Better than the finale of REVOLUTION. But, other than Big Jim's descent into lunacy, the rest of it was pretty lukewarm. I've watched this series since the beginning. Last night's finale felt like they are just throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks in case of renewal. There is no clear plan to any of it. By that, I mean butterflies. They gave us BUTTERFLIES at the peak moment of a finale episode. And a dripping wet Melanie. I didn't know whether to laugh at her moist face, or cry in frustration. The reason Big Jim's arc plays the best out of every character is because it's straight out of the book. Not only does the actor know what is going on w/the character, but it feels like the writers have some kind of handle on where he is going. That isn't the case w/everyone else. Julia is EXACTLY the same as she has been since day one. It's good that she's a decent sort. But, there's no *journey* with her. She just IS. They've never told us WHY she is so special. Barbie was given a bit more of a story. And, Junior. But, the writers are dropping major plot points when they are no longer convenient. The egg was SO important for 1.75 seasons. But, since they have no more ideas on what to do w/it - let's literally drop it off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. Ditto Lyle, Angie & Pauline. I think the only way they can save this series is if they turn it into "Journey to the Center of the Earth." Go full-tilt crazy, and have the Chester's Mill citizens make their way to a world at the center of the Earth that is trying to get out, via an egg-shaped dome. Have them basically say, "Hey, we're sorry. It was just an experiment to see if we could live on the surface. We had no idea anyone else was out there. Our bad!"

Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

"The writers will ... have to have a very slow build up between Paige and Walter...." Oh PLEASE no!!! Not another awkward romance between an attractive woman and some socially inept nerd/genius. We have three such couples already on TBBT and now it's also integral to the plot of Bones (with genders reversed--the attractive woman is the awkward genius). Some viewers WANT a romance to develop on "Elementary" and we have the makings of one on "NCIS" (McGee and Delilah). I"m not saying it would be unpleasant; I'm just saying it's been done. Maybe this show should separate itself by NOT succumbing to such a cliched backstory.


Both episodes lacked comedy and second episode was mean spirited in a number of ways.


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Supergirl Drama: Flying to CBS!

Blake Lively!!!!

Supernatural Season 10 Trailer

Can't wait to see Dean as a Demon, and can't wait to see how far Sam will go to get to Dean and bring him back. I am so glad the show is focusing on Sam and Dean more.


I would have much preferred to see Ann die. I know that Christopher's death
is a much more dramatic one, but I just don't see who will now balance out with
John Ross, much like Bobby did with JR. I was yelling at my TV thru the whole
finale at Christopher. He was pathetic and had no sense of pride or self-respect
when it came to Elena. Elena's is one of the worst written characters on the
show, so it was just completely irrational that after everything Elena had done
to him and his family that he would grovel after her so insistently. I would've
much rather seen him grow a pair and become a strong character on the show. But
alas, it was not meant to be. As for John Ross, I loved his break-down scene in
the elevator. But honestly people, how FREAKING EASY was it for Bobby and Sue
Ellen to gain control of Ewing Global JUST LIKE THAT???? After all the crooked
deals and plotting left and right from John Ross and Pamela, and even the
Cartel(!), Bobby was able to just get control back with a simple phone call.
The writers really made that way too convenient and even worthy of laughter and
ridicule. What a crock of #@$! Then we have John Ross and Pamela.....yes, I
know that John Ross deserves every ounce of punishment that Pamela has planned
for him, but she truly didn't even bat an eyelash when she heard that John Ross
was being held by the Cartel. I know she knew his true intentions on going
there, but he was still in extreme danger, and I don't think that had he been
killed she would've even cried. I didn't like what the writers did with them at
all. It could've been written with more passion, not the apathy it was given.
Another opportunity lost. So here you go writers, here's my advice for next season: 1. Get rid of Elena already. NO ONE LIKES HER. And I don't mean that we hate
her in a villainy kind of way. No. She is unlikable, annoying, and a waste of
screen time. Please just write her off. 2. Bring the fun and passion back between John Ross and Pamela. They can
feud and battle all they want, but don't make them apathetic to one another.
Because like it or not, they are the main couple of the show that your fans and
viewers WANT to see. Get on that asap please? 3. Can John Ross win one battle or scheme at least? If only for a little
while? It's getting tiring to see John Ross go thru so much and plan so
wickedly to lose almost every single time. Lets hope with Judith and John Ross
in cahoots now he can get somewhere with his plans. I never thought John Ross
as evil, just wicked. Keep him that way. It's sexy as hell. 4. I don't mind Emma too much now I guess. But please no more romantic
entanglements with John Ross. 5. THE BABY???? If Elena gives birth in 6mos, then she's been pregnant roughly
2-3 mos already in the finale. That much time has NOT passed since she slept
with John Ross, so therefore I'm going to go with door number 3! NO IDEA WHO
THAT MIGHT BE. And I love that I don't! I was kept in suspense 'til the VERY END in not knowing who was going to
die. I knew it was either going to be Ann or Christopher, but it was edited
very well to keep the intensity and mystery of it all. BRAVO on that! So all in all it was a pretty good finale and I can't wait for Season 4.


GREAT season finale! DALLAS just leaves me breathless at times. They really push the envelope. But....grrrr....really hated Nicolas Trevino with a passion and I'm SO mad Elena didn't have better aim. How could he survive & get rid of Luis & El Pozolero after being such a whiny weasel? Furthermore, where did he get the money for that private jet? All of the cartel's assets were frozen & the Ewing's assets were bought back by Ewing Global. My wish for Season 4 - that Nicolas gets his *ss handed to him by his ex-wife. LOVE the new double-JR team - John Ross & Judith Ryland. They are a hoot. More, please! And, I never knew how much I counted on Southfork having at least one happy couple living there until Ann & Bobby had a rocky time. They need to be back in honeymoon phase next season & make their bid as this iteration's Ellie & Jock. Southfork needs a strong, stable couple to serve up barbeque & do daily horseback rides. There's great interview w/Cynthia Cidre @ the Entertainment Weekly website for those who want semi-spoilery info about next season.


Firstly, even prepared to see Penny/Kaley´'s hairdo on the show it still shocked me and it's awful - Simply put, it's ugly. Stupid first episode and not even remotely funny - The only laugh was when Sheldon whispered "shotgun" in Amy's ear and when Bernadette yelled/bullied Penny that clearly needed that.
I somewhat liked that Stuart was happy and living with Howard's mom - I even liked that it was killing Howard and his POV about it all made me smile and think back when this show was actually funny. BTW don't they need someone with like a four-year bachelor’s degree to be a pharmaceutical sales rep? How the hell can Penny pull this off when it was proven almost a year ago that she couldn't handle glue, this show has officially jumped thes Shark - But to be honsest that started seasons ago. Amy and Sheldon is ill fitting for each other and the same goes for Penny and Leonard - It's beyond henious to watch them interact, the best episodes last season (that you could count on one hand) was when they were apart. Case in point, "The Scavenger Vortex" And why the hell are they doing a remake of the show Friends - Hello, Rachel getting a new job and I'm assume get paid big bucks.... Oh I'm sorry I meant Penny and I also assume that Ross will get jealous..... My bad I meant Leonard.
Clearly the writers didn't get a raise and we know that Chuck Lorre is a moron with his team imbeciles for producers - No wonder the end result is horrifying
My stupid notion that once started I will see it through

@ Jonas

Your point about the 4-year degree (or lack thereof) hasn't gone unnoticed by other posters, but apparently, we have to suspend disbelief for television; besides, we have no definitive proof that Rachel (from "Friends") had a degree before she landed her big fashion jobs at Bloomingdale's and Ralph Lauren. As for the "new job / jealousy" plot line, it's not QUITE the same but it's close--Ross was jealous because Rachel had a male colleague while I'm hearing the Leonard will be jealous because Penny will take in a better salary.


I like Colin Farrell. This will be perfect if Taylor Kitsch is the other detective!
It will be interested to see Vince in a dramatic role like this.