Blairckuck You should post this, it's kind of preview and I haven't seen it posted here!
It's awesomeeeee! SPOILER: Blair and Chuck! Rufus annddddddd Ivyyy!
Definitely OMFG bumper!!!

When Gossip Girl Returns ...

Well of course he found out who did Blair kiss!

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Damien Darko"

Umm, I forgot to say that I feel sorry for Rufus,
poor guy doesn't deserve to be on the Uselessness Scale.
I think V doesn't want anybody messing with
HER throne in HER kingdom.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Damien Darko"

I totally agree with Gossip Guy and DANdy's feedback on the last episode, but I love Mister Meester's comment about Chuck and Blair's 30-second-scene! It was awesome to see the scene between my two favourite characters, especially since we haven't seen them together last episode at all! Btw, I'm a huge Chairmaniac!
I find Blair and Dan cute as a friends, and I love ther little fights, but that scene between Chair doesn't let me think of Dair being more than just friends.
Have you seen the way Chuck looks at Blair?
You just don't wanna mess with that. Dair has no chance AT ALL.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 140

Serena: Faith is gone, I think I'll have those mimosas after all.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 131

Nate: Juliet, I need to tell you something.
Juliet: Not now, I'm looking for Serena.
Nate: It's important!
Juliet: Fine, say it.
Nate: I lied to Dan. I have been writing Mrs. Dan Humphrey in my notebooks.