25 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

I miss her, that new one doesn't fit in with them. It's like having a teenager working with adults. At least Ziva was some what more believable.

Is this when he says bazooka or something?

He says "Bazinga", its his way of saying hahaha Got Ya!


Glad to have the RT back!
1. Frozen?
I enjoyed the introduction of all 3 Frozen characters, I'm not a fan of the movie. Bored the shit out of me but OUAT did a good job with keeping them fresh but true to their movie characters. But somehow the show wasn't at it's prime. They usually draw so nice parallels between the present time events and flashbacks, last night that was really poorly executed in that department, the single events were quite solid but it wasn't composed as a whole. The writers should've made a decision make it all about Frozen or resolve the current issues first.
2.Emma and Hook?
I liked Emma's move. She wasn't completely cold she gave him that kiss by the end of the ep. Emma decided she wouldn't waste her chance with Hook and wants to do it right not half into.
3. Regina and the book?
I love that move. The book is a real mystery how it appeared and what it means to all the characters. Besides that I think Regina wanting not to kill Marian was a great revelation. She was tempted but realized she wasn't that person anymore. That was a thing I really liked about the episode.
4. Did Rumple change?
I think he wants it so much that he thinks he did. But he is far away from it. The only way Rumple will ever change is the moment he won't have magic to fix his misdeeds.
5. Favorite scene?
Emma promising Regina she will deliver her happy ending. Just on the point great, and all the Queen Swan shippers got their moment.


The only highlight with the double date sl was Amy and Sheldon snide but true and valid remarks on Penny and Leonard, other than that it was a waste time and not even funny - I rather watch a documentary of concrete pavements narrated by Carrot Top then watch another double date of the most boring couples in tv history, Amy & Sheldon and Penny & Leonard.
They don't even have chemistry together anymore, they did at the beginning but not anymore - I watched the new episode of NCIS Los Angeles before this episode and let me tell you that the chemistry there is off the charts between Kensi and Deeks, hell even Sam and Callen have more sparks then what A & S, P & L has. In hindsight I imagined that they were competing for the most boring couples and Amy & Sheldon and Penny & Leonard shared the first place in the end. Howard sl saved this episode and made it the best so far and it was all thanks to Howard, Bernadette and RaJ - I laughed hard during those scenes and even harder when I heard Raj screaming "you suck" (I think it was) in the end and even Sheldon concurred that statement. LOL

@ Jonas

Oh FYI, I still loathe Penny's hairdo - It reminds of Miley Cyrus and that's not doing any favour for me. Penny would never have cut it like that, just sayin'

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My favorite was Hook and netflix! :)

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

I just realized that the scene with the water from the fire hose “raining down” on her as she sat there on the ground in what must have been totally despair and helplessness was another symbolic moment of how it’s often raining when there’s a major turning point – usually for the better - in the Caskett relationship. Once the fire was out she was able to quickly determine that Castle was not in the car. There was still hope. I thought back to when they were trying to pick a wedding venue and Beckett thought about maybe having the wedding outside. She worried about rain but Castle pointed out that rain on your wedding is actually a sign of good luck. I complain about this show’s mistakes with continuity often but this was one moment – one continuing thread - they got right in a very emotional way.

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Caroline's Dad was a shocker

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 1 Review: In Deep Trouble

I really enjoyed all scenes with Sam and Callen in the sub. Plenty of clever technical ideas and moves from the two (who would have thought that ;-) )
What I absolutely liked was the continuity. In 1x08 they mentioned that Sam loved algebra and was a mathlete and in 6x01 it's here again! That's really amazing.
The Kensi/Talia fight suprised me a little, I still can't decide whether it was in character or not...
Nell taking over even Hetty's "medical duties", not good. Really hope that Hetty comes back from Washington. As much as I like Nell and the idea of her being the ops manager, it's not her time. Hetty still is the soul of NCIS LA.

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

As much as I was excited for the episode to air, I must admit I hated the episode!! None of it made sense as it progressed because instead of everyone, Espo, Kate, and Ryan, to know that 3XK stole all of their tissues, lab samples, dna, hired imposter actors, is dating a psycho plastic surgeon, etc., they should have rather guess that he was behind it rather than Castle would willingly leave Beckett. And let's just say for the sake of argument that Castle could leave Beckett (yeah right, the man that put his life, money, time, emotions, on the line for Beckett time and time again), he would never walk away from Alexis. The point is all of this feels to contrived as if they are just looking for a story which by the way seems redundant to keep the the season moving at the expense of what makes Castle so great- their great unshakable love. Beckett should be past the stage of no faith, actually they all should! Also, I would much rather see they get married, have normal plots and twists, and they simply work on the prediction of the guy from the future who said Beckett and Castle would have three children and she would become a Senator. That would put a whole new and interesting spin on the show watching it unfold. I hope this is as ugly as it gets because Castle should have no deep dark secrets.


I'm really surprised that there are so many fans, who support Densi relationship and want it to develope even more. I think that too much romance usually ruins a series (criminal, medical...), it completely changes its focus. Yes, plus I don't like Deeks. Cannot he be reassigned, permanently...?
And as much as I do love Callen even here I don't think that the relationship thing / Jollene is a good idea.
Really looking forward to Hetty story arc.
And Sam's past? That should be interesting. In comparision to Callen (and Hetty, and maybe Kensi and Deeks too) his past seems to be crystal clear so I've never been thinking about it. But maybe he has a child, he doesn't know about... or it may be something connected to Jaida (the sudanese woman he "pretended" to love).

@ Claire.cz

There are a lot of us waiting for this romance and we might revolt if we don't get it.lol I don't watch NCIS LA for anything but Densi. I like Callen and Eric and even Granger but I wouldn't be here if there was no Deeks and I know I am not alone.