Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 9 Review: I Knew You Were Trouble

Thanks for the review Elizabeth and all the follow up.
There are alot of absurd issues with last episode.
Gabe tending bar.Gabe giving love advice to the mother of his friend who also happens to be having a extramarital affair with his father.
Carter being allowed to visit a woman under suicide watch, while still wearing all her jewelry.
And then there's creepy Kyle. Still just showing up at family home expecting affection from Elizabeth while mother and daughter in next room.. Kyle sitting next to David during fashion show, smiling and applauding even though he's been sleeping with David's wife for over 3 years. They tried to kick Bird out because family membership had expired, but Kyle is allowed to hang out dressed for a pick up game instead of charity event.
Once again I think I may be alittle too old for the shows demographic.


I'm disappointed to read this. PD will be back to working the long hours that he wasn't happy about, he won't be earning as much per episode. A real mess up by Shonda and PD and PD's agent that they couldn't work things out so PD could see GA through to S12. They only need the fans to watch to get the advertising revenue. Fans feelings don't matter :((

Rodney p

I love the show. And I hope it continues to get better and better.


Just because Dyson is Fae doesn't mean he'll live longer than Lauren. Afterall, look at what happened to Hale. Being Fae doesn't make any of them better than a human.


I actually loved the episode. Rally enjoyed it. We definitely learned a lot more. Yes, the pace was slower than the prev one, but story wise, we moved forward a bit.
You didn't mention Caliban and Vanessa's exchange which I found really interesting. I am not sure how it will fit in the next episodes but intriguing nonetheless.
Lily and Victor's story won't end well. They're getting closer and Caliban never really sees her and is getting closer to the blind girl...
The witches and wallpaper effect was sooo cool ! AND, Ethan smelt her. He hasn't made the connection yet since he thought his father sent her. But when he does, well I hope lol.
The hissing caught me off guard too. WTF lol !


Awesome episode ! It's building to the finale now. Liv's big reveal didn't convince me...I first thought she was dreaming. Only because, yes Major is a nice guy, but he checked himself into a mental facility. NO WAY he would take that news well. So I waited, and even though it wasn't real, I was gutted. Especially when he said he'd kill all the zombies.
Though I wanted Blaine to die, I'm glad Liv didn't do it as she'd have died first. Man that guy is annoying lol.
When it comes to Ravi and Peyton, I like ! Now I hope it was real as I wanna see more. I've never liked Peyton and hoped she'd be more likeable thanks to Ravi and wasn't disappointed. Again, hope this was not an hallucination as the socks quote was totally hilarious lol. I do it hence why I could relate hahaha. Some get cold through their feet that is all...
So is there a cure ?! Obviously Ravi will need to make more tests but it looks good right ? Because there's the video and now Major who stole the merchandise... He better run and fast !


This was a great episode. Probably the best since the season kicked off. BUT, I have no idea where all this is going ! So many things are different from the books... Tyrion and Daenarys ??? Sansa at Winterfell and Sam and Gilly, though happy the finally did it, what about the rest. At this point, Imma have to just roll with it coz all bets are off. Anything can happen ! I want Sansa to kill Ramsay. I've had enough of this crap LOL.
The Sand Snakes game with Bronn was really interesting... I wonder how he'll return the favor.
Lady Olenna ROCKS ! Her exchange with the High Sparrow was just amazing. But that man definitely had another agenda, Cersei, all along. And boy I squealed when they took her down and cannot wait for next week !

NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

My biggest disappointment with "So It Goes" ep, I wish they'd come up with someone who looked more like Ilya Kuriakin. He was the best Man from U.N.C.L.E., and I liked Napoleon Solo just fine.

Sue ann
Castle Shocker: Captain Gates Is Out!

I never liked the character (although I have great admiration for the actress.) It will be interesting to see the replacement -- the first captain was such an interesting fellow.


Best finale of the season! I loved this show! Eagerly anticipated each and every episode from the beginning. Now it's gone and junk tv is still on. I'm too old to be the target demographic. Too bad because I've got a decent job and money to spend on the stuff the commercials were selling.