I ship Happy and Toby!


All I have to say is that it's about time Katrina used some of her damm powers.I almost forgot that she was a witch!!!


I actually liked this episode a lot. The girls were also great, far more supportive than usual and less stereotypical. The humour was good (not hilarious, maybe, but good), and Bernadette's small talk about the pressure on guys to be providers an unexpected serious moment that really worked.
They should deliver more episodes like this one if they one to prove that the show is up for the three seasons it is getting.


Was that a subtle reference Ester made about Mystic Falls in the closing moments of this episode ? I think it was Also i want Rebekah back on my TV screen already.I miss her sexy ass accent.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Weeping Lady

Not a fan of Hawley. Cliche character who is already repeating himself. I;d rather Caroline had stuck around. Tom Mison and the actress playing Caroline had great chemistry. The Hawley/Mills love triangle is laughingly unoriginal. We are heading towards Vampire diaries territory. Ugh. Mison's acting last night was a delight.

Dee gardiner
Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Child's Play

I enjoyed the episode but could have been better with more Caskett moments. I just love watching the two of them together


Don't feel so bad for Wallace. Now she understands their jobs. Why they are how they are and do what they do. The congressman.. well. Not sure what his deal is. But I'm sure we haven't heard the last out of him.
One thing I have been troubled by. It was Granger's call about Kensi. Why wasn't he in the hot seat?

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Chapter Two

I'm totally digging the main actress. I now want to be jane's best friend. I initially thought this show was gonna be cheesy and boring but it's actually kind of awesome?


That ending though ! Wow, powerful stuff ! Gives me goosebumps everytime ! She took everything off ! Wiped it away ! And Sam...I don't even think anything he says at this point will matter. Because he already lied.
The case of the week was awesome ! Of course not for Pax. Connor's face when he jumped out of the window... I agree that this incident will start his downfall into crazy. Poor Oliver, the whole thing was bad. From the moment he got confused and called put the boyfriend label on whatever it was they had. And the nervous breakdown in the flash forwards was mind-blowing ! He snapped right in front of us...
I love Laurel ! Khan had me cracking up ! He put a stamp on it ! Though I cannot wait for Franck and her to hook up. HOT couple ! And she finally gave it to Michaela !
That girl ! Gosh I cannot stand her. And Asher !
Nate is working solo on this. I knew it. But hiding it from Annalise didn't make no sense before and now it's worse because she'll figure out he lied to her. And Bonnie is not on her side either. She knows more that she lets on. Though she did tell Nate's boss about their affair... That's just plain wrong. She hates her because Bonnie wants Sam and Annalise is in the way ? No idea.

Ariana guzman
Gotham Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Viper

Am I the only one who cracked up when Harvey said "What is altruism?" to that old guy as he died? It must be the English major in me. I couldn't stop laughing.

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