The Good Wife Review: Red Cups Runneth Over

I liked the focus on Cary and Matan. I've always liked Carey (really wanted him to hook up with Kalinda.) I think a good show has many stories and not just teh one, Alica and Will. Correct observation about Carey and 'ethnic' women. (Just good taste?) I was a nervous for Alicia though when her children start questioning what she did when they were away. I think she was too. And also when Will and Zack met and he hesitated about their meeting, only to say he really wanted a car. I could see the relief in her face.

Castle Review: A Kiss for Kaye

Is that Worf of Star Trek fame in the role of Beckett's psychiatrist?

Pan Am Review: Flirting with Disaster

Is this show being cancelled? I'm starting to like it, even the espionage theme that I didn't like at first. (Thought it would be more about the women, the sexism of the time, women's lib, etc.)

The Good Wife Review: Martha, Martha, Martha!

This was a great episode. Many story lines but all handled very well. A few of my musings: I think Eli will get to the bottom of the Kalinda/Peter thing. But it won't stop him from trying to convince Alica to stay with Peter, for appearances sake. Don't really like the new addition to the State's attorney's office. Pushy and arrogant. Really want to see Kalinda and Alica friends again. Good story line with Colin Sweeney. He's creepy, but I think he's sweet on Alicia. Mixed feelings on Celeste leaving, actually liked her this episode. Felt sorry for Grace. . .bring back her religious friend.

TV Ratings Report: A Crash Landing for Pan Am

Same here. I was beginning to like the characters. It seems like networks don't (or can't) give a show time to finds it's audience.

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