Sons of Anarchy Round Table: Finding a Rat

I can't wait to find out who the real rat is..it never even occured to me that it could be anyone other than Jury..

Sarah silva

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Live and Let Die?"
Too many good scenes. I will choose Cami and Klaus in the bar. Hotter scene: Klaus and Cami or Elijah and Gia?
Both! Can not choose one over the other. Where is Jackson?
LOL Miranda. Yes he seems to have vanished without a trace....weird! Which character would you give up in order to keep Koleb around?
Esther and Mikael. How do you feel about Mikael being able to overcome the power of Papa Tunde's blade?
That was crazy, I did not see it coming. Klaus should not have listened to Cami and should have killed Mikael once and for all.

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TV Ratings Rundown: NBC-Ya to Bad Judge and A to Z?

this is ridiculous! i can involved in a show and of course, NBC will cancel it. i love BAD JUDGE! it's original, crude and totally hilarious!


I miss Joanlock. I understood why she needed her space but I also understood why after the fling with Mycroft, the kidnapping, and her wanting to move out sherlock felt so hurt. He didn't hear that she needed her own space but they could still be friends and partners. He just heard her wanting to get away from him. As a man who never truly had a close friend he couldn't reconcile anything outside of all or nothing. Plus, as an addict she and the work they did was his new addiction. His new fix. They became co-dependent. I could see why he left and he was already on the edge. I don't know, I felt like they were harder on him than necessary. I liked Joan on her own doing her own thing, applying everything she learned from him. He was always with her. I love their dynamic and the strain in their relationship will be frustrating but interesting too. As for Kitty, I have an air of indifference. I haven't warmed up to her yet and I don't know if it'll work yet. I'm glad to have the show back and I look forward to seeing the direction they're going with them. Part of me will always be nostalgic about them living and working together. I never tired of Holmes waking Watson up with animals on her bed, or with him sitting in a chair near the foot of her bed because even though he'd never admit it, he worked best with her around, or him picking out her clothes, or making her breakfast.

Ariana guzman

I'm pretty sure Drew is a sophomore in college. You have to declare a major by the second term in your second year. I don't think it's unnatural for Drew to step up. He and Amber have always been extremely close because their father wasn't around so they held onto each other. Drew has always been very mature and responsible for his age so I don't think it's fair to call his action unnatural. He's very protective over Amber, which is important especially since Ryan isn't around for her pregnancy. I also hope Ryan gets clean in time for the birth. I say this because it's obvious he and Amber still love each other.

Ariana guzman

I loved the character of Bitsy Cooper. I've found older ladies fascinating since I was a little girl watching Golden Girls reruns with my grandma.


i liked this episode specially billy bob , he was hilarious, what i didn't like was amy being a jealous b***!!! i'm sorry but its the true, what she did to bernadette was really mean and pure jealousy because nobody would call her for this type of article.
if you are a real friend you should support them in things that are important to them even if your are not okay with it, and put down the article behind her back was a very mean, with this and the double date episode i'm starting to really dislike amy


It's about time. To long of a wait but worth it now. Damon is back sooooo S6 has now officially begun. Yay! ;)
p.s. I do love Kei (however you spell his name) he is awesome. And we must get Bonnie back. STAT!

Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Episode 5

We are at the halfway point, and with no renewal, as of yet, will they wrap-up everything at the end of the 10 episodes season? The ratings have been low, but steady, with last night's being 0.8/2 in 18-49 and 3.3 million viewers overall. It might increase when the dvr and online viewers are counted.

Forever Season 1 Episode 7 Review: New York Kids

Omg my Henry fix is my highlight of the week pls tell your friends!!

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