Beverly brooks

As long as it not Aiden, Jack or Nolan killed off.

Beverly brooks
Mad Men Review: Merger and Acquisition

Madmen just keeps getting better each week.

Beverly brooks

never interested in watching commericals within a series. Just waiting for finale to see what will happen to Storeybrook.

Beverly brooks
Revenge Review: Rules of Engagement

As others have said,,,mindblowing episode. So much packed into the show. Takeda was not the same, but didn't see him getting killed either. Aiden does have a temper problem. Jack deserves the truth, amen to that. Charlotte pg omy!!!!!

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Person of Interest Review: The Call

What left to say, the reviewer has said it all for me. Show gets better each and every week. Long time till next season.

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Revenge Round Table: "Identity"

Interesting question comment by Mark. That does sound very plausible. Revenge for me just keeps coming back for more.

Beverly brooks

Do you think Alicia made the right decision to call Cary and join the new firm?
Or did she do it to sabotage her romantic life?
Not in my opinion.
Will the election fraud come back to haunt Peter?
Probably not, after all this is Chicago.
Did you like the finale?
Yes, especially the when the door opened and there was Cary.

Beverly brooks
Once Upon a Time Review: Killing Magic

As usual Regina showed exactly how naive she is about trying to force people to love her. At times feel sorry for her. As far as Greg and Tamara goes, exactly what is their real purpose....only time will tell. Emma has powers but doesn't know how to use them. I like it better when she is in charge.

Beverly brooks
Game of Thrones Review: Honor Thy Father

Loved the flawing sword fight. A wonderful series.

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Bones Review: Will You Marry Me?

Are you tired of Pelant and irritated that he wasn't caught in the finale? I totally hate( and this word is exceptionally strong for me to say) Pelant. He is one of the boring villains on tv. Writers please let him die already. I actually turn Bones off because of Pelant being on this finale and now I find out he wasn't even caught. What a waste of my time.