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As much as I loved the storyline with Sheldon, the most fun was Howards game. Emily or Cinnamon. That was really funny! A really good episode!

Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Run

The scene with Olivia being in the apartment across was the only shocking thing I found. I totally knew Ian was the 'boss' the moment I saw his face. It was very predictable. I also knew that they weren't in a islamic country and that it was all to throw Olivia off.
The episode was ok. I know it was all from Olivia's POV but still, it would've been nice to see how everyone else was reacting (I'm pretty sure we'll get to see all that in the next episode).. The next episode is looking pretty intense.


Fantastic review for a fantastic series finale. The thing about Parenthood is that is stayed true to itself till the very end.
The Braverman's taught us that life is going to be messy, it is not going to be easy and it is not always going to go the way you want it BUT you have to enjoy the life you have and find happiness even in the small things. This show has a special place in my heart for many reasons and I am going to miss seeing this family every week.


Clearly I can't spell Annalise's name correctly.


I am CONVINCED that Analose killed Lila. She is the only one with the power and access to place Sam's DNA everywhere. If this ends up being the outcome then Viola Davis is going down in ShondaLand history because she's insane! I can't wait till next week!

Family Guy Season 13 Episode 9 Review: This Little Piggy

The opening cut away to The Wizard of Oz was truly spectacular. You know those memes of "hit you right in the childhood"? That's how you hit a person in the childhood. Fucking hilarious, and sad together. Amazing start.


there should be more guys like Matty...yes, he was harsh with Debbie, but she really indeed raped him, and in a way made him a "possible criminal"...she is smart, she just needs to stop this "being a woman" phase...and Fiona's behavior does not help! Debbie's words to Fiona at the end, were very grown-up: "I do not like to be told the way I feel". so Fiona couldn't get yet another asshole, what do you know? here is another very fine man for you on the line!!! whaaaat??? anyway...why do they need to ruin a possible normal love interest for her? I am referring to the preview for next ep. the guy is already declaring after a couple of dates...why can't she find someone nice, interesting, into her that does not freak her out??? uffff....I am annoyed by the way the writers are "treating" Fiona...


hey actually shed all the purposeless characters like jeremy,matt,enzo
for one episode & let the main arc flow seamlessly in this one.
Merge-The result was more than obvious for quit some time now.Kai isn't
going anywhere since we all know he's the big BAD for this entire
season.He's going to pop in and out until the end.I really hope Bonnie
kills him brutally in the season finale.He's just bad news!As for
luke,the character was solely a plot-device from the beginning,no wonder
he ended up dead.But he did step up to save his sisters-both of them-i
admire that even though he failed in the process.I'm glad liz is
safe,for now.And,can someone kill Papa Parker NOW,Damon please do the
honor next time he randomly pops up.He's an ass.
The cancer-The
entire episode mainly focused on this particular track & i have to
say it was very well done.Real mature & sensible.The steroline
interactions & mother-daaughter scenes were really heartbreaking.I
feel really bad for caroline.What a horrible position to be in!I'm
really relieved to see she didn't die at the hospital,that would've been
Delena-I'm glad they kept their interactions as minimal
& realistic as possible,although i could've done without that odd
kissing scene at the end.A warm hug would've been sufficient.Oh,well... Overall,another great episode this season.Looking forward to see Bonnie's birthday & the girl herself in the next one!

Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Run

I mean I am a big fan of spy dramas. Alias is one of my top five favorite shows of all time. Although I've never considered Scandal to be a spy drama this episode felt like one. So I'm guessing that's why I felt the whole Ian being the leader was very predictable. Other then that it was a good episode. More excited for next week though.