1. I'm still hoping that Will was brought back just to bring closure to their relationship and that he will leave one way or another. I think that Gabby's appearances over the holidays foreshadow an early release. Will is probably going to die somehow, Gabby will get custody and Sonny will be involved somehow as the father figure. Paul will teach her how to play baseball. Happy ever after.
2. I am going to make a still shot of Jennifer's reaction to finding out about JJ and Eve my computer wallpaper.

Lady Gaga to Headline American Horror Story Season 5

Nothing against Gaga - but she is a far cry from Jessica Lange.


Danny is in someone else's home and starts criticizing the furnishings and BREAKING things the minute he gets there and can't imagine why Steve would bother to try to repair what he broke. He unapologetically leaves the window open and lets the cat out...has no clue as to why Steve would send someone to find the cat or even care that it is gone. What a self-absorbed JERK! The "couples counseling" thing between 2 cops has already been tried (and failed, even though it was still much better than the attempt on this episode of 5-0) on a show called "Common Law" on USA Network

TV Ratings Report: The End of Sleepy Hollow?

I am still seeing more fans daily asking for renewal of Sleepy Hollow, on this site. Really not fair that we ADULTS are not taking seriously in TV demographic ratings. I repeat, I am really surprised that the popular age group is 18-49 years of age. Do the network big shots think we 50 + are too feeble to stay up & watch a program, or do they think we don't have experience with Good programming? Last nite I saw Sleepy Hollow rebroadcasting the 2nd season. I am hoping the network execs take this in consideration. Renew, renew PLEASE!!

Black Sails Season 2 Episode 5 Review: XIII

I don't remember anything about Thomas Hamilton being committed to an asylum mentioned last season but I think they said he killed himself or at least there were rumour that he killed himself.


I thought Daniel did a great job directing. I'm hoping now that therapy is over and Danny bought Steve a guitar and Steve let Danny drive, the meanness and snark on Danny's part will lessen and he'll stop calling Steve names and things will go back the usual fun carguments of old. I know if my friend kept calling me an animal and a putz, to name just a few, they wouldn't be my friend for much longer. The COTW was inane and the bad guy in full Robo-Cop gear was way too much but seeing Kono get all bada$$ is, to quote Kamekono, "a piece of resistance!!" Jerry knew Ruth was lonely since before he found a family with 50, he was too and it was easy for him to see thru her. Takes one to know one. I did enjoy the ending I always love seeing the team together and the last song was perfect because, hopefully, The Boys are Back in Town!


To me nothing has changed in terms of the violence this show has. The season 2 finale had plenty of violence in it. We saw Chief Fryer ambushed and killed, max shot, Malia killed, veterinarian and his assistant shot and killed, Kono bound and gagged and dumped off a boat into the ocean and oh yeah the HPD headquarters blown up. It was a miracle no one was killed in the HPD explosion. So maybe another miracle will happen and those officers shot by the terminator will have had their vests on and no one was shot in the head and they all survived. In spite of some of its goofs, I still really love this show and don't want to see it cancelled.

Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Crazy Love

I am so not on boared with this season of shameless. Fiona use to be this mature, strong, responsible, adult and now she's a weak, utter mess who can't make reasonable decisions at all. Ian has a little more than bi polar disorder, he's borderline schizo. Jimmy coming back 2-3 days after Fiona gets married and her sleeping with him at the drop of the hat is so predictable. Sammys a weirdo, storyline with Debbie is just odd. The only character showing any true 'growth' is Lip and the only reason why I watch at this point but I'm sure the writers will find a way to screw that storyline up too.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 17 Review: Justice for All

Disappointed. Disgusted. Didn't watch to the end.

Maggie maldonado
12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Keys

Help! I'm enjoying a great show with 12 Monkeys, but the causality loops are confusing the s**t out of me!! I get the other clues and twists by rewatching, looking at blogs, etc. Can someone break down the vasics of causality? When the time line was altered by Railly's being shot, Cole went vack and fixed-it. Is the Chechnya incident the same thing, but Cole happened to be (apparently) be killed in it??

@ Maggie Maldonado

Hi Maggie, I think the difference in this case is Cassie and Aaron sent Cole right back to Chechnya, repeating the events leading to his death. You know? The only explanation I can think of is Cole splinters at the last minute back to 2043. I have a feeling we're supposed to be confused at this point. Things will probably make more sense next week. Hope that helped a bit and thanks for your comment!