Thrilled for The Originals. Love Morgan and Gillies too much to not have them onscreen. I think pairing them up with TVD for some back to back action will be beneficial to both.


The only thing I absolutely abhorred about this was Hayley. No offense to Phoebe Tonikin but Hayley just isn't an interesting character. Not at all. I felt like they were forcing her to be relevant just because of who played her and now, now I totally did a facepalm. Daniel is amazing. Always. Elijah is easily my favorite character of the show and he could sell me on anything. As much truth and character introspection that came tumbling out of his mouth he could never convince me to be okay with this supernatural pregnancy. He just can't. The Mikaelson quest for love and family has always been what I've adored about them but using that to make us accept this Hayley stuff feels manipulative. I loved everything else though. Joseph Morgan's talent is unparalleled in my eyes. He takes me places and makes me feel things when I watch him. I loved the intro to Marcel. I feel like this can be a darker, deeper, more mature series compared to its origin. That's refreshing. I look forward to more.

Person of Interest Review: The Storm is Here

@Amanda I don't know if Carter and Reese have romantic tension, not to me anyways. There is a flirtiness and fun banter that they have. Unlike others I won't tell you you're imagining something just because you have a different perspective, and I'm sorry that others say as much. I have noticed the distance between Carter and John since the prison break. I don't like it either because they have such a fun relationship to me. I like seeing them interact. But there has been an overall distance between the cops and the vigilantes and I kinda hate it. It's like two different shows sometimes with Fusco and Carter in one part and Finch and Reese in another.I know I'm in the minority but Carter and Fusco are just and integral and intriguing to me as the boys. I have that there is a reason for that, but I miss those interactions. I'm typically indifferent with ships. I wouldn't hate Carter and Reese if done right. Just like I don't mind Zoe and John as long as it's subtle.


Yeah, I hated that this entire episode seemed orchestrated to let J Love sing...and sing....and sing. I hate the way she's been treating Evan. He's been her support and co-parent for over a year, he'd been an exemplary and involved uncle prior to that. She's trying to cut him out completely as though he hadn't been involved since the beginning. The kids notice that. Ugh she's being a pain. It isn't fair to her children that she's keeping him at bay like that. I actually like Evan's partner or whatever. I think shes good for him while Riley works out whatever she's doing with kyle, who I don't detest as much as I used to.

The Americans Review: Ultimate Sacrifice

Fantastic episode. It was definitely a more subtle more subdued episode. The emotions and tension for all the characters spoke for itself. It actually allowed the viewer to connect and mourn for these characters who died. That was brilliant and beautiful writing as a result. I did not expect Gregory to die anytime soon and it took my breath away when he did. Such an interesting character. I hated to see him go but I respected it too which brings about the wonder of amazing writing. Great writing allows one to relate and feel for complex characters whom we probably shouldn't relate to. I was sad for the loss of Gregory and the innocence of Vlad. This show is incredible.


-How does one choose in such an action packed episode. I'm still walking around saying gladiators in helmets so that wins on default.
-I'm probably biased because I adore Scott Foley but I'm still not sold that he's a bad guy even though he's as creepy as he is charming.
-I.Have.NO.Idea. I love this show. I don't even try to come up with theories anymore!
-5. Honestly, we always give better advice than we ourselves practice. That's why even shrinks have shrinks. It's easier advising someone else on how to get their life together than it is getting your own life together.
-David. I've been loving reluctant but honorary OPA David.

TV Fanatic Round Table: Spinoff Showdown!

Its going to be interesting seeing what happens to TVD once the originals are gone. I get that its the opportunity to trim the fat with a cast the size of Texas which TVD desperately needs to do, while still giving the audience these beloved characters whom dare I say rival the shows leads for being fan favorites. Joseph Morgan should be considered a breakout star at this point. He's tremendous. Daniel Gilles is incredible. Both their characters are so intriguing. And Claire Holt certainly holds her own. For those reasons I find myself both wary and excited for The Originals. Out of all the spinoffs being announced this year (entirely too many if you ask me) that one actually makes sense to me and has me intrigued.

Grey's Anatomy Review: One Hell of a Night

I loved this episode. I especially appreciated the Kawasaki's Disease storyline because it hit close to home. My mother went through the EXACT same thing with my brother when he was a kid. They kept turning her away and claiming nothing was wrong and even threatened to report her. When they finally considered that as a possibility that wanted to rule it out because he was one symptom short. If she hadn't persisted he would have died. So I truly appreciated that part of the episode. I loved Owen with the kid even though it made me sad for him since Yang doesn't want any. Great scene with Mer, Bailey, and Zola at the end. Callie's part didn't fit but they probably felt obligated to show her. Jo's bf didn't annoy me initially but now he sucks. I'm glad Avery and April are back to the friendship. They always had a sibling vibe to me personally.

Scandal Review: Heroes and Villains

All the speeches. All of them were fantastic. Jake. Mellie. The five Cyrus got because Jeff Perry is a master at delivery. Olivia. My precious Huck. The writing in this show is out of this world. Love it so much. This episode was awesome. I called Hollis' daughter having some role in her own kidnapping so his antics and nonchalance thru half the episode was amusing. But that ending when she took the money and he looked crushed? I sympathized with the devil. And that is what I love about the characters on this show. So much grey...even the evil characters aren't really evil. The heroes aren't perfect. Huck and Quinn. I love it. She's giving him a purpose.he's all proud papa. And he's making her likeable because she was always the weakest character. Loved David just hanging around I'd love it if it were permanent even if he would come across as a new Steven. I'm so confused about Jake but I'm loving every second of it. Rebound or not.


-B!tchy Klaus. He basically told Caroline to eff off and find someone who cares since it clearly can't be him. Her face crumbled. It was kind of awesome.
-I gotta say, I'm loving Bex and Evilena. They're wicked awesome together now. I love my Salvator bros especially when they join forces, but I don't want Elena to be "cured "
-No. I lost respect for her and found her annoying. It was also an unnecessary point to tie in with the current happenings of the episode. Like Caroline, they've sucked the awesome out of her.
-Damon. Essentially all Damon needs is unconditional love.He's been broken since before he became a vampire. You give him that and he's yours.
-No role. It always frustrates me how horribly they write the sole minority on this show.
-Love it.