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Thank God! We now know that the previews of Eddie looking like he was turning dark were totally misleading. And Eddie was really being better than he should be - hell I would have burst Iris's bubble. The rest of the episode was a lark - Bary kissing Caitlin shows that she still has unresolved feelings with Barry. It was great that Barry still had faith in Eddie and I hope they don't screw up their possible alliance. The crush Cisco has on Laurel was really sweet. And let Malcolm Merlin Jr push his nasty comments.


Crikey Christine is there an episode you haven't liked? this episode is what the season is like.rubbish. few answers and more questions. I know in the NSW police force you have to see a specialist and get an okay from him/her before being able to go back to work after experiencing a traumatic event.. i would imagine it would be similar in the NYPD. Having Beckett 'worry' about Castle some 6-9 months AFTER the event shows again she aint like no wife i have ever known. This episode was evidence the last episode of season 6 had not been thought through at all.This episode looked like it was hurriedly put together without any coherence at all. It is easily the worst episode of a very bad season.

Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 20

Sad that Mills and April are gone

Ronald simkins

I loved the whole series and was with you the whole way. And since I don't sit around in stained boxers in my mom's basement I actually loved the the suit - it instilled everything that Matt and his priest talked about.

Scorpion Season 1 Episode 22 Review: Postcards From the Edge

Hopefully Cabe will back at Homeland if only for perhaps a crossover with NCIS LA.
It could be possible that Cabe will get his old job back but I think that he and the team
will end up as an independent part of Richard Elliot's company. Hopefully if that
happens it will work out for the show. It sort of did not for CA when Annie left the
CIA. While Walter may be a genius he has the social skills/maturity of a 17 year
old kid. It will be interesting to see his continuing on the path to being a more
emotionally mature individual and his relationship with Cabe. Where are Walter's
parents anyway? Overall a good episode with only a few plausible plot
holes. When Happy "borrowed", {stole} the crane why didn't the LAPD react
when she showed up with it? I figured that they would have reported it ASAP.
How they got Paige back to the group solves the writers problem of what do
with Paige's husband. The writer's have written him as a good guy so if
Paige decides to stay with Scorpion he will be in cold damp Portland ME.
Paige leaving her bag at LAX-in real life lots of problem but on a TV show
not so much. Scorpion has had a good first season and if the writers do not
venture too far off into fantasy land with totally ridiculous plot lines there will
be many more seasons of Scorpion to come. What makes show such as
the NCIS shows, POI, Elementary work is not only the story but the
relationships between the characters. Scorpion is among that group and
hopefully the writers will continue on building the relationships between the
members of team Scorpion.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 21 Review: Beacon

A really good episode. Glad that Arkady is not dead-he is one of the
more interesting secondary characters on NCIS LA. Interesting
how well he has "adapted' to the free market economy isn't it?
I wonder what the blow back will be from his role as a middleman
in the oil deal? When will he and Hetty have that discussion she
mentioned? I do think that Arkady does care about Callen and
knows much more than anyone can imagine about who his father
was and what really happened to him. Hetty has some of the pieces
but Arkady has the remaining ones to the puzzle


I could have guessed Aiden would be killed but it still doesn't mean It was heartbreaking to watch. I loved Aiden and Josh. And it wasn't the actual part where Aiden died that got me it was the part where Josh and Davina found him. Seeing Josh breakdown broke my heart. I love Josh I hope we don't end up losing him to. I love Klaus. But ever since Davina brought up the idea of a dagger I have been dying to see it used on him. I really like Klaus but I wanted to see him daggered. I know it's weird and I don't know why but I've just been waiting for this moment. I do wonder however what his siblings and everyone else will do when they discover that he didn't kill Aiden. I get why everyone suspected Klaus but also find it a bit offense that they all just assumed he did it and didn't even question that the psycho witch who's after all of them would. They may feel a bit stupid when they find out the truth. We haven't seen much of Davina. This is like the most we've seen of her since Kol died because she's been working on bringing Kol back to life. I hope with all this time she's spending on this that she does bring him back and he's normal Kol and nothing horrible happens like it always does when someone is brought back from the dead. I also hope this means we'll see more Davina because I know the show is called the originals but she's my favorite character. I just also want to see her and Kol together again. I loved her scene with Marcel before she gave him the dagger, he was just there for her when she needed him. It was nice seeing that side of their relationship again.


I was thinking that Joe would put on the sunglasses and nobody would recognize him and he would just walk out, but I guess that's not going to happen.

@ zzz05

Haha, I'd be a little concerned about the state of our maximum security prisons if that worked...


This is Ogre's second episode? Can't wait to watch the old one again. :-) This was a great improvement over recent ones, especially those with characters we hate to hate (because they waste precious screen time and our comments). Also good to see a little more on the Riddler's development, though this felt a bit awkward. But keep up the good work writers and directors, we love this show overall!


I liked Agent Carter a lot. I'm not that fond of the two, make it a summer spinoff and let's see what they can do to win us over.