Black Sails Season 2 Episode 5 Review: XIII

I swear to god.. The outpouring of disgust over the reveal of
the relationship between Flint and Thomas is just utterly disappointing.. That
was a fantastic episode.. this season has been fantastic.. The
Flint/Thomas/Miranda flashbacks have been fantastic.. I admit I was under the
impression Flint killed Thomas after what Billy Bones unearthed in season 1..
Guess I missed something.. But for all these people who can sit here and act as
if "the whole episode is ruined" or "that just ended it for
me." I mean.. seriously? you're that sensitive? it appalls you that much?
you let great writing and a great season go down the drain because your
favorite man Captain Flint loved a man one time? It's just sad how closed
minded our population still is in 2015.. It's just that this season has been so
good.. Do I think that Flint loving Thomas is the best secret to be reveled?
not at all.. Did I find it surprising? of course.. I always thought he loved
Miranda.. But this explains his relationship with her in Nassau so, so well..
He's been cold with her..ever since season 1.. like he resents her but still
feels obligated to her.. that resentment stemming from the guilt he feels for
leaving behind a man he loved.. it makes perfect sense.. and I'm very
interested to see the difference in Flint from here on out.. He will survive
the fight with Vane.. I'm almost thinking they'll end up working together to
get the gold.. very excited to see how this season plays out into season 3..
And to see the comment section filled with people who only want to talk about
how the "gay thing ruined everything for them." .. is just sad and


This family sure hosts a lot of parties. They just had the IPO Investor one last week. And, now, the "White Party?" What the heck is that? At first, I thought it might be an engagement party for Anika. Then, when I saw the trombones, I thought "New Orleans" & that it might be connected to Fat Tuesday. I give up. On DALLAS, they had the annual Oilman's Ball every year. EMPIRE is having a party every week! "You're so beautiful......" (Can't get that song out of my head!"


The end scene between Damon and Bonnie was gold. Knowing how much the actors enjoy working together seemed to shine through their eyes too. I'm not the biggest Bonnie fan but she has brought out qualities that Elena can't.

@ Danty

*qualities in Damon.

Suits Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Intent

I have to be honest, as much as I love Harvey and Donna and their relationship as we've seen it thus far, I hate the idea of them as a couple. For me it takes what they have - one of the most interesting, fun and unique relationships on TV right now - and turns it totally cliché. Why does no one is TV land get that you can love someone very much without being IN LOVE with them?
I don't know what will happen, and it could end up fine, but I'm just a bit disappointed by the concept. Actually, my prediction is that Norma dies in the next episode, Louis is upset, Donna helps him while simultaneously in a funk with Harvey because of how they left things and Donna ends up going to work for Louis by episode's end. (It will be temporary I'm sure, but still.) Anyway, just a guess.

Elementary Season 3 Episode 14 Review: The Female of the Species

I have assumed Moriarity would resurface as the blind partner in Andrew's robotic factory and his death upon "the completion of his work" in England fits this imagined storyline. Given the second appeaance of Andrew's father, I believe he may have a returning role as one of her minions. I was pleased to see Det. Bell developed as a personality and a future confidant.

NCIS Round Table: Gibbs the Geek

Tony's been a bachelor for a long time. The only serious relationship he's had during the length of this show was with Jeanne, and, even though that was all part of an undercover assignment, I'm still not convinced that he wasn't in love with her. I don't see regression to frat boy status in his future; I see someone who is afraid to commit. Look at the example his father set for him, after all. But now that he's getting used to the idea of being with one woman, I think he'll come around eventually.

@ ebau

You forgot, he was engaged to Wendy in Baltimore. But the show forgot too. There's no way I believe Tony never met the parents of his fiancee.


How about a daughter like Lisbon's niece Annie? Remember "Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien?" That was the only episode she was in, as brother Tommy's daughter. Jane was teaching her to pickpocket and she loved it and caught on quickly (what a great scene that was!) and she loved guns and wanted to be like Lisbon. I always hoped they would bring her back into the series but no such luck.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Nanda Parbat

This is the best way to describe so far this season. This season is called IDENTITY.
"While this season hasn’t quite reached the level of last year, I’ve still enjoyed it so far. But, after watching this episode, I think I’m starting to like Season 3 a lot more because I finally feel like all the ‘random’ plot beats from throughout the year are actually coming together. Warning: The following is my interpretation of the season thus far, which you may agree or disagree with.
From the get-go, Season 3 clearly established that this year’s theme was identity. Namely, is he Oliver Queen or the Arrow? The not-so-subtle lines like “A man cannot live under two names” tells us he can only be one of them, but who? On one hand, he’d like to be Oliver with friends, family, and loved ones. But, at the same time, he has to be the Arrow, the savior of the city who can never rest or settle down lest he allow the bad guys to prevail. However, through the season, they developed that Oliver may not be able to be either in the end. Take the Oliver Queen persona. He loses his company to Ray Palmer (essentially Oliver’s direct foil of billionaire-turned-superhero due to the loss of a loved one). He also loses his love interest, once again, to Ray Palmer. From ‘The Return,’ we even see that he’s slowly losing his sister due to the darkness within her (as said by Slade). He may still have Roy in his corner to a certain extent, but Roy has been showing signs of wanting to stand on his own two feet. Honestly, the only one firmly in Oliver’s corner is Dig, solidifying the brotherly bond by asking him to be the best man. But, lose this connection, Oliver Queen would essentially be gone. On the Arrow persona front, however, it’s also not all sunshine and rainbows. Yes, the Arrow is needed and has served the city well. When the Arrow goes missing during the midseason break, all his work is quickly undone. However, the team was able to eventually retake the Glades with very little (if any) assistance from the Arrow, showing the city may survive without him. Plus, by losing to Ra’s, the Arrow now doubts his ability to win, a trait necessary to survive as said by Dig. Added to the fact that we now have Iro…ATOM to protect Starling City, the Arrow may not be as needed anymore. Therefore, after taking away both Oliver and the Arrow, there’s no identity left. Except, now Oliver can choose a new identity. He can choose to be Ra’s heir. In a way, he can choose to be the Arrow permanently but still remain relevant. It’s a choice that questions his identity at the exact moment when all of his identities are at their most vulnerable (he would only be more vulnerable if he were to lose Dig, which I hope never happens). As for why Ra’s would give Oliver the ‘job offer,’ I think this make sense. After all, this is the same guy that threatened to level Starling to the ground one person at a time if Sara’s killer was not delivered, and he didn’t even like Sara. He did it because of justice.
Here, we have Oliver, a man who survived longer in a fight with him than most and who somehow survived plummeting to his death while killing a bunch of his men while escaping (remember, that was the cover story Maseo fed Ra’s), brave the wrath of the entire League of Assassins to save a mass murderer responsible for ruining Oliver’s life in many ways. Why is Oliver doing it? Because, to Oliver, that is justice. And, as the source material goes, Ra’s respects people who stick so adherently to their code even if it differs from his own (like a certain detective).
I could delve into how this episode helps place pretty much every plot thread into proper perspective now (from the crossover to the flashbacks to somehow even Cupid), but this would pretty much turn into a novella in length at that point. Don’t get me wrong, the writing this season has been slightly weaker (while Oliver’s reason to go to Nanda Parbat fits narratively, it didn’t feel that logical), but what I’ve always loved most of TV/movies is the thematic aspects. And, with this episode finally providing the links across the season, this episode is probably one of favorites for that if nothing else

Modern Family Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Connection Lost

I especially loved all the little easter-eggs on Claire's computer:
1. Phil's iMessage to Claire talks about a "present" that Jolene left the closet. Jolene was the Llama Phil bought.
2. Claire's Yahoo page has an ad for Croctopus IV and article about it.
3. Another news article on Yahoo is about "local politician Duane Bailey" who got his dog in the westminster dog-show.
4. Another article about Bath-Butlers - something from season 5
5. Another article about Charlie Bingham (Mitchell's old boss) TerraNova CEO who may resign to spend time with his smoking hot wife.
6. Claire had an e-mail from her mother about vitamin pills that a hot yoga teacher recommended.
7. Claire's fake profile actually has a message - "Told mom what I did last weekend. So cool to share things with your parent". Subtle.
8. Hailey is still facebook friends with Zack Barbie.
9. Claire's muddy family pic on desktop from season 1.
10. Claire's albums actually have a folder titles Wedding/Pregnancy.
11. Alex's "Revised New Updated Version Revamp" essay actually had the words "I know you are not reading this, mom". Were there any more?

Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Nanda Parbat

I like the episode and I dont understand the hate for so called fans. Shows need twists and changes once in a while otherwise the show becomes dull, boring and too predictable. We should support the show in the bad and good things. Saying that, I am OK with the direction the writers are taking this. It opens up a wide range of possibilities. Not allowing the audience to have a clear view of where they arc will take us.
And like a fan friend told me and she is true: "After all, the worst shows are when the entire audience already knows how it will all end." Which I agree.