Sheer genius. This show should have more watchers, it's got the makings of a hit. Bravo to the writers. I love every one of these characters.


I've been a fan of Paul and Sarah's relationship since the beginning. Paul is one of those people whom you'd expect to always be there because they can take just about anything. Sarah could act like a child and blame him for everything, and like a responsible parent, he'd still be there. I think that's why his death was so unexpected.


I have to admit that the scene with Sansa was gruesome (even though most of it was off camera), but I honestly cannot understand some people's reaction to that scene and to Ramsay. I mean, we all have seen Ramsey in action and we know how horrible he can be. We've seen how gruesome the show can be from the beginning (the Red Wedding anyone?) We heard what book readers have said. We all know. Why all this vitriol for the show all of a sudden? Why the surprise? Why the "I'm done with this show and I'm not going to watch anymore". Hell, if you think it's gruesome, go away and we don't even need to know that you're going or you've gone. I hated it and I cannot stand Ramsay, but I know what I "signed up" for. I'm an adult, and I can watch what I want. If it gets too much I'll just stop, but I'm not going to complain and tell everyone how gruesome I think the scenes were and how I think the writers are just doing this for shock factor etc. Either grow a pair, or give up the show and leave others to watch in peace.


Agree with most of these - especially the most romantic moment being the one between Emma and Hook on her bed. Even though she chickened out telling him she loved him, he knew what she meant to say. Loved that she seemed more disappointed that she couldn't say it than he did. Loved everything about this scene.


Completely agree with 10, 11 and 12!
#10. I am dying to know what happened to Simmons, and just when she was about to go on her first date with Fitz! (Well, kinda...)
#11. This moment was so adorable. Especially because at first Emma was so worried because she didn't see Hook right away when she got there. Then the cheeky bastard finally reveals himself upstairs with that devilish grin! It's no wonder she tackled him!
#12. And though I agree that what Castle said from the podium was wonderfully touching, the best speech of the episode has to go to Kate when she defended her work and her relationship with Castle to her superiors.

Battle Creek Series Finale Review: Sympathy for the Devil

The thing I love most about this show is the "background" characters. There has never been a more original cast than this one. These were real people that everyone could identify with. I am sorry to this show end.

Black Sails Season 2 Episode 2 Review: X

Brilliant episode, truly gripping from start to finish. It was also
deeply unsettling and disturbing. What with all the craziness we're
subjected to in 2015 thanks to the extremists of this world it was
jarring and upsetting to watch a man having his head sawn off over my
coffee and nibbles. I'm not sure they needed to go THAT far to convey
how much of a lunatic Ned Lowe is. We kind of get it already. Flint was an interesting character in season one but now he's totally
captivating and the flashbacks to the beginning of his pirate odyssey
have made this show go up a few gears. I'm still disappointed with
"lesbian scene of the week", it's just blatant tittilation and adds
nothing to the story or the characters. I'm not a 14 year old lad with
his hormones going beserk thanks, just get on with the, er, pirating.

Dave and Maddie - Moonlighting

I actually watched the series. It was okay but it seems like Woodstock it has been boosted by people who never watched it.
Vastly over-rated.
I always wondered why Dave wanted to get it on with Maddie given her looks


My thoughts is that I believe Renard order the death of his father to save Diana.. I think Meisner kept Renard in the lo0op , when Renard return to his office by phone or by cryptic message on his computer. Miesner informs Renard that he is heading to the airport, thinking that is where the royals took Diana , but he finds verrats near a helicopter. He tells Renard what is his orders, Sean tells him do what is needed to save Diana.So that's how Miener got on the helicopter . He took out the guards....I think this because Renard , had shown no emtions , when Hank informed him that they failed and Diana is gone... I think Renard knew different.

2015 Finale Awards: Best Cliffhanger, MVP, Worst Exit and More!

Hook and Emma of once upon a time! The scene was emotional and beautiful my favorite by far <3