Yes! Thank you for pointing out that something about Chris Messina's performance was off tonight. He felt uncharacteristically flat and kind of creepy. He even looked a bit odd--I want to say drained or tired. Hopefully he rebounds with better material next week.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: What Drove Meredith to Drink?

How many sisters will Meredith have. With this new one, it's a "been there done that."
Bailey or Karev - The bylaws state how board members are to be chosen. It is cut and dry and determined by what the bylaws states.


It's nice that the homicides solve in a really interesting way without getting bored by the details , or even expecting the killer .
I liked Lucas very much , he is really funny .

New Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Julie Berkman's Older Sister

Did Trophy Wife get canceled, speaking of Schmidt's boss? That show was hilarious.

@ Elizabeth Parker

Yeah unfortunately Trophy Wife isn't coming back :( ABC never gave it the chance that it deserved, IMO. They left it in a terrible spot and while it was getting fans and critics seemed to enjoy it, it just wasn't enough. So I am all for seeing Schmidt's boss this season!

12 Recent TV Deaths We Still Aren't Over

No Hank Schrader or Walter White? The end of Breaking Bad, while I know they ended it at the right time, has left a gaping hole in my television-watching soul.

Alyssa Milano Bows Out of Mistresses Season 3

Maybe Savi will suffer an aneurism on the beach and guilt Harry and Joss from EVER going down that road together. Joss will get back to her sugar daddy, Dr and all will be well. RIP, Savi.


Did you doubt Castle at any time during the episode? Obviously No! But we're fans of the show watching from the outside, so for us, it's a predetermined conclusion. But within the show, as cops, they do have to doubt his intentions, especially when they know so little about him or his past in general. Like I said in the review thread, the only person who would trust Castle implicitly within the show is Martha, for obvious reasons. I hope more of the Castle-Martha dynamic is revealed in this season. Did Esposito's attitude during the investigation surprise you? Espo's always been like that, as you guys have pointed out, but that doesn't mean it didn't piss me off. What pissed me off even more was Beckett joining in with doubting Castle. Ryan, as usual, held the fort on Castle's side. But yeah, it was consistent with the characters as they've been depicted so far. Any idea what's causing Rick's amnesia? Trauma, drugs or something else? No theories on this from me, though I wish Robin's theory was true. Also I'm surprised you didn't mention the 38 key. That also holds the key (pun intended!) to solving this puzzle. How long are you willing to wait for a Caskett wedding? I am with Christine on this. Going by the pattern of TV shows in the past, I didn't expect the wedding to happen last season. It just didn't seem like the right time. I knew there'd be more roadblocks on the way. Hell, in Bones, they threw roadblocks right till the end, even in the episode the wedding was supposed to take place in. And it's been that way in other shows. So that was expected. It would probably happen at a moment we're least expecting it to happen. And I have a feeling it'll be a "Castle" kind of fun and weird wedding. At least, I hope that is the case. Do you have any theories about this conspiracy or why Castle was taken? I don't think Castle's dad is involved right now. But I can see him getting involved in the future. This whole conspiracy has an International feel to it, with the dengue fever and all, and that's where Jackson Hunt will come in I feel. Given what the writers have been saying, I think it could be linked to Castle's past as well. We'll see soon enough. What was your favorite scene of the Castle Season 7 opener? The montage was pretty nice. Like Robin, I wasn't expecting it, so it took me by surprise. The Espo coffee scene was also heartbreaking as you guys have said. The toast was pretty good too. I also loved Martha telling Beckett to hold off the questions. It was a great motherly touch from her that reminded me that she's the person who understands her son the most. I want to get to know more about Martha as well. Give the Castle season 7 premiere a grade? Probably an A- or B. The abrupt ending threw me off. But I wasn't expecting to see Fillion at all in this episode, so it was great that way. As great as the others are, especially Stana, this is Fillion's show through-and-through. So I loved that part!


Meh. I'll be the minority voice & say that Nowak, the showrunner (?), needs to step up his game fast if he's going to have Keating show her legal prowess every week in the courtroom. This week's case was a laughable snoozer, the worst part of the episode; and Keating was not a very good lawyer in her scenes IMO. HTGAWM competes with plenty of other shows that dazzle with defense lawyers' tactics. THE GOOD WIFE is the main one. Davis gets an A from me as far as charisma & talent. But, it was just lazy to show that Keating actually needed a piddly law student to tell her to discredit a witness' visual identification. Seriously? That's *basic*; something that should have been second nature to even her staff. It's such a tired trope of the courtroom drama, that I think it existed in movies even *before* television. Also, Keating didn't need the document that the law student whored himself out for. The business partner had already admitted he'd warned the victim about the repercussions of the affair. What was the point? Weak. If writing courtroom cases is not a strength of the writing staff, then change the format & have it focus on the personal drama & the competition between the students. There are better written criminal cases on plenty of shows every week. This will just suffer by comparison.

Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Nautilus

Good episode..I like the new place Finch picked out and when Shaw walked in it was like old times...and yes I like Shaw....was glad Reese was in it alot but not poor Fusco..hope that will change!!!!

The Strain Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Last Rites

Great recap and indeed Eph is whiny for a protagonist, which makes me wonder if his arc will be transformative and how many characters we enjoy will get killed in the process of Eph getting his poop together. Nora has shown more backbone than him and like Fet knew it was better to prepare for the next encounter after Setrakian's breakdown than to complain about it. Really, what did Eph want them to do besides let the old man take a nap? My heart broke all over the place for Nora but completely respect her what she did for her Mom. (Umm...Bolivar still wearing his wig? Ha ha!) Eph had better be up to the task when he comes face-to-face with Kelly. Now with Dutch and Fet making googoo eyes at each other. (Vampire Apocalypse Flirting 101) The trauma has only just begun for our band of strigoi killers. Oh and what the heck with those hooded strigoi?!?!