Once again Paige was being mean to Mike. I understand she wants to bust the guys that are keeping the girls, but she has to realize Mike is doing the best he can.
I really think Johnny likes Carlito's sister. However Jakes is right that it is a bad idea to get involved with her. Not only because she is involved in the case they working on but like Mike was told last season, they can not have romantic relationships with outsiders because of the job they do and they have to protect Graceland from any one knowing about it.
Johnny is going to fake her death..a nod to the Tupac poster on the wall of his child hood bedroom.
Mike can not go undercover, he is running point and Sid and others know he is FBI.
Briggs is the one that wanted to go undercover at the police station. Briggs has been around a long time and has gone undercover on several occasions, it is all part of the job.
The tape will come up again at the end of the season. This season is all about the Solono cartel and the sex trafficking. The tape will surface at the end of the season to set up a storyline for season 3.


I'm loving this show, Reckless, and although Terry is a bad boy, you can't help but have this love/hate relationship with him. I really hope this show stays on. To me it's a keeper. Lee Anne however is really complex. She seems to be in love with her husband who is crippled, but I somehow get mixed feelings about her loyalty to him. I really like Jamie and her tense yet likable relationship with the main other lawyer (can't remember his name right now).

Suits Review: Truth Hurts

Such great episode!
I knew that Louis was going to use his reward on Mike. When he talked to Jessica the first time I said to myself that he will want Mike back. Then he used the reward to get more holidays and teleconference time to try and win Sheila back. However I knew he would change his mind and when he walked in and told Harvey and Jessica that he hired Mike back I was just as thrilled as Harvey!
I have mixed feelings about Rachel and Mike. I really wanted them together last season and liked that they rented the apartment. However I did not like that she kissed Logan and then to tell Mike that it meant something at the time it happened. WOW kick a guy while he is down. So when Mike told her they were done I was not surprised. Then when Harvey told him he admired what Mike and Rachel had I really thought that Mike would forgive her. It seems like he will one day but I have a feeling he wont.
I also like what both Rachel and Mike said to Logan.
I also like when Donna was going over Harvey's week and she told him about Rachel and Mike.
Still not a fan of Jeff Malone, Jessica is letting him get away with talking to her the way he does because they are sleeping together! Just think of how she was with Louis when he wanted to be name partner and he got testy with her, she snapped at him.
So I thought that Harvey would leave the firm this season. I was wrong and I like how they got Mike back. One day Louis will find out about Mike and Mike and Harvey will find out about Louis' illegal deal so no one will ever out the other. BRILLIANT!
One last thing: I liked the simultaneous conversations between Mike and Harvey and Rachel and Donna when they showed up at the apartments.
We got a great reminder of the relationship between Harvey and Mike all it took was 4 words for Harvey to know why Mike got into the fight:
Harvey: Forstman
Mike: Logan
Mike: Rachel
I may be off on the one name Mike said.
I continue to really like the relationship with Louis and Katrina, I laughed out loud when she told Louis if there was ever a time she would be attracted to him that was it and then he said please don't say that again.

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I really enjoyed this episode when I saw it a few weeks ago.
I really like the conversation with Andy and Oliver at the end.
I too liked the scene with Dov and Chris. Chris did go confess to Oliver about what is going on, Dov threatened him that if he did not fess up then Dov would.
I felt bad for Chloe. I do not understand how Dov can fight for a girl like he did and then now it seems like he is not that into her!
In Canada we were supposed to get all 22 episodes! I recently found out that it has been decided that the 22 episodes will be split in two seasons. So that means we get 2 short seasons with 11 episodes as the remaining 11 will no be considered Season 6. Not happy about that.
So here in Canada we just saw episode 10 and it was crazy and the finale next week will be even crazier!

Satisfaction Review: Invisible Masks

Disgusting, salacious, tale of sex, cheating and marriage, or a very well written, well acted look at what would drive a spouse, after 18 years of marriage, to totally destroy the foundation of trust and fidelity between their partner and at some point, their daughter. I must have a S/M side lurking inside me because I watched it twice last night. I was really trying to find something in Grace, that would help me see her in a better maybe redeeming way ,but I don't see it. I am sure it's not a popular opinion, but I totally blame her, for destroying (and I believe it will end in divorce) the marriage. 6 month affair, justified because she feels like she's missed out of so much that could have been her life. She can claim that there is no emotional attachment to Simon, but she's not being honest, and neither is Simon when he talks to Neil.
I am not dismissing Neils role in all of this. He also has stepped out of the marriage.Two one night stands as an escort, but mentally, we would be led to believe for a couple of years. I think the 2 escort dates were out of revenge, and hurt because of what he saw . It also,by the end of the second date, gave him some kind of perspective, into why or what Grace was doing. The biggest issue is how much Neil is seeing and feeling between his job and his time with the monk.I feel like he is really wanting to forgive and make the changes needed to make Grace, and their marriage work, but Grace gives him nothing, no matter how he tries, emotionally, or physically.
Next week's preview looks like both of them have completely checked out of any hope of working on saving this marriage. So now I am at least hoping that the secrets finally come out very soon. Like next week. Sorry for my rant. And yes I will continue to watch. Love your reviews, just not a good as a word Smith as you.

Suits Review: Truth Hurts

I loved that Harvey showed he is a true friend to Mike and I hope Mike sees that he is. I doubt that Logan will just go away. I've never been Team Rachel and the last few shows clearly confirm my decision. Why would she ignore Donna's advice? if she chose to ignore her - why tell Mike at his lowest point and when he confessing his undying love to her. Rachel should have expected the outcome she received from Mike - his ultimate decision to move out.
Speaking of not so smart decisions. I don't believe Jessica is acting any smarter to have her love interest as a name partner. I didn't think it was smart when Harv tried it and it's not going to work out any better for Jessica. I seem doom on the horizon for that relationship also.

@ Excited Fan

totally agree about Jessica!

Rookie Blue Review: Curse of the White Shirt

The scenes with Andy were so annoying to watch. She took Duncan's bad career decision as her personal problem to resolve and wrote untruthful performance reports. Then she totally ignored Oliver's order to not speak to Duncan. And, then she accused Oliver of throwing her under the bus when he could not rescue her from her inept decisions. Oliver was too generous when he called her one of his best cops - yeah right. What an insult to the rest of his Team.
Duncan is going to find that most people are going to side with Andy and believe her version of what happened. Duncan will find it difficult to get anyone to trust him and work at that precinct no matter who his step-father is.
Loved the final scene with Oliver and his daughter - what an awesome dad.
Lastly, I hope Dov doesn't let Chris mess up his relationship with Chloe. They are so cute together.

Covert Affairs Review: To Trust or Not

McQuaid saved Annie's life twice already. I wonder when is he going to ask something in return. I'm nor saying I don't trust him but he's a businessman after all, he's not doing this out of love.
I love Annie but as it turned out, she's not not doing so fine alone. Too bad for her.

You know what they call this in the Couv? BBQ weather!

The reason for that is because "The Couv" refers to Vancouver, WASHINGTON, USA. Not Vancouver, BC, Canada


No we don't approve and there's not a hint of any resemblance to Elsa. But the whole Frozen thing is way overrated anyhow.