Very entertaining. Spin off of The Vampire Diaries but it far surpasses it. More dark and adult.


You have to give Gotham a little time. The prequel starts slow, but the show begins to draw you in as it progresses.


Cant get enough of GOT.

Castle Season 7 Episode 21 Review: In Plane Sight

A dead on a plane... already done on Bones, though with differences.

@ uh

And surely in some show(s) before Bones, so?

The Following Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Evermore

I'm disappointed they killed as Joe off so don't think I will continue watching. Its called The Following for a reason so now that man who had the followers is dead what's the point????

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: The Death of Derek

One things that's bothered me since the episode aired was damn phone that caused the accident...how did they suddenly get phone service back??? like his phone rang in the car, but earlier his call had been ended because of terrible signal... I also have a feeling that Meredith could end up pregnant.


Please just write off Klaus. He's not developing, his story arc goes nowhere, his motivations are muddled and unclear. He's the same man from when he was introduced near the end of TVD season 2. Screaming, yelling, threatening and murdering people who are only trying to help him or Hope. How do they expect us to root for a character like that? Enough is enough, Klaus needs to go. Permanately. He's long overstayed his welcome


That moment beth gets tasered in the back and you're yelling to yourself "Nikita noooooooo"

@ Ilk_vomit

I think I call Beth Nikita more than Beth! Maggie Q will always be Nikita.


Crap! I'm sick of Joe Carroll. Now even after he's dead, I still have to see him. Thought the story would move on. Ryan snapped, Theo and his sister are still out there mucking up and no one has even asked how those men got released or why the doors wouldn't open. We are going to have to go through the drinking, breakdown stuff again. I hope Mike and Max will make it interesting. How Joe can out smart the FBI and the prison is beyond reality. The high tech world is very unsafe, we're finding that out more every day, these shows aren't science fiction. It's just that the writers push believability too far.

Scandal Round Table: Should Cyrus Run?

My (4) four favorite moments: - Cyrus and Sally
- Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus, all of him.
- The phone call between our two terrible lovers (Emotional for me). I love Olivia and Fitz even when they are mad at each other. The apparent hostility of Olivia shows for me so much frustrated love and vulnerability. I need a presidential divorce.
-The last scene (Olivia and Russell)