Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Throwback Thursday

April is my favorite. I really want to see an April-centric episode-she deserves it!


What was your favorite quote or scene in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3? I loved the scenes with Stelena. Just because it reminded me of Seasons 1 and 2 and it brought back the side of Elena we all miss. Her face lights up when she sees him. They are good together and for each other. What is Kai really doing in 1994 with Bonnie and Damon?
Pretty sure he’s stuck there and trying to piggyback his way back to Mystic Falls. He doesn’t mean anyone any good. Have your thoughts on Elena's compulsion changed after seeing everyone's reactions to it?
Antyhing that gets her pass that whiny sniveling dysfunctional mess that is Delena is fine by me. And I ship Bamon hardcore so I’m all for it. How is Enzo going to escape Tripp?
Enzo? *Snore* I don’t care much about Enzo one way or another. He’s like a low rent version of Damon only with an accent. I’ve seen this character on TVD before so I”m not that fascinated by him. Hopefully Caroline will save him and they can become a ship. She needs a man that doesn’t have Elena’s leftover DNA on him. Where did Jeremy's new girlfriend go and what's her real purpose in town?
She’s probably Elena’s sister by her dad. I’m not that invested in her either. We will see where this goes. Liv and Tyler: yay or nay?
Liv is another character I’m not that invested in. She has to do more than be a witchy blond. Bonnie has the witch thing on lock. So she better come up with something amazing.


Ohhh Felicity... please show off them curves again soon :)


Meredith knew what to do because her mother told her what to do. There was an episode where Meredith spent the day at the shrink's office and she came to the conclusion that her mother wasn't really trying to commit suicide. She told Meredith to wait until she was on the floor to call 911. Meredith realized that her mother didn't really want to die because she didn't commit the suicide properly and her mother told her to call 911. Meredith being the daughter of a surgeon she probably didn't flinch at the blood. And considering how cold Ellis was as a mother I can't imagine Meredith being the kind of kid that gets hysterical.


I didn't know Michael Scofield was going to be Captain Cold! And Felicity stopping by sounds awesome. Im excited


Did they mention why Mattias was targeting Hetty? If so, can someone explain what it was cause I missed it.
Also, the leak is probably not among the main cast, but some out of the blue character who will be in two episodes at the most.

Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Child's Play


The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Who is Kai?

I am like the bizzaro weird world that Bonnie and Damon are in..very interesting and original. Y Yes Caroline will save Enzo, and someone had better, he is on of my favorites on the show right now! Stefan is totally acting like season 1 Damon. Also Totally Nay on a tyler/liv relationship, it is weird and has come out of nowhere...it is almost if they just need to stick Tyler with someone to give him something to do?

Revenge Season 4 Episode 4 Review: He's Alive!

I think David really IS that naive and stupid. And I'm going crazy waiting for the Em-Dad reunion. I don't believe he would throw Victoria in her face like that if he knew she was alive. I wish I thought he was a mastermind but I don't. This is Victoria's story; it started with her speaking at the season 1 intro.
If they don't have a Emily-David reunion soon, I'm going to break. Yes. Emily should take her name back yesterday. Where is the writer that was going to do her story? I hope he comes back NOW. There can still be drama.


I didn't like this episode at all. Seems kind of weak that Matiass could get in with very little trouble and while some of the show was funny and I got one good Densi scene I found myself changing the channel a few times I was bored.

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