Mistresses Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Reasonable Doubt

reason i hates joss ......
she always makes stupid decisions
shes not her own person
her whole life is from one stupid decision to another. ...

29 Shows That Deserved a Second Season

I really liked Kitchen Confidential !!

Melissa kelly

I don't know about you guys but Elena wasn't the only person in the show. Alaric, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, and Tyler are in the show too. Lets also not forget about the 2 most important people in the show, the two men that made The Vampire Diaries in the first place...Stefan and Damon. Yes, they're still in the show.

@ Melissa Kelly

I'm sorry, but vampire diaries was a show about how the lifes of Elena, Damon and Stefan affected the other lifes of their friends. Elena is the main lead of the show, and without her the show won't be on air for too long. And Tyler won't be in the show either.

Complications Canceled by USA After One Season

So pissed!!!!! This was truly a good show

Brenda hayes
Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Sins of the Father

My question with this episode was if the gem weakened Liam,why didn't Cat and Vincent just leave the gem with Reynolds,J.T.and Heather?They did not need it at that time.This season needed a little more romance.I think the writers have kind of forgotten that Beauty and the Beast was a romance story.Modern day is good,but go back to catching criminals and Vincent being a doctor and changing when necessary to help Cat.Just my opinion.It was much better than last season though.


1.Wilson is the killer.
2.Eva drove the Range Rover to frame Calista.(That alibi of hers,not buying it for a second)
3.Vivian will die.
4.Vivian's last wish will be that Alec & Karen raise the baby together and be a couple she and her husband couldn't for a long time now.
5.Miranda will take Scotty away and Marc will follow them.April will realize her feeling for him and follow him too. Airport romance scene coming up,maybe?

Dominion Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Longest Mile Home

William ran that Gabriel cult, and have many followers. I truly believe, especially after he disrobe, that he might have saw something. He doesn't seem like the weak character he was last season. I kinda figure after he appeared, that Zoey days were number, I just didn't think it would be this soon. ( Also, I just thought of something. What if William is working for the one that save him, like he did with Gabriel.)
Claire may think she has the upper hand, but she doesn't realized that now she'll be battling four fronts-David, his son, Arika, and angels. I bet anything that Arika poison Gates, and will bargain for her freedom for the antidote, which Claire will agree to, even if Gates tells her otherwise.
I was slightly shocked Gabriel fell for the orgy, but I guess when you place a juicy steak in front of a starving man, he'll agree to anything.
I actually think this will be Julian's downfall. He'll take over Gabriel's body and Michael will convince Alex to release him. (Remember, Alex did it to that one guy and there has to be a reason why it was shown, and not brought up again.) In addition, the three will put aside their differences and work together to destroy Julian's eight ball army. And then returned to hating each other, with Michael trying to find out who this mystery black guy is.
Other then that, this season has been great. The only way I can see it going south, is if they put Alex and Claire back together. I don't know why, but I'm really not a fan of her this season. However, I was slightly happy that she took out Zoey, before she became a much bigger threat. On this decision, I stand with Claire. I just hope she's ready for the fallout.

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The Good Wife Season 7 Premiere Photos

I've been/was an avid viewer of this show since S1... However, didn't enjoy last season with Alicia running for political office in lieu of fighting in the courtroom & then phasing Kalinda out, who I loved watching her escapades & what dirt she would get on who for the legal team in my opinion was a 'huge' part of this show..... I'll check it out this season & see what direction it goes ....


This show gets my nomination for Most Improved Series in the Second Season. I'd about given up last season and this time it's just been wild and entertaining. Still think bland Alex the dullard chosen one is the weakest link, but I'll keep watching.

Dominion Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Longest Mile Home

David Whele has definitely lost even the last scrap of sympathy I had for him. He was well on his way last week already, but he hasn't shown any redeeming features for a while now and so he's gone from sympathetic/tragic villain to just a madman with an insane need for revenge. I am curious, though, to see the reunion between him and William, who seems to have made his way back to Vega after apparently having been the plaything of a bunch of 8-balls for some time. I wonder what his story of the mysterious light defeating his assailants is all about. My first instinct is that he's lying, though. He is a snake, after all, just like his father. Someone who has gained my sympathy, on the other hand, is Gabriel. And again, he was well on his way last week, with the reveal that he'd raised a son who had been taken from him by a jealous king, not to mention his sacrifice to let Michael go free. It was interesting to see him confused and unsure, even almost timid, when confronted by the three women. I'm really enjoying the exploration of his character this season. He's a far cry from the evil king sitting on his dark throne that he was in the first season. I do suspect that Lyrae will succeed in possessing him, though. How interesting that would be to see! And I'm sure Carl Beukes would do an excellent job of it, he's been on fire these past few episodes. I wonder if Michael would know if that happened to Gabriel. They do seem to have that kind of twin connection - Gabriel felt it when Michael killed himself for Mallory, after all. I wonder if he will ever bring that up. Speaking of Mallory, it seems all but confirmed that the mysterious stranger that has been protecting Alex and Noma was the prophet responsible for the protective fire. I do wonder who he is. He might be the Son of Morning, who is probably Lucifer, but wouldn't Noma recognize him if he were? And I'm also curious how much the people of Mallory know about Michael's true nature. There is at least one man who knows Michael rose from his grave, but what do the rest of the people think? Do they even know the grave is empty? And then there was Claire. Who shot Zoe. Just like that. Probably the single most shocking moment of the episode! I don't usually exclaim things at my screen, but this show manages to make me do it almost every episode. It's hella crazy. And then she had Arika caught. Finally. I'm worried about the lack of concern she showed, though. She certainly has a plan to get out of it. But she needs to have something go wrong, she needs to lose a battle soon, or else she will turn into that kind of karma Houdini type of villain who always gets away with everything, and that's the most unwatchable kind of villain, really. And I really hope Gates survives whatever she put in his drink. Lastly, sorry for writing a comment that rivals the actual review in length, and thanks for sticking with me. XD It gets harder each week to wait for the next episode....