Kill Ester!!!! Omg I thought Mikeal was horrible, which is he, but that Ester!!! Seriously?!?! God!!! Evil freaking skeevy witch. We need the Winchesters to kill her ass and kill her quick!
I love/hate how omnipotent she is. She's like a witchy, psychic, evil, god. Damn I see where Klaus gets all of his evil ass plotting from. Mommie Eater. And I slick liked Finnicent a bit more this ep. He wasn't as boring as he usually is. And they really should've showed Hayley kick Oliver's ass.
Now to the emotions: that JoMo is a gift to the art of acting. His emotions are just beautiful. I hate Ester for hurting him so much and he was spot on in telling her that she created the monster that he is. I totally agree with you Miranda. That evil psycho will never 'beg' Ester to change him. He's freaking Niklaus Mikealson!!! He LOVES who he is. And he's an evil, psychotic, paranoid, lunatic!!! He was taught by two of the craziest people in the world on how to be crazy. He will kill his parents, simply because he is BADASS!!!
And now to cover other tidbits: I think I love Marcel. That guy could get me to turn vampy, witchy, or damn near anything else. He is such a great speaker and so passionate and motivated. Ohhh, deep sigh. And I like the chemistry between Klaus and Hayley. I don't see it as romantic. More big brother/little sister.


I agree with you Sean, I think Tom is behind that door too. As to Red's conversation with the cult leader at the end.. I wonder if that is written out or if they just let Spader ad-lib the entire thing. It seems to be another "of the week" thing where he does it every week, but I still love it..

Body of Proof Review: What's Left Behind

Sadly it's not surprising that the series was not only cancelled but initially not renewed. Season 3 saw Megan become completely self-righteous and unbearably arrogant venturing outside the bounds of impartial advocate which the first two seasons depicted so well. While never truly humble her pursuits were obviously as an advocate who allowed the evidence to solve the crime vs S3 where it became more about making the evidence fit the agenda. It would have worked better if she'd left the MEO and worked for a law firm as her pursuits were no longer about reading the bodies. The procedurals around the law, workplace hierarchy and subordinate behavior ventured beyond the believable (or rational for that matter) which for a show of this kind most definitely spells death... It's really too bad, the first two seasons held so much promise.

@ Etom

Btw - I have no issue with the acting whatsoever, it's the scripting that drove this series off the rails IMO. Love Dana Delaney, Jeri Ryan et al just wish they'd stuck to the original formula that served them so well for two seasons.

Ronald simkins
Gotham Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Viper

This was a very valid review. I also hate it when the push our faces into "penguin" when Oswald is a much more interesting and complex character. I think the show is torn between fanboys who think the show is Batman Jr. and what the show runners wanted Gotham to be. We can't have every future bad guy show up as younger versions of themselves without any development of the character and hardly in one season.

@ isoron

I disagree on the Penguin issue, personally. While I agree that Ivy and all the Catwoman references are a bit excessive; going by "Cat" at this young age is just a bit too cute, I don't think television should be afraid of using the actual code names. It's not just a reference to call him Penguin; he IS the Penguin. Complaining about the show calling him that would be like complaining about it calling Batman Batman. And if Batman isn't Batman, we might as well be watching CSI weirdsville. I agree with many other parts of the review; I do think the Venom thing worked despite being a change from the comic, young Bruce weirds me a bit and Fish is still kinda goofy. But I wanted a show about Gotham pre-Batman. I want it to have comic book elements, and avoiding things "because they're from the comics" almost seems like missing the point of the series.

@ Person

But he's NOT The Penguin yet. He hasn't reached that level. He's growing into The Penguin, but constantly pointing out that he walks like one isn't necessary for us to know who he will become. I wish they would make up their own wanna be bad guys. After all, those in the world of Batman had to pay their dues. Let's get to know some who didn't make it. That would be a fun twist on the lore. Adding new characters is game since there wasn't much about Bruce Wayne as a kid. Lots of people could have tried and missed to be either heroes or villains, but they don't have to be one note or one and done just because they're not canon. I realize that's what they're going with Fish, but ... Hmmm... try harder!

The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Every Mother's Son

I like how this season is focused on the "Original" family - get it, get it??? because that's like the title of the - nvm. That said, it's hard to feel any attachment towards Finn and Kohl (Especially when they're in other people's bodies) when to me, they never really represented unique, individual personalities. or maybe I never pay close enough attention.... #bringrebekahback2014 Also am I the only one who would like to see a Klaus and Hayley relationship? They have a lot more in common than she and Elijah do. Here's to holding out...wait for it, wait for it Hope! Mikael's attempts to murder Klaus are...tired. Glad he wasn't in the episode. Like we get it, Klaus is an abomination. Woop dee doo. What else, what else? Glad Cami's been MIA, never liked her character - though her uncle and brother had great storylines we'll see how the rest of the season goes, I'm hooked so far!

@ TO Fan

I am definetly not missing Cami

Ronald simkins

Well we have the toxic Walter/Mark combo I can only hope that Paige/Ralph are the antidote. I agree that Walter and Paige should not be a couple. I am tired of shows that hook up every male/female into a Harlequin Romance novel (I'm talking to YOU Arrow!)


So, this is basically in the veins of AHS: coven? alg i'll watch!


Ziva quit the show at the last minute leaving the writers, and the fans hanging. She wasn't fired, and she doesn't want top come back. She left us all. F her.


I thought Leah Remini was terriffic as usual. What a breath of fresh air after Erin Andrews who should stick with sports.

Scorpion Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Plutonium is Forever

great episode tonight! I like the thought of Toby & Happy being together!

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