Gossip Girl Caption Contest 48

Grandpa: Blair! You look terrible! What happened?!
Blair: Oh, I'd be fine...if your grandson knew any idea of what to do in bed.
Grandpa:(embarassed)Ah...I see. I'll make sure to give him some...uh, tips in that department. Till then, do you want to survey the damage with me?
(Blair just stares at him)

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Seder Anything"

1. Fave quote:
Chuck to Jenny - "I never apologized for what happened last year. I deeply regret my actions of that night. If you ever do move in here, I'll make sure I'm not around."
so touching... and so sweet...it was a very good dialogue and it was a very touching scene. 2. Best Jewish related humour in the episode:
the "Schmutz happens" apron. lol 3. Yale or Columbia:
Columbia, definitely, Yale's too good for nate, and he should suffer for turning down his grandpa's oh-so-good requests like that. not everyone gets perks like that, you know,take advantage of t, dodo-brain. and if you're too dumb to appreciate that, well, suffer, you idiot! 4. Strangest plot hole:
have to say, nate, thats just plain stupid. are you TRYING to provoke maureen into strangling you?!!
serena is understandable, she was probably wishing for it to be true anyway, and can't say anything too bad for jenny, if it set the stage for her cutting dialogue to chuck, and his final (touching) apology. (she was probably trying to impress wes anyway). 5. Gabriel:
intriguing after that last thing with poppy. i like that sweet/bad boy thing he's got going, but still don't like him much. i woudn't trust S within half a mile of this dude. BONUS Q: hell yea, she's changing! i suppose its necessary for her character's growth, but i miss queen b. no one but basshole can give her the proper freedom of feistiness she deserves. grow fast B, and cum back soon! i have to say, this episode was amazing. the whole seder thing they had going on, plus serena-dan awesome onscreen chemistry, plus blair's (regrettable) fall from queenliness, plus the chuck-jenny thing was completely COOL!!!!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Stephanie Savage Q&A

yay for dorota!! she rocks!!! the gg producers should NEVER let her go. go zuzanna! whoo! about dan and blair, i think it could be interesting, but definitely not something long-term, that's too bad. blair deserves someone better...like chuck... as for the return of nate and jenny, i have to say, i'm not opposed to that idea. it could be interesting.
the main problem with their hookup was the sheer immaturity of it. they were both so silly, and it was more of lust than love.
we all see and applaud they emotional growth of the other heroines like blair...well, why not jenny?
i would like to see jenny's growing up,and being sensible as a bigger part of the show. and in that process, if she and nate meet,become friends,ad discover feelings for each other (sensible, mature and genuine feelings, mind you!), that would be nice.
i would really like to see jenny becoming a more central character on the show, and not just as the childish baby sister of dan, but as much grown up as the rest of them.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 26

Gossip Girl: Spotted, V looking heartbroken after Gossip Girl producers kicked her out of the show.
Too bad for V, but you know she had it coming.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 22

Bart: I think you should go for Blair. Look at her in that dress!
Chuck: I'm actually trying to get both V's and B's clothes off tonight

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 22

chuck: yours or mine?
bart:who? the girl in pink? you have such low taste. the girl bears no comparison with the woman in black.

Chace and Taylor

hate her hair and eyes. but luv her outfit. nate and jenny look soooooooooo cute together.totally agree with kirrsty. keep it up guys!

The Nate-Jenny Kiss

I totally agree with beanie gurll. this pic is so friggin hot!! that would be an interesting twist if she does lose her v to n. wonder what blair,vanessa,serena and dan say about that! b's reaction would definitely be worth a watch. and dan's! LOL