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Yes, the rubber room Noah ended up is very real. They're a staple of the NY Department of Education. Our NY tax money goes to these teachers who have been accused of something while they sit all day in a room doing nothing and getting paid a full salary like they're still teaching. Teachers can literally stay there for years and years without ever having a hearing or anything. I was actually rooting for Noah and Allison because after everything that happened, someone had to wind up happy, even if it was the two people who didn't necessarily deserve it. At the end of the day though, there's so much to dislike about both couples. Helen emasculated her husband and Cole seems deranged. Noah is an asshole and Allison is beyond self destructive. I read somewhere that season 2 will be from Helen and Cole's POV. That will definitely be interesting if that's the case because I think one of them killed Scotty, not Noah.

The Mentalist Round Table: The Return of Erika Flynn

I couldn't agree more with Donnamour1969 when she said "we're into episode 3, and still no kisses between two people who love each other, even when they are alone? It's very unrealistic, in my opinion. Seriously, not even a hug or a kiss on the cheek? What are the writers/actors/Bruno Heller afraid of here?" Come on, folks! We've waited so long. Give us a kiss or two, or a hug! I wait week after's starting to be just too disappointing!

The Best of 2014: 16 Characters Whose Exits Made our Heads Spin

Christina Yang isn't even worth mentioning.... her character still lives!!! And where the hell is Carter from Person Of Interest!!!???

@ chill285

Although a lot were nominated, it's not a death count, it's an exit list. Unfortunately, most series have chosen to kill off any character who leaves. Yang definitely deserves to be on the list.


Winter I believe that many, if not most, of those who are bipolar are hypersexual in their manic state. Like the neurologist in the TV series “Black Box,” who cheated on her boyfriend and went on sexual escapades when she was manic. Also like her, most are treatable, but many don’t take their meds because they miss the highs more than they want to avoid the lows. I think it is much more likely for those who are bipolar to cheat when they are manic, than when they are depressed. I had a business partner that was bipolar and was definitely hypersexual in her manic state. She had an apartment near the airport and met her lovers there. She had a daughter, but was never married. My wife has a friend whose mother got pregnant by five different men, none her husband and all when she was in a manic state.


Interesting movie on showtime. 28 rooms. About a cheating wife and her lover that meet at conferences for sex. They each toy with being with each other but op to keep their other lives.

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Kablang

i kind of like the idea of brick and shelby getting together again.
two other things i will now talk about are cricket as a lesbian and, the importestant of the importestentestent! (i know, those words don't exist) - the main thing: ZADE. i wrote some thoughts about and i recogniced i wrote a book, so if you want to read more, you now know what i will talk about next:
i think, i love that it turns out that cricket is a lesbian! early in season 3 (i think) it was meantioned that crickets husband (forgot his name) could be gay and the series put all stereotypes of gay men in this character from the beginning and i was worried that they would go with these stereotypes. but it turned out, it wasn't the husband, who is gay but his wife from whom we never expected because she was 'normal'. and that's why i like it: whether one is homo-, hetero-, pan-, ... sexual, one is normal. one doesn't need to be like stereotypes say. and maybe it's the hype, like some of you said, that made the writers create a gay character but come on! it's a town so there should likely be at least one person with non-heterosexual interests - that's not trendy, that's realistic! and i love that cricket now has a love interest because i can imagine that it's not easy to find a love when a whole town is heterosexual ;) what i also liked was the way they handled wade and zoe (at first). i appreciated that they didn't get together as soon as she and then he, too, confessed love for each other. i liked the way zoe wanted to win wade back (and the connection to season 1, like the review said), although i didn't think it would work (with sex). i understand his fear of getting back together. i know it sounds not fair, like he said, that he cheated on her and now has trust issues...i found the cheating awful but i could 'understand' why wade cheated on her (because he feared, he would loose her and then did the exact same thing --> self-furfilling prophecy) and i also understand that he is scared to try again because he confessed his love, she left, he waited, she came back with joel, he first wanted to win her back/told her a few times that she should remember that she loves him and then, there was he kind of got over it (it seemed that way), then vivian broke his heart, after they had a romantic kiss in the rain with lovely confession and a romantic night. plus, his family history isn't that great: his fathers alcoholism (although he's sober), the death of his mother and, if i remember right, he has no great relationship with his brother)...and maybe he not only fears that zoe could break his heart but also that he could do something stupid like he did before? but i'm glad he got the courage (thanks earl!) to go to zoe wanting to take the risk. i was so saaaaad!!! that she rejeced him! after a long, and sometimes awful season 3 i wished they would get together in a heartbeat, even though i knew it wouldn't be the right way but i love zade!!! that said, i really understand why she couldn't handle the situation and his invitation in this confusing situation. she just found out she is pregnant from wade, of whom she thought she would never get back into a relationship. the timing of his invitation wasn't great, but maybe it's important for future episodes to show that he wanted her back, before he got to know about her pregnancy. i really hope, she tells him soon, that she's pregnant and he understands why she rejected him and they come back together and kisskisslovehappyending <3


Will should be replaced with someone with a personality, preferably one that isn't quite so much of a jerk. At this point, Sonny should dump Will and ignore Paul entirely. Come on, T is better than those guys, and he used to be a homophobe!

Ronald simkins

Just to set things straight and maybe I was watching an alternate "soap" reality but Clyde did NOT kill EJ - in fact it was one of EJ's goons that killed him by mistake. But Clyde had him killed and covered up everything else. So he may be an accomplice after the fact but he in no way even planned for EJ's death. So there goes murder 1 and 2.

@ isoron

Thank you! They can't even remember the storyline correctly!


Didn't watch an episode this season and won't watch until Annie and Auggie are back together.


LaSalle's accent is grating. The actress playing Brody is kind of old for the part…close-ups do her in!