Extant Review: More Believable Than The Truth

John is written as way too perfect a husband - where I can I get one like that? Ethan, on the other hand, seems like something out of The Other - totally creeping me out.

Graceland Review: Angels and Demons

"Apparently Mike thinks his job is to save the world..." Ain't that the truth? He obviously feels like he has something to prove, so I hope it's all worth it in the end, particularly if he goes back to D.C. for his "victory lap"--and unseats that BEEEEEEEEEEEE-OTCH Jess.
As much as I wanted Jess to be the rogue agent who tipped off Carlito, in retrospect, that probably would have been too "convenient" (ie, blame the person we don't know). So now we have a new villain...and to think Giovinazzo played such a sympathetic character on CSI: New York. :-)

The Strain Teaser: They're A-Changin'

Loving this one. At last! Scary vampires (or 'ticks' as they're bing likened to).

Penny Dreadful Season 1 Report Card: Grade It!

The Ethan/Dorian kiss was fierce, masculine and very intense - as well as completely unexpected. Dorian is, of course, supposed to be attractive to everybody (wasn't he an Oscar Wilde creation, and thus the embodiment of sexuality) and his passion with Eva was great as well. I'm finding the Brona character rather dreary (though again, her sex scene with Dorian was superb and disturbing - that guy really needs an award for this part) though I guess she might chirp up a bit when set against the marvellous demented but classically trained 'Creature' played by Rory Kinnear. He has been fabulous. Really, intensely strong cast. If anything, the vampires have been the weak link throughout the whole season...

Suits Review: Another You Problem

I enjoyed last night's episode. I do get confused with all the different players and games, but I am slowly starting to figure things out. Feel bad for Louis. Was trying to step out of his quite role under Harvey, and ended up getting burned once again. I am quickly becoming a fan of Mike because despite some of his desperate ways to try and achieve happiness ,I believe he really is a good guy. I think Harvey and Mike will team up once again. Loved the way Donna figured out what went down between Rachel and Logan. Last week I felt certain that Rachel was going to give in to her last of Logan, and she almost did, but was happy to see her stop it after the passionate kissing. It's still wrong, but I truly believed her when she told Logan, no more. The problem now is how she tells Mike, because I'm afraid once Logan finds out just how much of a role she played in upsetting his deal ,Logan will try to blackmail her. Mike may have lost his job, but I don't think he's lost Rachel yet. Hopefully not and I don't even like the girl.


Sounds awesome!!! :-D the only sad thing is about the brothers being apart.. Oh soulless Dean, this is going to be fun! :-D i like Crowley but I hope he don't make matters worse for Sam, in an article they said that even king of hell won`t be able to handle Demon Dean! Can it get more intetesting!? Wonder if Sam knows that Dean's a demon? If he did he would like.. call for him like evety den and have a demona trap, so most likely he dont know this in the begining!

Suits Review: Another You Problem

I was so mad at Rachel after the episode. Her manipulation all but put Mike at square one - he lost the job, he's at odds with Harvey, he's about to tell his girlfriend they're done because she's become too distant, and didn't try to breach the gap between them.
Second person I was mad at was Harvey - he came down on Louis so hard, put him through an emotional roller-coaster, doesn't respect him as a senior partner and it put the company in a jeopardy.
Jeff vs Jessica - Jeff's fault. He's Jessica's subordinate, and this wasn't the time to get all cocky.
Mike? Like with Travis and the math test, he had to do something questionable ('hook up' with Forstman and cut out Sidwell) to save someone in trouble, Gillis. I don't think it's about Mike being a fraud, it's about him 'coloring outside the lines' when he's emotional without keeping his interest and his company's best interest in mind. He's trying so hard to save someone, not let go, that his emotions get the best of him and send him down a very bad path. His impulsiveness gets him in trouble.

@ Justyna Hołubowicz

While I totally detested Rachel for her mental affair, and then starting a physical affair at his home, I was happy to see her stop it after their passionate kissing. I believe she truly loves Mike and doesn't want to have anything more to do with Logan. I could be completely wrong. I guess it will all come down to how Mike finds out and how they deal with it. I also think that as risky as a may be, Rachel should hold off telling him at least until he gets a chance to deal with being fired, however Logan may screw that up.

@ reality adictt

:) on a personal level I like the chemistry between Logan and Rachel and I can see them together. More so than with Mike...
Rachel has a lot to deal with - that dream she had in the hospital, and the fact that she did respond to Logan's kiss and worry this much about the flowers - it's a symptom of a bigger 'problem' she has with their relationship... And actually herself - she's always been this perfectionist, and Mike's flawed to begin with, and they're going to scramble, cause there's just so much to work out. It's not that I particularly liked Jenny, but she always seemed like a better fit with Mike.


I for one am really looking forward to it - A little diappointed it is on Sunday night since so many of my shows are also on Sunday. I can only record 4 shows at a time on my two DVR's.

Covert Affairs Review: "Elevate Me"

Annie, Joan, and Arthur seem to be the only one with their eye on the ball at the CIA. Auggie totally blew the mission. Annie understood the priorities very clearly. They are after mass murder terrorists. Auggie was not in danger. She wasn't choosing between Auggie's life and the mission. Between the mission and Auggie's feelings for an ex-girlfriend, it's a no brainer. Take the key. Period.
I was really disappointed with Auggie. He should have known better.
I was very pleased with how Joan has her feet on the ground. She gave Calder very good advice. It remains to be seen if he has the spine to do what is right.
I really liked Arthur's behavior in the SUV. He was in condition yellow, head on a swivel. The attack was a surprise but he was almost expecting it so he was able to react quickly.
That said, the ambush scene was one of the least believable combat scenes they have done on the show. The vests they were wearing wouldn't have stopped more than handgun bullets and the enemy had rifles shooting 7.62x39 ammo. They should have been wearing combat vests with plates in them if it was to be realistic.
Natasha in the US places her in danger and seriously compromises Auggie. He is harboring a fugitive. If they are caught in his apartment together they both go to jail. I suspect we haven't seen the end of this yet.
I liked Annie's role as a saleswoman for Browning. Hopefully that was a paid mention. They really do make great shotguns. The Russian spotting the difference between skeet and upland game guns, Annie knowing the difference, was subtle and believable. Annie's become quite the gun gal.
The Russian Annie is spying on is one dangerous dude. He's a predator. She has to appeal to his baser instincts to make a connection at all. He wouldn't hesitate to kill her if he suspected anything and he knows he could get away with it. He's done it before. She knows this which makes her return an act of tremendous courage. The actor that plays the Russian was in at least the third of the Bourne Trilogy movies so he is well known to Doug Leiman (sp?). He and Matt D. had a heck of a fight scene in that movie.
I like the serial format. Seasons three and four were really well done. The story telling this season, except for the first episode which was awesome, the writing, has fallen off. I hope it doesn't deal the show a fatal blow, but it could. I think they are spending more than they can afford on actors and not enough on writing. It was a better balance in season's three and four. It's almost like the writers are trying to find things or everybody to do and running out of ideas so they stick in place holders. The show feels like it's become an afterthought. It's one of my two favorite shows so that's not a good thing.
The actors are doing the best they can with what is in the script.

Switched at Birth Review: Life Goes On

Carissa, I love reading your reviews. Just because people don't comment doesn't mean they don't watch or enjoy the show. Switched At Birth writers assume that by killing off a favorite character it will bring more storylines and drama. Both the viewers and the characters weren't prepared for this shock. Angelo's sudden death affects each character particularly Daphne who is furious now and blames Regina for his death. I hope this cocaine thing was just a moment of impulsive insanity. Regina and Daphne have to begin to communicate with each other again and give each other support like they did in the past. Bay, on the other hand, is now more concerned about whether she and her half-sister Abby have the hereditary gene for brain aneurysm and of the 2 girls seems to be the most stable one emotionally.
Let's hope that Regina won't go back to drinking as a mechanism to escape from her problems, and that Daphne will get back on track and realize that Angelo would want her to do something with her life and become a doctor.