Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Reese a DiLaurentis?

Rhys not Reese you guys! And he's gotta be a red herring, we've been told that we've seen Charles before,... Though Marlene King has lied before. He could be related to Wren though... He kind of looks like the lovechild of Wren and Jason.


Great review! I also think Dre might be playing all sides. So, much happened in this episode, it is hard to see what might happen next. But like you said things are never going to be the same. Two more to go

Henry Reagan

Other sources have said Henry WAS Commissioner.

Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

Did anyone think it interesting to realize how much clout Dr. Pawter has? After she said who she was, she was called Saya (don't know how it's spelled), the same thing the woman from the 9 was called by Dutch. Whether this means she's from one of the nine families or it's just a name for Qureshi women, I don't know, but I hope we find out more of Pawter's story.


I don't think this season has been THAT rocky. The first half has a few problems (I wish we saw more of Pazzi) but the episodes just as good as previous episodes. The first half was different but i like that it was different. And the slow burn really paid off.

Ronald simkins

The thing about this episode except for the episodes with Liam and Parrish I don't trust anything that went on with the rest of the crew. How could Scott lose his powers? I do think that Lydia is getting a little insight into "reality". I am also intrigued with how Malia somehow can fight the Doctors.

Zoo Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Fight or Flight

I'm just waiting: cows attack Boston, pigs retailate against Mecca, dolphin rapes american tourist, .... LOL

Psych Season 8: Why 10 Episodes is Enough

I am a 68 yr old female who would like to see psych to continue. I watched all of the seasons really enjoyed them all. Please consider doing more!!!! I want to see Spencer & Jewls marriage & have kids. Gus needs to find a women to settle down with as well but continue with what Spence & Gus do best!!! Love the show. Thanks.


Loving this show. So much of what I wanted to discuss has already been outlined by others, but just wanted to comment on a few things anyway. I love to see other people's insights - and thank you so much for your thoughtful reviews. There don't seem to be many other reviews out there. I can't believe it is only a 10 episode run. And that it hasn't been renewed yet. I don't know anything about Space as a company - do they announce renewals early or at the last minute? I still suspect Johnny is in denial with his voluntary friend zoning and she's my sister stuff. Not because I like triangles (so done to death) or because I don't believe men and women can be platonic friends (in real life of course they can), but because it's television. 99 out of 100 writers are going to go there at some stage - because there seems to be a general belief that that is what works and that it somehow has to happen. D'Avin does have his shirt off an awful lot. I'm not complaining about that, but a few more funny and insightful one liners would do more for his character than a continuously exposed torso. With only three episodes to go I'm not sure how much more developed the overall story lines are going to be able to get - I think a war in the quad might break out. Now that he's been mentioned, there will be more about Dutch's one time husband. Probably more about Dr Pawter's background - she claims to have influence and can get the med-techs to land, but it didn't help her stay out of jail. A nine family black-sheep?

Amy jackey

I hope there is going to be more D’Avin shirtless scenes. ;)