The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Delena in Danger?

Please, please, please don't go down the cure road again! I'm so over this storyline and quite frankly never liked it anyway.

21 TV Couples Who REALLY Need to Couple Up Again

The only one I see is stolen a :(


The very beginning of the episode with Athelstan and Ragnar doing the whole sand bit was great. it quickly reminded me just how great their friendship is/was. I'm incredibly bummed out that he will no longer be around anymore, in all honesty he was probably the most interesting character out of everybody else on the show... you definitely felt for his character more while characters like Ragnar stare off into the distance in every episode. I loved Floki for so long. Now I'm disturbed by him and his motives. It really is a good part by the writers, though, to make everyone so complicated.Athelstan and Ragnar were brothers !! We can't blame Floki though,He is a product of his culture and his own religion. He is the conscience of the Vikings and killing an enemy is the best way to help his Viking brothers. That said, I am ready to see him bite the bullet now. he definitely has gone to a place that is unredeemable. The follow up to tonight's episode "Athelstans Journal" was also pretty damn cool.It totally made me remember how awesome of a character Lagertha was in the first two seasons. they really need to hurry up and get her out in some kind of battle for I fear she is softening up way too much this season.


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I am all for Stelena and Forwood being end game for TVD couples


I am so over Tom/Jacob! Even more so by him wanting to 'play house' with Liz again because he didn't know where else to go. Seriously?! This whole storyline is a punch in the face of every clear-thinking woman. I said it over and over again: Tom is irredeemable. He manipulated her, beat her, sold her out. And yet the writers - for whatever reason - think it's okay for Liz (a profiler!) to still defend him. Because the two are supposed to still love each other?! I think Megan Boone said it best when she stated in an interview, Liz getting back together with Tom/Jacob "would be a setback for her character and bad for womankind". Don't get me wrong, as a villain Tom/Jacob is interesting to watch. And the actor is really good. I just despise the fact they desperately want to make us buy this "he's just a bad guy in need of saving by his one true love" crap. Against this background, the scene with Ressler was even better. He's the one true friend Liz has, he never used her for some hidden agenda. Really hope their friendship will continue this way. And we still need more screentime for Aram and Samar (I keep saying this...).


And what's up with calling some of these man-style glasses? Have you guys been shopping for frames lately? There's not THAT much difference unless you're going for flowery stuff.


Don't forget Cosima in Orphan Black


I agree wholeheartedly with this review, hehe. So Tom's real name is Jacob? Interesting.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Put A Ring On It

I miss James and cyrus. They were my fave tv couple.

Miranda wicker
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I gave out a little squee when the camera showed James sitting on the bed! I was so excited to see him again.

@ Miranda Wicker

I loved James. He was a brilliant character.