I'll be glad to see Tim DeKay on Agents of SHIELD, even if he's playing a villain.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Was There Too Much Frozen?

is it just me, or wasn't Pinoccho/August responsible for making the book to show Henry/Emma the past and where she came from? I didn't think there was that much mystery to the book, and I thought it just showed the things that happened, not decide the path peoples live were to take? Especially when the book changed from when Emma and Hook went back in time, it didn't decide their fate there, they did, and what they did was then put into the book.... I'm just confused as to how they're going to try and go about this..

The Strain Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Last Rites

Loved the episode, was a bit disappointed that after all this time Gus still hasn't "joined the team" so to speak but maybe they're saving that for next week or next season?

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Poor Little Lambs

I think that the "calm" Jax displayed at Diosa was NOT calm. It was a storm brewing - on top of the storm he already had going on. He's IN SHOCK from losing his wife and then all the bloodshed and THEN the Diosa thing- and Colette-flirty-gurl is laying there dead. I think he just didn't outwardly freak out because it is becoming all too common for him to deal with the sh!t storms.

The Originals Spoilers: 7 Things to Know About Season 2

OMG, I can't believe they are bringing Daniel Sharman on the show. He is amazing on Teen wolf.


I liked this episode right up to the last 10 minutes, then mheh... I like the characters, I like the setting, the COTW was ok but something overall was missing that I can't put my finger on. I hope they find whatever it is soon.

NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Carrier

Scott Bakula built up enough goodwill from Quantum Leap to get me to watch at least one episode of any show he's in. Sadly, it's been hard to get any further than that. NCIS NO is yet another one. I hope it's successful for him but I'm not optimistic. This one is a yawner.


I love the episode! References to MacGyver and A-Team! Well done! Callen and Sam are the best part of the show for me.

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Roadrunner i wish the TM writers were as creative as you are - and even some others of us. I can see how that ring could symbolize everything that Jane is holding back and needs to still deal with. So a "killing Lisbon" close call event could work to finally free Jane of his demons. I think the problem with TM is that everyone involved in making the show cannot see it as real because of the constant retakes and generally messy process. But they make it real for us when we see it on the screen so we see the characters as real and the events as real, which gives us a different perspective, like knowing McCallister could not be RJ given everything the writers have shows us RJ to be. But they can't see that reality and that pulling an RJ out of the hat may seem OK to them from behind the scenes but not to us from in front. So we are heading for the last roundup and will the writers/actors see what Jane is really like and what he needs for his redemption? He has been through about a dozen years of total hell. That has to have some effect and cannot be easy to just dust off. Maybe a "kill Lisbon" close call is needed to shake him loose so he can relive the worst time in his life and give it a different outcome. Instead of reliving opening that awful bedroom door, he can finally close it. We have seen Jane go through that hell and it's real to us because we don't have crew members, cameras, boom mics, constant retakes, dialog rewrites and fake sets in the way. It's very real to us, but how can it be that to the writers and actors? They should make very effort to see how we see it and develop the plot accordingly.

25 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

Miss ziva and tony' s relationship. If cannot get berback maybe thelas episode could. B ring them together. Not a Timcfan. Education ego. Prefer Gibbs and Tonytogether