Franklin & Bash Review: Who Is On Top?

Yeah I also felt a lot better about this episode than the previous. It was definitely back to the light hearted fun we're used to with Franklin and Bash. It's kind of fun to see them running everything and juggling it all! Ellen was definitely missed in this episode, though. I'm not really sold on Anita yet, she seems a little boring. I'm kind of liking Karp in this new role though. It was nice when he got along with Franklin and Bash but he wasn't as funny then. I like their competitive nature.

Suits Summer Finale Review: The Order of Things

Harvard doesn't grant Order of the Coif.


First off, fantastic episode, every actor played their parts perfectly.
Loved the dinner scene between Mike and Harvey. I was ROFL over their bathroom break talk. Made my night.
I knew that key was going to do something, as the key was talked about twice in one episode but didn't make the connection until Louis's blowup. So now everybody knows about Mike's secret except Katrina (who I fully expect will be back once Litt goes up on the wall) and I wonder if she will be the one that brings the house of cards down a year from now.
One good thing is we won't have to wait to long for winter, I'd expect 4 month hiatus to see how this blows out.


Yes I have started FNL on Netflix! 7 episodes in and I am hooked!
Once I am done with FNL, I will be rewatching OTH.

Sons of Anarchy Season Premiere Photos

I have no interest in seeing Wendy's ancient crank whore arse on my tv screen for even one second.

Suits Summer Finale Review: The Order of Things

From what we've seen thats the only way he's ever going to get his name on the door. Jessica didn't like him before he put the firm in jeopardy let alone after.

@ Shogunreaper

Is it that Jessica does not like him or just as she stated when he wanted his name there as his reward that she feels he is not (yet) ready to be a "Name Partner"? That "yet" is important. It is the difference between her feeling about him not being qualified or just not ready.


First off, why the actors on Suits and the show itself never get any Emmy nominations is beyond me!
In the span of one episode I go from feeling bad for Louis to being mad at him! He as so mean to Donna!
Also does Louis not realize that if Jessica were ever to be escorted out of the firm in handcuffs for hiring Mike then he would be right behind her for his deal with Forstman. You can believe that if Louis ever reveals anything about Mike she will make sure it is known about Louis and Forstman.
However I think Louis just used Mike and Harvard to get his name on the wall.
If Jessica actually does hire him back and puts his name on the wall, I do not know why Louis would want to work at a firm where he has no friends or allies (especially with what he said to Donna and Katrina being fried). I guess being name partner is all that matters to Louis. So now we will get the Seasons 1 and 2 Louis that I did not like.
I really liked he Harvey and Mike scene at the restaurant.

Perception Review: Sex, Lies and Murder

"Of course, I loved the return of Peter Coyote as Daniel’s father. It
added some much needed light-heartedness to the hour, and seeing the
Pierces butt heads, Daniel try not to eye roll at certain things and the
general conversations of Daniel’s father having sex was funny to watch." He raped that woman that is not funny and not lighthearted!


After four episodes we can now say the following. SATISFACTION is a one-hour
weekly television show. If it were a full-length 2-hour movie showing at your local neighborhood theater, how would it be different? Unless it were totally re-written .....
(1) We could expect the characters to be totally nude.
(2) We could expect to see sex being performed, in all its variations, with nothing left to the imagination.
(3) We could expect the movie to have an “X-Rating.”
(4) We could expect everyone to simply call it “PORN.” Why don’t we see this in the TV show? Because there are Federal regulations that control what you can, and cannot, put on public television. The “Duck Principle” applies. If it looks like a Duck … walks like a Duck … swims like a Duck … and quacks like a Duck ----- It’s a Duck. SATISFACTION is porn. It has been edited for television as required by Federal Law, but it is still porn nonetheless. The entire story is pornographic in nature. It would have to be totally re-written (script, plot, and story line) to qualify as something other than porn. Both Matt Passmore and
Stepanie Szostak will be remembered as being just a couple of porn stars. The show is about the sexual adventures of two people. They are technically still married, but their relationship collapsed long-long ago; and as stated, the marriage is now nothing more than a legal technicality. They no longer have sex with each other,
opting to have sex with just about everyone else in town. Both are into prostitution. SATISFACTION is utterly unbelievable and unrealistic. As a result, it fails to qualify as “Drama.” It is about sex … and nothing but sex. The script, the plot, and the story line are designed to do nothing more than set up the next sexual encounter. Thus, it is “Porn” … plain and simple.

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: Who Will DIE?!?

They always tout the death as something major and then it's some minor character that hasn't been seen for most of the season. Their too chicken to actually kill off a major character.

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