Gossip Girl Wedding Pic: Blair's Two Dads

@lobstrob they are called Peonies, they are Blair's favorite flowers seance season 1 episode 1. And if you remember on the 5x01 she tell Louise that she wanted those flowers for her wedding


I have to go whit ¨A¨ All of them are older and some of them have powers (supernatural) And ¨A¨ its just a TEEN, so if ¨A¨is how it is think how well it be if it was older, or supernatural. This bitch could take dawn Klaus if that's what She/He wants

Two and a Half Men Review: Oh, Lay!

I give this episode a 5 stars just because Rose was there for 5 seconds. I am over the Walden character and I was more into Jake. The episode was slow and not realistic... for my the episode was the last 2 minutes and all of Jake's scenes---

Dan and Blair: Moving in Together on Gossip Girl!

I have to say I well love if they end up together but at the en they are going to be like Lilly and Rufus, nice and cute couple but Dan well be just useless...


The fist one the begging and the end but the middle video was uh, the number 3 was just them and there friendship I even smiled (i don't smile allot). For me the Winner is number 3 It was just perfect


Georgina Well be the responsible from the miscarriage and at the end we well know ho was the baby's daddy and they well team up to take down Georgina for good this time and send her right to hell or kill ¨G¨'s Baby it depends on how the show runs

Glee Round Table: "The First Time"

I expected a little more from this episode in especial because of the theme of it but It did well


I have allot to say about this episode but I guess The most important of the episode about function was that It started Fast and ended slow and a little boring whit no big surprise or on a big way like on other seasons, I mean Its the mid season finale. Other thing I really hope Katherine Is gone for good until she brings a strong story...


Why don't they change the Round Table Pick? the Crow bird was killed like in episode 3-5 of season 1, that bird didn't even make it to the mid-season Finale LOL


1.- Its it just me or all the witches in this show are black?
2.- If the Petrova family was there and she kill the doppelganger obviously and then Mikael killed all the village how did the Petrova family survive? whit the doppelganger situation I guess the Petrova family is big and they kill all the families on the place but the Pretrova's had more family in Bulgaria and Katherine is the daughter of the daughter of a cousin or something related to the original doppelganger I mean this is the only explanation.
3.- I guess that Bonny is related to the original witch because this is TVD
4.- All the episode I was like Where is Caroline and every scene I was like she is going to by in the next on and she never appear or at least be named like Jeremy (ho i didn't even remember, and then it come back, hi is the little brother and Bonny's ex)
5.- Where the Fu** is Katherine? she is not death because if she is how did Mikael knew about the Salvatore brothers?
6.- This show has to change of name to The Original Diaries, they talk about the Werewolf and they don't even say or show Jacob I mean Tyler or at least do some referents to the Lockwood family oh and I guess Tyler is related to the Original Werewolf (Klaus's real father) ho killed Klaus's little brother
7.- It well be a niche touch if they show how the course was made and they show some of the original doppelganger and we can see how was she like Elena or Katherine and why did they pick her and not other.
8.- They should do a All Flashback episode or at least a Made for TV Movie
9.- How do Stefan and Klaus communicate? from an Iphone? or do they have some Vampire connection? if its from a phone why did Mikael didn't just take Stefan's phone and look for the contact whit the ¨K¨ or that says Klaus and if its from an Vampire connection why didn't he used it? On season 1 when they turned Vicky Stefan says that they can find a Vampire because they have some kind of connection so if that is whit no related vampires then the original family has to have a stronger connection
10.- If only one and one only stick wasn't burn whit the rest of the tree hod did Klaus killed or put to sleep all of his brothers and her sister and if Klaus is the one ho has the stick how does his father is going to kill him?

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