well? I think these two will be a formidable duo. Lady Olenna, I think, can see right through Littlefinger and his motives. I do not think taking down the Faith Militant will help Cersei in any way especially if all her skeletons are revealed --which is where I think we're headed........ Share your thoughts on that moment between Cersei and the High Sparrow. Is she finally getting what she deserves? That was nicely played. And absolutely, she's getting what she deserves. Will Jon manage to unite the wildlings and then join Stannis in reclaiming Winterfell? I think he just might. However, I do agree with the table about Jon's story(along with Arya's) being quite boring. WIth only 10 episodes a season and most saying there's probably only about 2 more seasons left of the show, you would think the story would move along a bit more. Ser Thorne, I think, is just setting back now---but when Jon returns to The Wall is when he will make his move. He's plenty mad he didn't get Lord Commander.

Graceland Season 3 Promo: Time to Pay?

I really do not like either woman and is wondering how they can be saved

Killjoys Trailer: Interstellar Fugitives Beware

I wish that was airing here. SYFY AUSTRALIA are showing DARK MATTER on the same day as the U.S. but so far there's no sign of this.


Amanda: The High Sparrow might have heard those rumours but he has no way of proving them thus far. What he can prove and on what accounts she has been arrested, however, is having incestuous sex with Lancel (though not 100% positive that 3rd degree counts as incest in Westeros) WHILE being married to Robert (adultery) and plotting with Lancel to kill Robert (aka regicide).

New Girl Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Dice

Bring Nick and Jess Back together!!!! the awkwardness kills me and I know I'm writing this a little late but the show got so bad that I stopped watching it! Just bring them back together because that's where they belong! It should be the show finale where Jess finally realizes that she can't change people and for what it's worth, Nick was probably the best guy that she had come across. Please!!! I beg you writers of New Girl, JESS+NICK!- SHOW FINALE!!!!!!

Battle Creek Series Finale Review: Sympathy for the Devil

I liked the show and it had an amazing pedigree. But that last episode needed to run sooner so fans could rave about the show and bring in new viewers. Still, fun stuff.


I really like the Kalinda Sharma character. I watched the show because of her character and Will who also left the show. I likely won't care that I miss it because with the exception of Cary all the good characters are gone.


Eddie is Eobard's ancestor, not the other way around.

@ ptjackson

"Do you think this could be a hint that things really did change when we said goodbye to Eddie Thawne and his descendent Eobard?" Same thing.


I'm late to the party here, I just binged watched the last 3 episodes.
I am glad the Juliette/heixenbiest story is over, it was becoming irritating, frustrating and down right painful to watch. I was done with it after she burned down the trailer. Actually, I am glad she is gone period. To me, she never quite "fit" the part, she always felt removed and unattached and I felt no chemistry between her and Nick. In no way do I ship Nick and Adalind but even they had more chemistry than them two. Even though Adaline was a bad guy, I've always liked her because she's always been kinda funny, the things she says and her reactions, sometimes I just found humorous, especially this season. I think she needs to stick around, if for no other reason to annoy Nick, she does such a good job of it. Can you imagine co-parenting with her? I know this is a supernatural drama but it still needs a little humor.
I had a brief thought about the end when Chavez says "go get her" I feel like she is referring to Juliette and not Trubel, I think her people want to find out how Juliette turned. Just a passing thought.
So, how is Diana aging? She's what chronologically, 1.5 yrs old but appears to be 4? How does time pass in Grimm? I do want her back with Adalind and I could deal with Meisner hanging around for a while, he was a surprise to see and obviously Diana knows him and trusts him. He must have been helping Kelly raise her. And, I wonder if Renard did know? I thought he might have had something to do with the demise of King Freddy as well when he got shoved out the door. When her eyes started to glow I briefly thought Scanners but that's kinda dark for a little kid.
I want Trubel around more, shes gotten to be quite the Grimm.
I want other royal famlies to begin poking around Portland. They've kinda dropped the key story and I would like to know more.
What are they gonna do about all the stuff lost in the fire? Maybe the old man's son, don't remember his name, has items left over from when he was a Grimm (the one who brought the key) and they could at least start to rebuild the library, but in the spice shop basement.
Nick needs to sell that house and find him a nice little, very highly protected and fortified apt.
I am ready for next season already. I guess streaming will have to do me until October gets here.