The Vampire Diaries: Casting for Trio of Season 7 Blood Suckers

Hmmm pretty dope

Hannibal: Canceled After 3 Seasons!!

Thank you, NBC. I couldn't even stand the commercials.

33 Sexiest Smiles on TV

I'd agree with about 5 choices on the list...the rest are kind of random.

17 Movie Actors Who Must Move to TV

While it may be true that some of Keanu Reeves films subsequent to "The Matrix" did not equal that film's landmark critical and commercial success, to single out "John Wick" seems clueless since the film got a solid 85 score on Rotten Tomatoes, and earned about four times its cost just in its initial theatrical run.


It was a phenomenol episode but I hope Sembene survives. I dislike Malcolm as well and agree that Vanessa was selfish, or stupid, to go at night to that lair as she knew the others would follow to protect her.

Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Turn Down

I know Rusty gets a lot of online hate, but I feel like he is finally turning into an adult who is thinking about the future. it takes a lot energy to focus you attention into something that is more questions then answers, and he is giving all his energy to look into finding out who Alice is. Regarding Provenza, watching him in the beginning of the episode gave me flashbacks to Lt. Harris from the Police Academy movies, I even posted it on Twitter and Mary McDonnell agreed


I was asking all the same question at the beginning then I decided that it was probably the future or present and we'd go back and the season would be about what leads up to all of that happening with Lydia. Either way I was very confused. I can tell this will be a weird and creepy season by the looks of the ending with those creepy masked doctor scientist dudes. Another thing I was wondering is what was up with that werewolf and the glowing blue claws. Right now I'm going to assume that Lydia's memories are being taken out of context and all that horribleness isn't really like that. I know I'm just kidding myself, this is Beacon Hills after all. But it puts my mind at ease to think that everyone is okay and no one will die. It was sweet and heartbreaking to watch Scott write Allison's initial next to his. I'm glad that they're doing a 2 night premier because I think we need another episode to understand more of what's going on. Or for us to just get more confused and have even more questions.


Lydia's powers don't come out of nowhere. She's a banshee, her powers come from her screams

@ Didine34790

No, I understand the powers are coming from the banshee scream. But her physical abilities and the force field the scream creates - that's all brand new and seemingly comes out of nowhere. But it's suppose to because the premiere was a flashback. So the holes are necessary. They'll fill in the blanks ;)

The Whispers Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Meltdown

No I don't like Claire and Wes as a couple. They both are married to other people and adulddtery just isn't my thing. Plus There are children involved and since Claire seems to want to make her marriage right again. Wes is the one obsessed with the affair and his character is horrible.