Helix Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Reunion

This show reminds me of another one. I'm waiting for the Smoke Monster to show up.

Carolee gross

Beignet is French for donuts dipped in liquid sugar .But in French it is written this way Beigne .In New Orleans Louisiana they call them Beignet. I do think Patrick was not ready to lose Teresa in the shoot out.Therefore he stirred her away from the scene.I can see why she was angry.I would also be angry because it is her job to serve and protect even by putting her life on the line for others.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Tribunal

Well said. Great recap. I loved the same scenes. It may have occasionally felt pat and picture perfect pretty, but who cares? Just so much fun! I laughed several times. Juliette's nightmare about Rosalee had me absolutely transfixed. Holy heartbreak!!! I thought it was real. Nick's concern for Monroe came across loud and clear. Glad of that emotional urgency, cuz sometimes in past episodes Nick seemed a little cold to him. Did you mention the "you're back?" moments, when a few cocky wesenrein looked into Nicks all-seeing eyes? Gotta love it! Grandmaster Riken is a blutbad and Officer Acker is bauerschwein. Pigs and wolves on same council?

Glee Season 6 Episode 4 Review: The Manchurian Candidate

I think season six is basically to make fun of itself and to kick up the gay themes. Sue rants that no one knows the names of the band kids. All the Warblers are straight w/girlfriends? There's a macho out gay kid, a Karofsky bear-o-thon, including an actual bear cub? a hint at a young/old gay couple with Kurt and Walter (Kalter or Wurt) and a sort of cross dressing theme with principal Figgins? It's ridiculous, and eye rolling at times, and had me saying when is this craziness going to stop and they sing a song already? But it's their zoo. They can do what they want. At first I was confused and a little annoy with the weird Klaine obsession, the stupid Sam redux, and Sachel or Ram? but now I think about it, I can't wait to see what the hell they do next. A Becky Wedding?
The Glee transfer kids come back
Alien abduction/crop circles (it is Ohio)
A Virtual Reality Show?
Inception Dream show?
Flash forward show Glee kids 20th reunion?
Sam converts to Judaism to win Rachel? Anything goes. And Music?
the Who's Tommy. Pippin, Anne Lennex, Oliver, Kinky Boots, Punk week? 80's new wave, The Cars, The Kinks, Blue Brothers? AC/DC? I

The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

Welcome to Sweden is actually pretty funny, better than many shows out there. 'The Middle' is unwatchable, but there it is still on TV. Agree about The Following, we watched about 6 episodes then they lost any grip on sanity.


Christian Ward was WASTED on this show. What was the purpose of allowing him to appear in the first place? So that Grant Ward can prove how much of a dick he really is by committing cold blooded murder?


Said it before, repeating, TRAIN WRECK,. I fast forwarded through all the garbage to just listen to the two songs we got in the episode and even one of them was awful, I am so ready to just bookmark the youtube page and look up the musical numbers only.

The 100 Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Remember Me

I had every hope that Finn would be alive. But once I finally accepted the fact that he is gone it was very hard to watch the show. So I am officially giving up on the 100 the Tv show. I have to say loved the bks which I read after watching S1 on tv. I was able to separate my fandom in two camps in the bks I was for team Bellarke as Finn does not appear in the bks. However, on TV I was team Finn all the way as he had such chemistry with Clarke since day one. I never saw anything like that with bellamy on tv in the bks yes sure I saw it but not on tv. So I was all Team FINN!!!!! I can't stand what they did to his character it was destroy. I would have rather Finn have died at the end of S1 if they planned on killing him off or even better why intro Finn in the first place if they were gonna get rid of him?????????? In the bks Wells was a major character and on tv they killed him off in like 2 eps. and no one cared. Yet they turned Finn into a main character on tv made us Team Finn fans care for him only to have him killed and destroyed as a character. I am officially over this show, I might have accepted Finns death if they had done it differently but not how they played it out. During LOST they killed off Boone, Charlie and I missed them but was able to accept. Even the OC killed of Marissa and I watched the last season which was not the same without her but I accepted it. But this of Finn is not acceptable. A bunch of other like Jasper have been speared in the lungs and survived. Finn himself was cut with a poisoned knife and lived!!!! And now Clarke just nearly cuts him and he dies?!?!?!?!? WTF!!! I quit this bitch for good!!!!!!!!


Not totally serious here, but now I'm thinking about that episode title referencing gold and loss and wondering if we will finally see how Jane gets rid of his wedding ring. (I assume Lisbon told her brothers off-screen about Jane's history so I can stop thinking they were really clueless not to ask.) The wedding ring is gold and the writers have kept it on Jane this long for some reason. They need some real drama for end-of-series excitement. The show also promised us a "shocker" in the early promo for S7 so here's a shocker: Three times someone has tried to cut off Jane's finger and failed. Maybe this time the bad guy will succeed and there goes the finger, ring and all. If it happens because Jane is trying to save Lisbon they might have a serious discussion about how they will work together before both end up getting killed.


I do like Ben he's a different type on the show and I'm glad he's dating Abigail.