The details of what was happening with the reactor were a bit difficult to follow but I think I was more interested on the team interactions. We also find out that Walter has even more issues than we thought. Overall another entertaining episode but they need to give Paige more to work with. I think 3 stars is a bit harsh. I just wish I didn't waste the next hour watching NCIS: LA.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Throwback Thursday

It was an impressive hour of television and one of my favorite episodes. My 15 year old niece is now a fan of the show. It is interesting seeing episodes through her eyes as she does not remember Meredith, Alex and Cristina as interns.

Sarah silva

I agree that this weeks episode was very relevant with all the Ebola cases etc that now in the USA.
My thoughts last week when we saw Liz in the warehouse staring at the door, that it would be Tom. Is that to obvious though? Looks like we will see who it is next week.
I knew the cult leader did not infect himself with the virus. He just preached to the followers all the stuff he did, so that they would infect themselves for what he said was the greater good. Of course he was a chicken and did not infect himself. It was fitting at the end that he killed himself and his partner.
The Girls is Berlin's daughter. I think the bones that were sent to Berlin years back were of someone else and the person that sent them set up Red to take the fall and to have Berlin think Red killed his daughter. So Red wants to find her so that Berlin can see his daughter is alive and to end Berlin's vendetta against Red.
I too wondered what the key means. I totally agree: Frankly, it’s still really fun seeing James Spader as Red, delivering some great performances and scenes like his speech with the cult leader or something funny like bringing in a new vending machine or even the simple act of eating one of the kid’s snacks.


I liked the episode. Not the best one but it was certainly fresh and new to see Sheldon and Raj down there, a new enviroment. Also, because they rock together, I love when Sheldon and Raj have scenes together, Jim and Kunnal have great chemistry. Also, Sheldon singing was cute, and when he told Raj he was scared. Sheldon is becoming less robotic, that's great! But the rats were the best part of it! Not even the Hannah Montana talk was that good.

Sixxx 6

This was probably the best episode this season, I laughed more than I have at all this season. I still hate Kaley's hair and want it to grow back as fast as it can...they should have put a wig on her, I know Penny is supposed to be growing up but you can grow up with long hair. It doesn't look good on her, and when they put that bright red lipstick on her makes it worse, doesn't look good at all. While the money issues between Howard and Bernadette is nothing new the way it was played out was funny. But the part I laughed the most was when Sheldon said "let's Google hot, wet and moist and see what comes up." My sick mind just lost it.


I'm tired of the guest judges too.. Especially since most of them have no dance experience. I think Julianne should remember that she was once a dancer on the show, and not be as critical.. She's coming across as being high and mighty..
Sadie continues to be my favorite, and last night was the first night she actually looked nervous.. But I believe that she could be in the finals as well.
I was shocked that Jonathan went home.. he's much better then Tommy or Michael...

The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Every Mother's Son

Two gay-free episodes in a row?! This is really restoring my hope in this show and reminding me why I enjoyed it in the first place. I just hope this trend continues and we never see Josh again.

Sixxx 6

I loved the episode, seeing Castle's inner kid come out with actual kids was great. The tea party was probably the cutest thing ever, and probably a glimpse into when Alexis was a kid, you know he was a great dad. I really enjoyed the episode there were enough twists I didn't see coming, like Natalie being Frog Mouth's, I mean Jason's, sister. And the potato chip fudge ice cream...is that real and if so where can I get it. OMG that sounds so good, the salty and sweet, oh yes please.


Bernadette is starting to get on my last nerve. The way she treats Howard isn't even funny. I liked her in the beginning, but not now.

Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Child's Play

Last night's episode was one of the best...and I have to say, that the tea party scene was the by far the cutest scene... I'm sure they had lots of fun filming that.. and I agree too, that, that isn't the first time that Castle has had one. I think we got a glimpse of Alexis's childhood with that scene

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