I'm going with Mills or Hermann as the little clue is about family and they both have family involvements in the show. Shay as the outsider 3rd guess.

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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 346

Oh Ping Pong i was thinking it mean't to spank your butt.

Grey's Anatomy Review: All In

McBaby number 2 is on the way, is the best news of the episode and I was certainly jumping for joy about it. Time for a baby boy everyone seems to have had girls recently.
I loved how Mer took April's idea of the tshirt except do it for Zola it was a lovely way to tell Derek and so happy he was told before Cristina, Mer is growing up.


Ellen all the way


Totally agree with AWoods the white hair guy who was relieving Booth of his duties has a much bigger SL then anyone has seen coming, was totally my first thought when he reached in a took that flower out of the bin. Wouldn't surprise me if he is actually Pelant and the other guy was a total decoy.
I'm going to call it now, Clark is gonna get sum action with oh what's her name the boss of Jeffersonian anyway.
Well the washing machine sex almost happened damn it Booth why did you answer the phone.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 329

Sir, did you put extra polish on your head this morning?

New Grey's Anatomy Promo: Who Will Survive?

These teasers are are are oh i can't even think of the word.
Have heard a little rumor that September 4 they will release the song for this season along with a video clip with new image's, ok i think i can hang on for 10 days.


Hurry Up September that is all i will say.


Going - Cristina, Alex
Going - Mark, Arizona?
Gone - Lexie, Teddy I'm scratching my head, looks to me as though Meredith is trying to convince Cristina to stay and sort out her marriage problems and be her person.
While Cristina is having nothing to do with it.
PS: Love that blue jacket Ellen has on.

Revenge Season 2: What's Ahead?

Since Missing is Cancelled suggest to add Ashley Judd to your list of mommy applicants.