Beauty and The Beast Season 3: DELAYED!

The article could have have explained why the show has been delayed.

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If the information was available, we would have shared it. As it wasn't, we decided sharing what we did have was important enough to note.


What Alicia should do first is divorce Peter and free herself from that albatross.


between jess, christy and abby this show has such a great ensemble cast of potentials murderers that i can't get enough. it's great to watch with a 15 year old bottle of pinot gris wine and good food and sit back & relax. the mawga buddy dream life

Beauty and The Beast Season 3: DELAYED!

Sorry, snooze--you lose. Viewers. Every show that takes long 'breaks' is not worth waiting for, with so many other options out there to occupy our time. ^^X^^

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don't you have a city to go save?

11 Shows That Should Be Canceled Immediately

Last man standing is great. Tim Allen is still hilarious. Its one of my top comedies (sitcoms).

Grimm Season 4 Episode 20 Review: You Don't Know Jack

Okay I just gotta say this. the whole thing with adalind is mostly Nick's fault. Mind you I do blame her for hurting hank and Wu, but Nick could have just killed her instead he took her powers away from her leaving her to be abandoned by the people she loved most. o like any rational person she lashed back by forcing Juliette to forget Nick. So that whle thing with Juliette was his fault, then Don't get me started and the baby snapping Im sorry no matter how you try to explain it stealing a person's baby is just asking for trouble and retribution. Basically wheter he wanted to or not Nick dug this whole himself. Now onto Juliette yes they scrwed up her life, but they offered her a chance to get it back one he rejected. Now a rational person who wants to be left alone and happy with their powers would not seek vengeance for things they are grateful for. Sadly Juliette is not thinking straight as a matter of fact she is insane though her powers are awsome. Okay look Im happy with the whole powered up thing its what she is using them for I have a problem for. Second I do not think Prince Kenneth is manipulating Juliette I honestly think its the other way around he is the one in control and she is doing every thing on her own acoord that is the difference between Adalind and Juliette every thing we seen Adalind done was in service of some one and her lashing out, while Juliette does everything at her own accord. Basically what im saying is no matter what happens Juiette is digging a hole for herself and if what I believe going to happen next episode does Nick is going to hunt her down like animal because like the old saying goes you can go from etreme hate to extreme love and undeniable love to unfathomable hatred.


The conversation between Paige and Ruth about the commandment broken? From a book reader, that was important, but they are actually wrong. About Alestair, he's not a witch (if memory serves) but they don't realize that the commandment they are talking about has been violated. I am so glad we hurried Elena and Savannah's bonding up, that is one of the best dynamics in the book. What's funny though, I always was sort of imagining white cells with clear fronts (for viewing purposes) and that Elena and Savannah could see each other even if they weren't directly across from each other. Because, isn't there someone else there that they meet? I mean, Rachel could be taking that role over. I hope that Logan escaped. I don't have huge hope for Dr. Bauer surviving her first change. I've always sort of took from Elena's change was that it had more to do with that her reaction was just anger at the whole thing and also that she had an Alpha there to help her through. And yes, yes, I know, but not yet. But I must confess, I have absolutely no idea or memory of what the Undoing is. I know its in the book (and I even think they pull it off) but I don't really remember what it is.

Supernatural Round Table: Sam Winchester Did What?!?

wtf sam, why are you going to rowena?

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Bluebell

we all wanted a season 5 with 22 ep to say a proper goodbye forever CW .
is more to do with season 5 with 22 ep .
1 lemon and lavon much stay together in the end in season 5
ep one lemon go into labor and have her baby with lavon .
2 what will lemon do for the women of bluebell now that she is first lady of bluebell .
3 Ruby will come back and see that lavon merry lemon her enemie .
4 lavon parents come to bluebell to see wish women stolen they'r son heart .
AB get together with the new doctor and george with the new lawyer women.
tansy with lavon cousin a new guy in bluebell .
5 peter come back to win lemon back bout dont know lemon is marry now with the mayor of bluebell .
6 in the end a wedding party and a big earthguake as a cliffhanger ho is dead and ho is a life in season 5
7 want to see wade and zoe as parents to they son x just give us a season 5 with 22 ep CW plz .