Kickass episode, and I cannot wait for tonight's Arrow!

The Affair Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Birth

Not sure Cole and Alison will get back together. After all Cole is going to marry Luisa as we know. What I think will happen is Alison has now realized the baby is Cole's (the way she looked at her at the end of episode 9 when Noah arrived.. she is blonde, unlike any of Noah's children, looks like Cole, probably looks like Gabriel too..) Now she will call Cole to tell him she thinks the baby is his (we see that on the "Next on episode 10") Scotty will find out (probably Cole will get drunk and tell his mother the curse is over) and he will go to see Alison and blackmail her about the baby to get money out of Noah's book. Cole doesn't want to get back with Alison, she hurt him too much and also he promised not to ever hurt Luisa again and his word is good (he said that on a previous episode). Either Alison or Cole will kill Scotty to get rid of him, Cole because of Luisa or Alison because he is blackmailing her.


It's incredible that you give Jake the benefit of the doubt when he's been lying over and over again and just takes from Abby whatever he wants yet you can't be generous with Will who's been hurt and used and who has always been perfect with Abby. Will is not a guy who uses her. He does fine on his own. He simply couldn't help himself because he's in love with Abby and she clearly felt the same way since she forgot all about Jake in the moment. I really don't get some people's infatuation with Jake and unfairness towards Will. Will was right and Abby admitted it on the spot.

Salem Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Book of Shadows

This epi just ran again on WGN. There is no magic without arousal. How many times do you hear Mary or Tituba say that? Remember the broom??? Mary will even say to Tituba how she gets her power is up to her. Meaning sex with Mr. Hunky Dr. Man ( aka Dr. Wainwright). Long Live the Queen of the Essex! Season 3? Who knows what will happen then. But they better keep it coming, we heathens must be appeased, lol

Grimm Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Maiden Quest

I think the theme of this episode was focused around traditional female roles.
Emily's first suitor's last words were, "You'll be a great wife."
Adeline not wanting to be catered to & locked up in a fortress.
Her and Nick's phrasing was odd when going over his mom leaving. The dad is usually the one that leaves the family but, that may be to just bring up Addy's daddy.
Frankie is the 'Damsel in distress'
Emily's second suitor shushes her when she tries to warn him then, spins a fairy tale about their kids and ends with: "You just worry about how to raise them." and A female heir


Im all for Laid back Oliver having martinis with his quiver on his back and his bow and arrow on hand as a badass action figure from DC COLLECTABLES...That was pretty funny looking

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Closure

I want coulson to go from this show. No 1005 to Ward he is a great actor and now he is showing what a great actor he is by actinng as good one and now as the villan one as well. It will all depend on writes what they have plan for this show. If they want someone from actors do die he will die it is simple like this....

Castle Round Table: Caskett Is Back!

I am not happy with this season and I thought this episode was really bad. I enjoyed Castle finally calling Beckett out on her lies and disrespect for their marriage but he shouldn't have taken her back without her having to work to win his trust back. The whole separation story made no sense, Beckett's obsession with Locksat makes no sense, her trusting Vikram and investigating with him makes no sense. Her refusing to do any Captain duties and still acting like a detective makes no sense. All the characters are acting ridiculous this season and aren't recognizable. I wish both Haley and Vikram were gone. I don't see any reason whatsoever for Haley. Vikram is integral to the Loksat story but I'm not interested in it either. I don't know why everyone is so happy they are back together because they are going to continue with their fake separation so they still won't be working together and the most exciting sex scenes we will ever get is them talking about being naughty. If anything, this season has shown how dysfunctional the Castles are and really they just need to call it quits. Beckett will never put Castle or their marriage first and Castle is an enabler and takes her back no matter how bad she treats him. The marriage needs to end and so does this once great show.


another superb crossover! and man do i love me some Emily Bett Rickards. And those tight dresses on Felicity (the red dress from the first episode & the green from this) .... as Daniel Bryan would say "YES! YES! YES!" lol


I can't wait! niyla gushing from anticipation, it's been too long without my Saturday night fix styers https://www.youtube.com/watch?...