That kiss with Jamal and Skye was off the chart! Boy, would his father be in seventh heaven if he was able to love a wiman. Maybe he is really bisexual. The songs are fantastic. Jamal has a beautiful voice. Sounds reminiscent of Michael Jackson. Cookie and Lucious still are hot for each other....Let's not deny it. What's up with Anika? Has she lost it? Empire is a deliciously addictive show. I love it!


I can't believe the critics don't like this program. The message of family love and sticking together through it all, is wonderful, unlike the usual bickering on many shows. Would like to see Taye Diggs become a part of the show. He and Morris Chestnut have great bro chemistry. I'm also a great fan of Lorraine T. who plays the mother. Her role should be expanded. All in all, a very enjoyable show. Hope it gets a second season.


It looks like USA made all episodes for season 2 available for views on demand and is also broadcasting an episode a week. Does that make sense?


I suspected that something was off with Abby's cancer -- and that's why her body was completely destroyed, apart from the bones -- but it looks like she actually had what her husband claimed. I thought that the blood she was testing was her own, but the way it actually happened made more sense.


We didn't see Morland but we saw a cloud coming his and our couple's way . That detective clearly announced that she would investigate their reinstatement which is connected to a bribery case. As for the doctor prescribing chemio to healthy patient, it happened in real life with a recently convicted Dr Farid F. ( 45 years ).

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Will She Say Yes?!?

I think a very important point is missed here. This isn't about Meredith just being loyal to Cristina who is her person, this isn't the reason Amelia is being overshadowed in the Owen story, but sometimes when things are critical you might not want to involve your romance with it especially when things are just starting off. This has nothing to do with whether owen and meredith were close or not in the last year or ever but they both know that they can communicate on that level that owen needs right now and perhaps meredith too. nobody will understand your dark and twisty days unless they have been through something similar and through cristina owen knows that part of meredith and the other way round. Also I highly disagree when couples come closer because of a massive issue in one's or the other's life and Amelia should have wanted to stay out of this, maybe be around to support owen but she should't want to crawl with owen through this.She doesn't see clearly and she allowed her jealousy to overtake her and how she spoke to Meredith was unacceptable.


This episode was kind of disappointing for me. I enjoyed seeing Lindsay Wagner but I didn't feel that they used her well. I wish they would have left Gibbs in DC and let Bishop's mother interact more with her, creating a great mother and daughter moment. At this point, I'm a little annoyed that Gibbs must be injected into the middle of everything. I know that this is the Gibbs show but I think that they missed an opportunity to let Bishop interact with her family without the ever present Gibbs. Let Emily Wickersham be front and center without Harmon upstaging her. We need to see who this character is and not eclipsed by Gibbs or propped up by Gibbs.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1

List Of Episode Season 6:
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Michelle capanna
TV Fanatics Count their Thanksgiving Blessings

Even though noone asked me, IM thankful for the writers, the cast and ALL the great fans for ONCE UPON A TIME. THANKS FOR 4 1/2 AMAZING YEARS!!!!!!!!


If they don't show it onscreen, it didn't happen ( unless it's Soprano's)..... Simone lives!! Bear's reaction when he got to his truck was more frustration at his own " weakness" for not being able to kill his betraying niece, than being upset that he had to kill her. Dodd is his enemy now, and he feels like he should have killed Dodd's kid, in retaliation for what happened with Charlie, as well as for Simone's actions. I've thought from the very beginning how cool it would be if Ed ( aka Todd from Breaking Bad), actually ended up a boss man in the mob. The Butcher Breaks Bad!! Peggy rambling on about being her best self, and Ed, the simple minded butcher takes over! I'm wondering if Hanzee has left the Gerhardt Reservation, and is trying to trick Bear, or, is Hanzee hot in the trail of Ed as he drives Dodd's car with Dodd in the trunk. Wtf is Floyd up to? Her sly smile after she informed on Kansas City seemed to indicate she is up to something. Is Hank up to craziness to try and cure his daughter from cancer? Bear's comments to Hanzee about being welcome at the family table, and then telling Simone that no one is family now seem important.