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I love how they keep us on our toes. Really like Ramses being integrated into the whole meta game - whatever the f**k it is. Go Cole! Somehow 2015 is a nexus for "destiny". The beauty is we all have no idea what is going on and I am so glad they dumped the whole original movie for something totally new.

The Flash Round Table: A Not-So-Clean Slate

I think the gun Cisco made for Lisa Snart actually forms iron pyrite (Fool's gold)...


I have no idea what is going on. Absolutely no idea. Why are the woman and the pallid man even in the game to end the world? What the hell is their purpose? It's surely not to keep Ramse's son alive. They're all flinging back and forth through time acting as if they have all this greater purpose, but I have not a single clue what it is at this point. Are they really all doing it "for the children"? Jones for her daughter, Ramse for his son? Humanity, but the two sides have different objectives...and why did Aaron acquiesce to the woman? What the HELL is going on? If I felt like an idiot five episodes ago, I feel like a colossal ass I (something I already bear, thank you very much) now.

21 TV Couples Whose Sizzle Has Fizzled

Lmfao at all the butt hurt steroline fans. And yes caryl needs to stay friends and not turn romantic it would be so ooc for daryl

Ronald simkins

1. Jennifer is a total idiot and you may be going to bed with her but she has manged to bungle the whole thing. Whatever was she thinking? She is incapable of planing more than 5 minutes ahead.
2. We have yet to see if Xander is evil or maybe a past lover of Eric.
3. Let's get Cole and Tad together as roomies.
4. Daniel is JJ's friend and certainly can tell Jennifer to F**K off. Sorry Jennifer makes a really bad male friend for JJ.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Round Table: A Safe House, Seriously?

The next episode is in the can, so it's safe to speculate: wouldn't it be hilarious/tragic if the Toolkit they're so paranoid about contains nothing that they don't have or that Romanov didn't already release into the wild? it's just Fury's catalog of what's important, and notes on how he built SHIELD the first time. In other words, the whole mutiny is just ex-agents, once burned by Hydra, now jumping at shadows. To quote Phil from last year, "You were worried about me, when you should have been worried about ANYONE else." (And does anyone else hear echoes of Victoria Hand in Gonzales's "concerns"?)


I'll post here what I did on SpoilerTV: So much to say! First off: Whoa time travel. So much of it tonight it's enough to make your head spin. All 3 of my major theories I had came true tonight: -Ramse is the Witness
-Aaron did go to the 12 Monkeys (to give them information or something else in exchange for sparing Cassie's and his life, I assume)
-Cole was slingshot to 2015 and won't be time traveling again any time soon Good News: -The 12 Monkeys have been preserving the timeline for Ramse's sake. Now that they're caught up and Ramse doesn't know what happens next Cole-wise, maybe Cole and Cassie can finally break the time loop they're in and make a difference!
-If Cole's going to get stuck anywhere, 2015 is the place to be, imo Bad News: -Aaron's going to likely give the 12 Monkeys vital information which will make it harder for Cole and Cassie to change things. To add: The most surprising for me too was all that time Ramse spent in jail. And even though he's out of time, I don't really get why he wouldn't age - or any of the other team members for that matter. As I said on Twitter: Did they find the fountain of youth or something? I still hate that Ramse went bad. I understood why, I sympathized, I liked that he was regretful of what he did to Cole, but I cannot side with him.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who is ChArles?!?

React to Charles:
Destinee might be own to something. Spencer's parents getting in on the action. Yay or Nay.
It's about d@:x time. I mean, come on, be parents! Even Veronica admitted that she thought this was the work of A. What role does Andrew play in all of this?
He's going to be another Toby or Ezra or Aria's brother. His involvement will quickly be explain and it will be something minor. Mona is alive. React.
How come she didn't reveal who A was immediately when she have the chance, or how she ended up there. The last scene with her and her suppose death, was all a lie. Did she fake the I know who A was, just to get the girls to her house? Where are the liars?
At home, resting up for season 6 and 7. Make some bold predictions for season 6.
Another season of the same old, same old. I just truly wish they would start to be more created in the way they are tormented us, with the way the girls act and the fact that these have to be the most oblivious parents in the world, to not notices the issues their children are having. (Also, the one thing that bother me about this "reveal" is, why did the name come to Spencer in a dream? Mona alive, they could have used her as the driving force of information. She could of told the liars that A was Charles and he could be Spencer's brother. That right there would of been a better reveal, then this bs that they gave us.)

The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Delena in Danger?

My opinion about the new Delena is beautiful as they are togheter ,love each other and i wish them to get past this danger beacuse their love as strong as it is, believe in their feelings , they can only win their love . 6 this season now that Elena and realized that Damon loves and wants to be with him . Elena human and realized that Damon loves , when he gave the necklace for her birthday she thought she lost season 3, throughout her love for him grew increasingly powerful and Elena as a vampire made ​​of season 4 for Damon feels that what is real , telling him that she loves him . And in season 5 ep 22 when Elena asks Damon if she sees a future together and answering them as he saw it from the first moment when he lost his eye on it .... kiss ... and he promises her to come back to it ....i love Delena all the way and i am gonna love them forever beacuse they will get trough this , one day without being togheter or feel its gonna drive them nuts,and their love will bring them togheter ,they will be togheter , i said that when i watch TVD ep 17,when i saw the face of Damon happy having Elena in his arms ,and she encourges him to give another chance to Lily,his mom....and then Elena told him that "is a good thing that we have forever",Damon looked in her eyes and kiss her ,realized that all that he wanted is to be with Elena forever. Their love is put to the test as a test of dangers , but they will have to overcome those confronting them together , their love can overcome anything, we know that Elena is: Damon to Elena : you are my life "from Season 5 . their love is strong and we trust " Delena.forever "Even or without Elena having memories of the couple's past ,is just that with her memories as human she knew who Damon was and what it means in her life,and those fellings became so strong that turnnig into one love,and she forgive him for all that his done,...Damon in love with her ,he protects her,loves her and most important thing is that she discover in him that part that he didn't want to feel ,but Elena was the one who make Damon 's heart to feel love again,with her kindes and being more careful with people around and protects Mystic Falls . and Finally without Elena 's memories as vampire after "Damon died "in 5X22, she became more wrecles 6X01,living in the world without" Damon"was hard for her, that she couldn't rezist by making a wrong decision erase "her memories with Damon" with the help of Alaric,erase him she make" him a monster "in her mind...after all that when Damon come back in M.Falls the first thing he did was to go to see Elena,they spoke trough the door of her room he wanted so much to see her ,to tell how he loves her, but Elena listen to him, even if she doesn't remember who is Damon or what meant to her...still they are connected either way,she think that see him in personn may trriger something and when she saw him thalk to him telling that "she doesn't feel anymore",then she decide that she wants her memories back beacuse of a mistake Alaric could'n give tthem back to her ...why? Alaric became human...After all when Elena was in danger Damon allways finds a solution to save her,he loves her more than antinhg to keep her safe and he wanted to be happy with him,day by day she changed her atitude towards him ,feel more attracted to him than ever,finally admited that she has feelings for Damon ,even if she doesn't have her memories or not ,or being a human or vampire ,she wants to be with him...Elena fell in love with Damon . i love TVD ,you are the best show Nr.1 ,i miss all of you, you TVD became my family and you got my heart,and i can't wait the next episode of TVD until 16 april.i counter the days...Delena Forever-love you TVD..