So glad this show is back and happy to see a review here. Didn't expect that.


Okay, I've watched the whole series, praying for it to be put out of its misery...these last episodes (and I hope they are truly the last) will be agonizing to get through. I thought that (or I should say, was actually hoping that) Christine was supposed to die as the new queen was born. I have to admit that after last night's episode I have absolutely no idea where they are going with this. Just who are the bad guys and who are the good guys??? And who was it that supposedly destroyed Christine's world??? (that is, IF you can believe a single word Christine says)

Melissa kelly

The show is not called "The Elena Diaries", it's called "The Vampire Diaries". The show is not just about Elena, It's also about the Salvatore brothers and their relationship with her.


Seriusly? Without elena there's not show, she's like the batery of a phone, being honest if elena it's not in the vampire diares i will never watch tvd again #weloveelena

Sarah silva

I'm glad I was wrong about Calisa over the last couple weeks and that she is the person that I was hoping she would be. I knew that she was going to confess so that Joss could go free when she was told by her lawyer(who I still say that actress can not act)that she should still frame Joss and that none of the Calista so-called friends will come to bat for her. I knew she realize that she had nobody and the Joss had a whole bunch of people that loved her and would do the right thing even though I do not think that Calista killed Luca .
I do not like Miranda I have never liked her I am upset that she spilled the beans that Marc relapsed but I hope that April will be there for him and they will get together.
I knew that Vivian was going to collapse when they were on their way out the door I have a feeling that she is not going to make it past the finale I have not seen the preview so I do not know but I am pretty sure that her dying wish was going to be that Alec and Karen marry and raise the baby.
And I love that Harry bought the house however was he just sad thinking that job is not going to get out of jail when the militated imagine kids or does he not want kids.?


Agreed. Can't wait for this show to end; but I've watched the whole thing so I'll stick around for the last two episodes out of curiosity.


Thank you TV Fanatic for putting in print what I was thinking. I am one that is glad there will be no more Elena Gilbert for awhile, if not for the remainder of this series. Now Damon and Stefan can be strong vampires working together to defeat foes that are not each other. Though I am not a shipper, I do enjoy the interaction of Damon and Bonnie. They bring an exciting fire that was sorely needed, and have natural chemistry without being romantic. Also I prefer Stefan and Caroline as friends, not necessarily a romantic couple. In time, Caroline with Klaus could be fun to develop as a hybrid/vampire couple. I hope Plec/Dries do not mess up this great opportunity to write some character-driven storylines that pit the four/five/six friends (Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, and maybe Matt, and possibly Alaric) against Lily and the Heretics and any other diabolical villains they can come up with. Very much looking forward to the new regime TVD.

Suits Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Faith

I'm not totally convinced it's "the secret" we're dealing with here..................but who knows? If it is indeed the secret this possibly could be the set up for a final season.................I'd say this was a pivotal episode.............any word on when it's back? Will it be January??

Dominion Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Longest Mile Home

Loving the new vulnerable Gabriel. So much more fun - but let's get to the mystery man with the power. Is he God?

Scream Season 1 Episode 9 Review: The Dance

I think Piper is involved. The only reason Emma is thinking she has a brother is because an old woman told that a "son" came to see her and because Piper confirmed it was a boy but Kieran. I am still thinking the baby was a girl. Piper says mostly in every episode.. that her father died/was murdered. I think it´s a big coincidence. Or a red herring also :-) But there have to be two killers. Not possible only one would be able to arrange everything like that. I like the main trio - Emma/Noah and audrey.. hopefully they dont turn Audrey into one of the killers... still don´t understand why she had a picture of Brandon James..maybe because of her movie making??