Arrow Round Table: Here Lies... WHO?!?

round tables are back YAY!!! 1. Expectations:
That one episode was better than most of last season, so it exceeded my expectations. But there's A Vero Long Way To Go still for me to be happy about this show again.
2. Team Arrow and Olicity:
I think the team dynamic with Oliver is exactly where it needs to be. I agree with everyone that Dig is on that side of boring, but I feel for him. He's angry and I get it.. I'm reserving judgment about him until a bit further into the season.. I'd like to see where this goes. Olicity being shoved down our throats like that is the bane of my existence. I ff almost every scene they had bc that have about the same amount of chemistry as a shoe and a shirt. I think this will only make the cave scenes awkward and terrible. But them being together doesn't seem to interfere with the actual crime fighting so it's fine for now..
3. Damien Darhk: I like him! He's a bit on the camp side, but i think it's nice! He's intimidating, sharp, intelligent and seems very cool and collected, which are the most important traits in a successful bad guy imo. I'm looking forward to see him kill it.
4. Cap Lance:
Classic "trying to do the right thing in the wrong way" trope. Which mostly means it can either be very well or very badly done. We've seen this a million times before and we'll see it a million times again. It all comes down to what the writers are going to do with it. I don't have any particular positive sentiments towards him, so I'm not holding my breath for it to be a great story arc.
5. Missing from the premiere:
I would've liked to see more Thea. Thea/Oliver or Thea/Laurel.. even Thea/Dig would've been nice. Actually get to see what Oliver is so worried about instead of him going on about how worried he was. Should've dropped (at least) one olicity scene and give room to Thea. Also, like always, no Merlyn is always a missed opportunity. I'm hoping to see him later on tho.
6. Whos' dead:
If life was just - it would be Felicity. But it isn't, so it's not. It's either Laurel or her dad. I think Oliver's reaction was a little too emotional for the dear Captain, but you never know.. maybe in six months time they'll be standing in a different place. Most of my money is on Laurel tho. I think the writers shafted her in every possible way - so why not also kill her and have her be the only one not to get dunked into the pit and brought back. Oliver's reaction is fitting to losing Laurel.. I think he'd feel guilty if anything happened to her. See you all next week! (YES!)


So we dance to Sheldon's tune yet again.....

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Robots

I really like Ray, mostly because he's the opposite of team Scorpion; he's the chaos to their order, the crazy to their logic. Letting him bump up against Walter to rub off the edges should be interesting. Speaking of interesting, at about 27:16 left (sorry, that's how Amazon player renders time) Paige finds a photo of Ray with what appears to be a Distinguished Service Cross ribbon pinned to it. At least, that's the closest I came in my (quick) research. Humor, drama, and logic are all in evidence. Looks like season 2 is off to a good start, except for that idiotic "nuclear-powered satellite will explode" crap. Satellites use radioactive decay to generate heat, to generate electricity. There's nothing anywhere near fissionable material on those sats, especially not 1,000 pounds worth. Feh.

Awkward Season 5 Episode 7 Review: The Big Reveal

Jenna just needs to tell Matty how she feels. If he wants to change which college he goes to to be with her, its up to him. People should have all the information when they make a decision and Jenna is keeping key information to herself! Awkward has gone down hill this season. They seem to just be prolonging the will they/won't they dramarama.


It was funny, but seriously Leonard is going to still live with Sheldon. I think Leonard married the wrong person, it should have been Sheldon. That seems to be where his heart is. The roommate interviews were hilarious, especially the guy with the bandaid on his arm.

Castle Season 8 Episode 4 Review: What Lies Beneath

This is as close as I get to watching the show, still not watching. So what is this I hear about Beckett getting a new potential love interest? My sister said the Castle fans were talking about it at work today. It's supposed to be some hot lawyer the show is bringing on. At first it there is supposed to be a lot of sparring and sexual tension between them. So they aren't supposed to get together right away since Beckett is only separated from Castle and not divorced yet. At this point I don't care anymore. It might be for the best if they both move on.The marriage has been tarnished in my eyes by her leaving for a lame reason anyway. I am no longer rooting for them as a couple, that ship sailed. Sounds like Castle needs to grow a pair and quit trying to win her back. It should be the other way around, Beckett was the foolish one not Castle. If there is any trying to win back a spouse it should be Beckett.

@ Amy

It's hard to get to into last nights episode it was flipped with last weeks so everything,is just out of whack.
I love Martha,Alexis was not as bad and the spy Ryan is not right.I do believe he will see the things Kate is working on it is going to get dicey.
I want them to resolve this storyline before there is no hope left.
The new lawyer is going to a pain it would seem not a love interest.People jump on the hate Kate wagon on every new news release.
Everyone says Kate has done everything out of character,not really,Castle for years has used the "get justice"card against her to get what he wants.Well now she is in free fall trying to get justice.I am a team Caskett,I love both characters.
Castle last week did something totally out of character,he sent Alexis into that frat party dressed as slutty angel.....the same Castle that has always been crazy when he protects her.Espo called him out on it and THEN he went in to play protection daddy.
Not the Castle I have watched for years.
I agree with a lot from this article,these are just my observations.I feel Alexis is channeling Meridith from S1 with her spoiled rich girl spending of daddy's money.
Ok....bring it on.

@ Amy

Amy calm down, I am not a watcher at this time either. I will give the writers the benefit of the doubt hoping they don't go that route. If they decide to do that it would be a complete slap in the face of fans and the show .We shall see though.

@ Amy

Wow, Amy. Your friends at work are certainly adding a lot of supposed "facts" to the story. The only thing released was that actor Kris Polaha will be joining the cast as recurring character Caleb Brown, "an idealistic public defender whose criminal clients put him at odds with Beckett and the 12th Precinct," according to TVLine. Everything else is being completely made up by these "fans".

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Bone May Rot

Loved the case of the week and like you rightly pointed out the growing back story of both the supporting characters is interesting. I didnt think Reade was acting out because he was feeling vulnerable under that tough exterior. Thats an interesting dynamic and nice to have a type B personality in a job that is strictly type A.
I hope Patterson's curiosity does not get her killed by that creepy dude in Miranda's office. He will do anything to protect "Daylight" and dropping bodies seems like going sun tanning for him.
It is quite possible that this is one major conspiracy and that she is both Taylor and born in Africa. I know this is too far fetched and I do take the blame for an active imagination thanks to years of TV binging : but I'm thinking that Jane might be another crazy scientific experiment "grown" in a lab in Africa to test out super soldiers and that she might have this skill set at birth and that she was brought to the States and somehow got exchanged or purposely switched so the parents might have thought that they bought the real Taylor home. Its easy to target single parent homes. And when the time was right they snatched her back because she was coming of age?
I have yet to see next week's episode's promo , but I think it will be in Miranda's best interests if she confided in her team she can trust them and they have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Good but not a great episode which could work as a catapult for future episodes but it would be a shame if she's not Taylor- unlike Reade I quite like what becomes of Kurt around her :D

TV Ratings Report: Blood, Oil and Very Few Viewers

I have enjoyed watching Blood and Oil. Maybe it's because we are an oilfield family. I had to kind of chuckle when I saw them drilling a new well with a workover rig last night. Not something that usually happens. Of course, it might be a little impractical to set up an actually 200-ft. drilling rig for a TV show, where workover rigs are truck-mounted. I'd like to see this last a little longer.


I hate that they are creating the mystery of whether she is Taylor Shaw or not - I thought it was so refreshing when they allowed that little piece of the puzzle out in episode three. Not that it solved much about her, but it was something that made sense in that world and tied everything together. I can't help drawing comparisons to Blacklist, where the three seasons long who is Red to Lizzie mystery has become a joke. I'm not going to keep watching another program like that which drags everything out mysteriously just because of 'plot' rather than because it makes sense. It gets too frustrating. I'm enjoying this show at present, but if there is never any movement forward, then it's going to start annoying me.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Robots

Peri Gilpin was ace. Molina was good but I'd like the Scorpion homeland liaison to actually be on their side, lol! Really strong episode. Ray is a nice addition and I'm loving Sylvester, Paige and Toby this season. Nice ep for Happy also! I'm not sure if I'm into quintis just yet. I like them more as friends and anything romantic I think. At least for the moment! Waige otoh .... just get on with it already lol