I have actually enjoyed the show. I also agree that the other male is not Barbie. I think that hot Hunter is the one.


As we begin to wind down for the season, I have a couple of questions to pose to everyone. First, since we learned in the therapy session that Grace had first come to see the therapist three weeks before, what real time event do you think caused her to decide to seek help to save her marriage? Second, since Sean Jablonski has suggested that the Grace-Simon relationship will go off in a different direction, how do you think that will develop?


I think Sheldon should open the comic shop.


Some shows suck horribly and die thankfully quick deaths. Some shows just kind of fade away, yet are still tolerated like a warm blanket. This show however, said "to hell with all of that. We are Jumping the Shark, and on the season premiere. And just in case you missed the first part, we're going to do a recycle every old joke episode for number two, just so you KNOW that the shark has been jumped. And remember that one hot chick we had? Yeah, not so much any more. SUCKERS!"

Gotham Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Will There Be Light?

I give it a soft 8.
Part of it is maybe because of some of the cheesiness. Wasn’t really feeling that situation between
Det. Montoya and Barbara. And the partner
Harvey Bullock was a little too much. On
the other had Fish Mooney was too much too but it fit with the character, and
Jada Pickett Smith is just awesome.
After listening to other people take on Alfred he is kind of softening
up to me, at first I wasn’t sure about him.
But I have to remember he is left with the task of raising Bruce
Wayne. I did love the scenes with all
three of them together. I forget
sometimes that Jim Gordon is just as important to the making of Bruce Wayne to
Batman as much as Alfred. We saw a brief
bond in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy I am glad they incorporated it
here. It is a tight rope the creator and
writers are going to have to walk to make this work. I can see it being really great to end up
like Smallville and be really bad.


I found this show to be incredibly refreshing, and honestly, I don't think it took as many risks as it could have. Yes, it was all done pretty tastefully, and Matt Passmore did a great job of showing his thought process- so often conflicted and trying to make the right decision.
This show is about a lot of things. Relationships, yes. But personally identity too. I hope we get to see a second season.

Forever Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

I can't believe people loved this so much. What about the glaring holes? She discovers he was on the train, but doesn't wonder how he escaped a deadly crash without a scratch. Then at the end, even if the cops can explain the evidence of 2 men crashing to earth, when we find out the bad guy is immortal too, what happened to his body??? those things alone pissed me off so bad that I won't waste time on a second episode.


The faux Ichabod called Abbie lieutenant instead of leftenant, that's how she knew he was a fake.


I loved it!! I was laughing really hard after the spit ball and after Amy spying on Penny and Bernadette at the end and the runing down stairs. The episode premiere wasn't that bad, but compared to this one, it wasn't funny. Except for Sheldon saying he wanted to have coitus with Amy XD


I totally agree that the writers aren't using the situations that they set up to their advantage. Why not have Sheldon teach a bunch of obnoxious grad students? Surely even Sheldon would have learned something from his travels, even if he didn't leave the train stations! So many good possibilities left to hang or not fully developed. I have loved this show from the start, but they need to change things up for more than just Penny.