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Proof Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Private Matters

It literally ruined the show for me. To put it nicely, deleting the data was completely illogical. To put it not so nicely, deleting the data was incredibly stupid. What's the point of watching a show about the possibility of life after death if the writers aren't going to take the main premise of the show seriously? If the show isn't going to push / break boundaries, it doesn't interest me.

Scream Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Exposed

I think Pipers got something more to do with what's going on, or she's the killer or one of the killers. I can't decide if the Sheriff's son is just a misdirect or if he's involved in the killings too... Although I guess it is kinda strange that he'd be teaching Emma how to use a gun..but still. Brooke's father definitely killed her mother, but I doubt highly that he has anything to with the teenagers being killed.

Ronald simkins

Good to see Brett and Morgan getting closer and being protective of Liam who is out of his element with Hayden. It will be interesting to see if she is one of the forces driving a wedge between Liam and Scott. But what would be really interesting would be to see a minipack forming with Brett, Morgan, and Liam to off set the manipulations of Theo.

Suits Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Privilege

They've really done a great job ruining Harvey's character over the seasons. It seems that all he is is a pile of weaknesses. Having Mike just has not been good for the guy.


With Jack gunning for Jessica and Harvey and apparently in with Daniel Hardman---it's only a matter of time before Hardman and Jack find out Mike's secret....................after all that is the running theme of this show.........so no doubt it's going to rear it's ugly head again.................If not them--it will be Rachel's dad that finds it out....................

The Strain Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Fort Defiance

For some reason my pad doesn't like this site or vise versa and I can't log in :-( anyway...
I have not watched this episode yet but the way New York is being portrayed confuses me. In some areas they are overrun with vamps and are just trying to survive but in other parts it's like they don't have a clue what is happening, they're all just going on with their life like the world is not being invaded. I know there are multiple plot holes and things that are just wtf/ftw but for some reason this one bothers me the most. Like next weeks pictures, Gus is in what looks like a nice little restaurant that doesn't seem ravaged by the current situation? WTH, how is this even possible. I really need an explination.
I am also on board with the vehement disliking of the new Zack. If there is anybody with a resting bitch face it is that kid, every time he is on screen I wanna smack him. Just give the brat to his mother and he can hang out with all the creepy, freaky, crab walking blind kids, whom btw...do they not have parents? Did they just up and disappear and no parent wonders where their child went?
I really want this show to be as good as it had potential to be but it is not a dvr show or a gotta see it tonight show, in fact I actually forget about it until I see a commercial then I go watch it on demand.


I like Lorenzo and Allison together and I hope that they can work things out. I don't see anything wrong with their relationship. Toby is a police officer and Spencer is still in school. Ali's the same age as the rest of the girls and Lorenzo is around the same age as Toby it looks. Aria and Ezra were together and there's an even bigger age difference between them it seems and he was her teacher for a little while. I don't see a problem with Lorenzo and Ali and I just think they're so good together. I completely agree. I don't see how Emily good mistake Reese for Jason. They look nothing alike. He could be a Dilaurentis but I don't think he is. They only think he is because he has blonde hair and blue eyes like the rest of the Dilaurentis' they even said that but other than that there's nothing else similar.


I like episodes when they have a psychopath because they tend to be a very interesting case but the character also seems to annoy me. Because just like Daniel they're all so cocky and confidant that they aren't going to get caught. It makes it so satisfying when they're proven wrong. I loved how Jane tricked Daniel at the end. I didn't think about it but it could make sense if Daniel was the one that burned down Jane's apartment especially after remembering the narratives because he wrote about fire. Daniel was very good at mimicking others emotions but he never once fooled Jane.


Just last week I said I wanted to see Camille and Linus have dinner with his parents and this week we did. Their dinner was just as great as I imagined it would be. The first few weeks I was unsure of Stichers and I'm still a little unsure but each week I keep looking forward to the next episode and like the show more and more. Why did Maggie have to be right about Liam? Couldn't Liam have been a normal good guy that just got his heart broken? Did he really have to be working for some shady mystery person?