Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 Review: One Of the Good Guys

The triangle makes the show interesting. Olivia is not a walking vagina, but a walking human being with flaws, complications and baggage. How many of us are awesome at our jobs, but our personal lives, not so much? I love Olivia and Fitz chemistry, they sizzle and it's great tv. Jake is well, boring and a serious distraction. My hope for the fictional Olivia is that she is able to stand in the Sun with or without anyone.

NCIS New Orleans Round Table: "It Happened Last Night"

I love the bantering between LaSalle and Brody. It could possibly grow to something else on down the road, but for now, they're just fun to watch. I thought the show was great. I loved the scene in the bayou with the newlyweds. I loved the look on Pride's face when the woman asked if he was single. Loretta always makes me laugh. And I loved the part where Pride called her on the reason she broke up with James. Priceless or should I say Pride-less. And I agree with sk8tfan. The city is remarkable. It deserves as much screen time as the actors.

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Nowhere Man

Wow, you guys are expecting WAY too much! Sure, it's not the same. I would be disappointed if it was the same rehash of seasons past. They also have 26 episodes to fill while slowly working towards the end. The story is about Audrey and the Nathan/Audrey relationship, that's been said too many times by the showrunners and writers for you all not to get it. They simply can't put the star-crossed lovers together too easrly on and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT! It's been a slow burn, yes. Maybe a painfully slow burn to some of you, but I am enjoying it for the most part. What I don't get is why anyone who keeps coming back to complain about everything, even bothers. I like it, so I watch it and because I watch it, I comment on it. Plain and simple. The only thing I think this episode was missing was a little more compassion from Audrey, once Nathan told her he couldn't feel her anymore. That's it. The man was trying to comfort her and not worry her by making a big deal out of it, but she was a little too easy is her acceptance of his loss. I'm sure they will get back onto that subject, once they reunite Nathan and Audrey permanently in the next episode. Sam and Jim still oversee the production, so they are well aware of where the story has gone and must be okay with it. I'm sure it will give us a satisfying ending. We just need to be patient.


Clara isn't a well developed character. Some things weren't resolved in this episode but it was a good episode.

NCIS Round Table: Can McGee Really Be a Team Leader?

I don't know if it's just me, but this season, I've noticed a new maturity in McGee. He's not a geek anymore. He's an agent, and the difference is obvious. I like the new McGee. And, yes, I think he could be a leader--without channeling Gibbs. Another thing I noticed was about Tony and the script the writers are giving him. Tony has never been mean, in fact he's always apologizing for his wise mouth, but in the last few episodes he's gotten a harder edge to him, unlike our loveable DiNozzo. It works for McGee, but not for Tony. Just an observation.


I'm over Pink the only reason he was thrown in there was to provide relationship angst for the series.That being Interpersonal angst not romantic angst. Most series I despise angst anyway.
Glad the doc wasn't rough on the kid he actually showed some surprising compassion. I actually tolerated the Doc this time. Complete lack of surprise from everyone about the tardis being bigger on the inside that the outside had me laughing. Although I do like the new interior tardis design.
Story premise was interesting but an obvious setup to the finale.. (How did Clara speak to Maebh?)

Days of Our Lives Recap: Sami's Off to Hollywood

So, the door will be open for Sami to return in the future, and Kristen giving EJ's 'corpse' the mystery injection leaves the possibility of return for him as well.
Hate to say it, but i'm kind of hoping Will goes with Sami.
He will take his daughter and she can return later as a teen.
Sonny can find a new boyfriend, and happy ending.


Loved the episode and the music. I did miss Danny, but I understand Scott Caan wanting to be home with his newborn daughter. Poor Jerry, I hope that his friends find him soon.

Z Nation Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Welcome to FU-Bar

I think Z Nation has really hit its stride over the past few
weeks and I have been really starting to enjoy it without too
many reservations but this week's episode annoyed me. Whilst it had some interesting ideas and some fun moments - I loved Doc telling Murphy "I'm very disappointed in you" - the fact that their little detour ended up being completely pointless just made the whole situation so contrived. 10K giving the girl the gun was so stupid but I could have got on board with it and bought into the whole 'young guy thinking with his hormones' thing if they had at least ended up scoring a new vehicle. I mean, they had the keys to the Forman mobile and he didn't need it any more so why didn't they take that? It was like they all just conveniently forgot that their truck was essentially busted. I can only assume that they are holding on to the whole 'breaking down truck' plot device for the next episode - which just makes this week's episode even more pointless. I get that not every 'mission' is going to be successful but need to try a little bit harder to make the pieces fit together more seamlessly.
On the plus side I am loving the characters of Doc and Murphy who are both written and played so well. Keith Allan is killing it as Murphy - last week during his 'Messiah' speech he really had me snowed as to whether he was trying to save our group or was about to ditch them in order to be worshipped.


McGee was def OOC as has been pointed out by others with how derogatory he was with Tony in Hiatus for doing the same thing but don't forget how he acted in Better Angels too, dissing Tony and chain of command with Tony being SFA over taking point. McGee told Ziva in Defiance he does want his own team someday and with as many times as he's insinuated he's more qualified than Tony, it all adds up to big OOC. He would have embraced it full steam ahead.

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