The Affair Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Birth

I still think this ensemble episode is really intense and quite fantastic - I was all fixated on it. So much got out in the open. I think Noah - deep down before his book-fame - is a good guy gotten high on his fame and power. He may or may not find happiness with Alison or maybe again with Helen, or maybe he'll end up all alone with his different 'short lived' sexual partners.Alison will realize if the baby is Cole's that after all they should unite as family again and try to make things work. After all she already seems pretty alone and sad in her high rise, minimalist apartment in NYC, while Noah reclaims his fame on tour with the sexy Eden.
Regarding the murder of Scotty I thought for a long time it might have been the nosy owner of the Montauk Diner, Oscar Hodges, but when I check IMDB his doesn't seem to appear on an episode again in this season after his appearance on 207, so I guess that rules out his option as a killer. He did have a motive though, at least I think so, when Scotty and Cole went to him and knocked him down after he had sex with Alison and tried to black mail them for Scotty's drug-business or something....However, I also don't think the killer is Noah, so maybe it'll end up being Alison after all. We'll just have to wait and see. Looking forward to episode 10 for sure.

Castle Round Table: Caskett Is Back!

1. Yes.
2. Great - and altough at first watching I tought Castle forgave too easily, having rewatched I see things differently. I can understand why Kate acted the way she did - she´s a smart detective, yes, but she only tought about protecting Castle and in her mind that was the only way and every other tought was blocked - I can relate it to when I see a person in a way and my friends tell me she´s not like I see her; it needs something to call me in it and in this case it needed Castle confronting her for her to see things the way they really are! As for Castle´s reaction I see it this way; after confronting her he realised there was nothing he could do and resignated - when she came back it´s like he tought "okay, I can be angry but what good will it do to me?". and I´m good with that.
3 - Nobody.
4 . No.
5 - The ending scene and the same as Robin.
6 - Same as Stacy:)

Castle Round Table: Caskett Is Back!

I still can't fathom how the show runners thought that this will be enough payoff for that drivel of a story line.
And on top of it the characters are ruined. Kate became stupid beyond believe and Rick was stripped of the last remaining shred of dignity his character had.
I'm not sure if I'll return in Feb because watching a few reruns might only remind me of how god awful S8 really is.

Gotham Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Worse Than a Crime

its not doctor strange. its professor strange. hugo strange the batman supervillain

Own The Walkers Now! Fear The Walking Dead Blu-Ray Giveaway!

I saw this link and think the giveaway is a great idea. I think a lot more people are more qualified than I because I haven't actually seen TWD or FTWD, but I'd like the Blu-ray as an introduction to a great series; I've heard so many great things about both series, and this would be a fun way to start my adventure. Another reason/option for me to get the Blu-ray would be to give it to my friend who really likes both TWD and FTWD. Thank you very much for this opportunity.


I want to like this show but this is getting annoying. I don't give a rats ass about the generder of the main characters. But man.. just when I thought the show was done with the "You go girl!" lines - some more made it into the script. Those lines are not bad by themselves. What bothers me is how the show wants to do both: One, act like her being female is no big deal at all and two, making a point that she is a women. No I'm sorry "girl". They give her all the clichée "girl-problems" of TVs past. In this episode alone: Uhh she can't handle the boy she likes being with someone else.
Ohh she has low self esteem.. somehow.
Ahh girls don't stand up for themselves.. especially against men. They made an entire episode about "standing up for yourself" but the only time Kara did so was to her (also female) boss in an outburst related to her abandonment issues. Great. When the big bad general was berating her the big MAN was the one speaking on her behalf. They could do a lot better here... Don't get me wrong I liked the character development we got out of this, but at what price? The whole episode was filled with cliché after cliché.. I expect a 14 year old to write like that. Not professionals.


Kara channeled all her anger into her heat vision and it drained all of her power. heat vision for Kryptonians drains there powers more than any other ability since all it basically does is unleash all of their stored solar energy into concentrated beams. Plus you just knew there had to be the token episode when the hero doesn't have their powers lol. you just knew that had to come sooner or later.

Fargo Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Loplop

Great review! Yours and IGN's are hands down the best sites I've found for reviews on each Fargo episode!

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Well that's it. The two month winter hiatus has begun. Hawley and Winters have exactly fourteen episodes to
knock our socks off if they want to recover from this mess with
anywhere near the audience the show used to have. They have absolutely
no credibility left in my opinion and trust in their vision is at an all time low. (in my
case near the negative digits) And by FOURTEEN EPISODES I mean they had better pull out all of the stops and knock it out of the park with every single one of them.
They have hit us with all of the "filler" setup episodes in one batch,
now they need to give us the meat they promised and really sock it to
us. They, like Kate will have to earn back the trust they cost
themselves. They've used up all of the goodwill they started with, now it's time for them to earn their pay. I am not at all confident, they have kinda set the bar for themselves rather low, but the bare minimum will not cut it. That is what it will take to fit it.

Gotham Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Worse Than a Crime

All of that and you fail to mention Mr. FREEZE?