The Big Bang Theory Review: The Bully Versus the Mathletes

Boo hoo. Some person who really means nothing in the grand scheme of my life laughed at me. When did people start raising such babies (note, that's not the word I was going for). Get over it. GET OVER IT. Every couple of years there's some new "cause" bandwagon that everyone jumps on and makes it out to be some huge deal. It isn't. Know what is? Women and children being bought and sold in human trafficking rings throughout this country. Kind of makes the wedgy you suffered as a third grader seem kind of silly now, huh?

The Big Bang Theory to "Explore" Leonard and Penny Again

I've long stood against Penny for many reasons (idiot, horrible representation of women, bad acting, etc) but for me, Pennard works. I like that the geek gets the (a??) girl. Something that appeals to the long dead idealist in me, I suppose.

The Closer Review: RIP, Turrell Baylor

I just want to know who the leak is!!! It's very frustrating to end it for (3, 6?) months and not tell us. I know a lot of people have said that Taylor is too obvious but I don't think so. Taylor has been number one on my list since the first mention of a leak. Here's my ordering:
Taylor, Gabriel, Pope, Sanchez, Provenza. I didn't even start to suspect Provenza until the last few episodes but, to quote someone 'Something in the milk ain't clean". I'm glad that they brought this story line back up now if only they'd get with the story line at the heart of the matter: the rapist lawyer. And why do people think that Brenda was wrong? Because some (okay, hypothetical but I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute) piece of poop gangbanger died? Cry me a river. The law doesn't always work the way it's supposed to and a lot of bad people deserve to die for a lot of bad things. If he didn't want to risk being beat to death by his fellow piece of poop gang members then he shouldn't have joined a gang in the first place. I think the point is exemplified in the episode where she gives up Nick Coslov; Pope asks her if she knows what she did and she holds up the pictures of 2 dead 18 year old girls. Not everyone deserves your sympathy; just because some is a homosapien doesn't make them a human.