Epic finale. I really hope it's not the last episode ever :(
Did anyone else notice that Siobhan staked Bodaway!?

The CW: Save Which Show?

The show hasn't gotten a chance to take off since the CW put it at such a crappy time slot. Also, if you're not watching it YOU NEED TO. I admit it was pretty ridiculous at the beginning, but it's probably the best writing and plot lines of any CW show ever since the hiatus. Also HOW CAN ONE TREE HILL GET 10 SEASONS, AND RINGER ONLY GET ONE??? Something would not be right in the world. Reasons I don't think the other shows should get renewed over Ringer--
Hart of Dixie: Summer Roberts is not believable as a doctor.
90210: Everyone has already been with each other, and the show just doesn't make sense anymore. Not as bad as Gossip Girl these days, but not as great as Ringer.
Nikita: Good, but not as good as Ringer. Maybe if it weren't at the Friday time slot, I'd check it out more often.
The Secret Circle: Even Vampire Diaries has sucked lately, so no thanks. Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar is in Ringer. Enough said.

Ringer Review: Who's the Devil Now?

So glad that Sean Patrick Thomas was back. Any Cruel Intentions fans? Best episode! This show has been getting so much better.

Ringer Review: Dazed & Confused

Best episode so far IMO. The series really picked up after the hiatus. I feel like this review/reviewer is hating on the show and episode and I don't like it. Sarah Michelle Gellar is forever and always my favorite actress. Also @Diana LOL at your comment. I'd be so happy if Buffy actors could be reunited on Ringer. Maybe Giles could be an associate of Andrew's since he has a British accent!


When/how will we find out who won tickets?

POLL: Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

How is Troy and Abed not winning?


What a terrible episode. I didn't even realize the Chair kiss was the BIG KISS that all the spoilers were about. Nate's grandpa twist? WHO CARES. Also, Diana is so annoying. I just cannot get over how terrible this episode was. Blair was being immature again. Nate's still only thinking about girls. Dan's having a pity party. Serena was boring. Charlie can gtfo. Chuck redeeming himself was good until the end. He has to kiss her to set her free? Seriously some lazy writing.

TV On My Terms: Welcome to Must-Flee TV

Whitney is such a terrible show. It reminds me of all the CBS sitcoms (Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory) because the humor is forced and not even funny.

POLL: Who is TV's Best Teen Couple?

NO ONE CARES ABOUT KLAINE Kurt is the most annoying character, and Blaine is just as annoying. Good job at using autotune Blaine. Dear Ryan Murpy, Please kill Glee. Terrible show. Worst storylines ever. I used to watch the show for the music, but now it just sounds like adults doing Kids Bop 37.


so happy about the Chair scene!

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