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It sucks that it hasn't shown Dorian that much. I really hope we get to see more of him.

iZombie Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Astroburger

iZombie Season 1 Episode 11 Astroburger full streaming | The CW - May 26, 2015 on or visit
iZombie Season 1 Episode 11 Astroburger
Airs : Tuesday, at 21:00 on The CW
When somebody near to Major kicks the bucket of an evident suicide, Liv expends the brains bringing about a blend of reality and suspicion. Clive inquiries Major and learns of a mystery PC record that may contain imperative points of interest in the examination – and discovering the executione
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17 Beguiling Ball Gowns

Beauty and the beast season 1 (if I recall correctly) she wore the crazy eye mask and an amazing dress


I want Finn Wittrock to come back. His portrayal of Dandy was my favorite part of Freak Show.

Grimm Round Table: Death Becomes Them

Does anyone else think there is a chance that Nick's mother isn't really dead? There seem to be several hints about that throughout the show. ie she was too careful to be fooled like that and too tough to be taken down so easily. Even Kenneth remarked that he thought a Grim would not be so easily to kill. Not once but several times during the episode characters commented about having the mother's head and not her body. Who was the woman ( it was a woman according to closed captioning) that Trubel was taking to on the cell phone in the car? The fact that Meisner was in the helicopter indicates that the Resistance was aware all along of the Kings plan to take Diana and had planned to get rid of him instead. Seems possible that Nick's mother's death was faked and Diana handed over (she seemed to be in control during her 'captivity') to stop the Family from coming after her once and for all. Just saying.


I'm still trying to catch my breath. This episode knocked the wind right out of my sails. I knew intellectually that this was acting, but the emotion and physical pain felt so REAL. Rarely have I watched a program with this level of raw intensity. I'm still shaking. Randall is among the most vile and evil characters in literary history. He's a sadistic monster in the same category as Caligula was. I haven't read the books so I have no inkling of how he gets his comeuppance, but I hope it's just or even more brutal than he gave out. Claire and Jamie have a bond that is so heartfelt and sincere. I pray next week's storyline brings them some peace. Do not want a distressing cliffhanger, they have suffered enough for this season.

Criminal Minds Review: "Out of the Light"

This is more like a summary of the episode than a review.

7 New Summer Shows You Should Be Watching

I am with Martha. I love Perception. So sad it is canceled.

The Best of 2014: Reality Shows

With the exception of Whose Line, the rest of that crap is just that...CRAP!

Dylan Bruce Signs On for Heroes Reborn