This is Your Standard Taylor Momsen Sighting

ppl love to say how great it is, that a singer can express themselves so well, when speaking of the likes of gaga and a few others.. but when a young person does it.. they are very quick to go the opposite way, and expect them to tow the society line.. be the good lil girl/boy.. sorry, to me she has yet to do a single damn thing most teens did at her age, hell.. id hate to see some of the stuff i did posted around for all to see lol... and im sure the same goes for most ppl here.. give the girl a break, and let her be her, and not what you want/expect her to be...

Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Family in Crisis

it be Serena and the hospital = rehab =)

Nikita: Casting for a Love Interest

Me! >_>

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Threesome Aftermath and an Accident

lets just hope her cleavage pull's though ok in the accident :D

Extended Promo For "The Grandfather: Part II"

I think the guy in the bed that serena throws water on is patrick, may have something to do with the guy in the water also. im guessing =)

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