Devious Maids Review: Deliciously Devious

They upped the stereotypes and cliches. I had a feeling that would be an issue from the moment I heard about the concept. That aside, it was fun. All and all I enjoyed it!


I can't believe Daphne didn't realize how much her and John's politics differ. He's a republican to the bone. Where has she been? This isn't news. Emmett is being grossly underused. I miss him.


Why the pic of Bay and Ty? Not that I have a problem with it.:) I felt for Angelo. I'm far from a neatfreak but I do get really frustrated when the person I'm living with leaves their shoes in the middle of the floor! Hate it! I'm either stubbing my toe or tripping and falling while carrying something. And I don't know a single person short of sn entomologist who wouldn't be pissed about cockroaches. When you're staying with someone, you have to be considerate. I didn't think he was being nitpicky. I love them living together though because they all deserve that time.
I like the Brit. He's a jackass but a fun kind. I thought Bay was too far out of line with how she handled Toby. Whether or not he's mature isn't the issue. Its he and Nikki being compatible. They aren't. He doesn't respect, understand, care about and even mocks her faith. Her faith is what she puts first. She's inflexible in regards to it.
I can't believe Daphne didn't realize how much her and John's politics differ. He's a republican to the bone. Where has she been?


I was intrigued. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I did not read the book so I can enjoy the show as is, without comparing it to the novel. I definitely will keep watching!


I'm excited. I love Scott Foley and I enjoyed Jake as a character. I was so sad when he ended up in the hole. He was a great third point in the love triangle.

Chicago Fire Season 1 Report Card: A

You couldn't have told me in the beginning that this show would be this great. I agree with this.
-Best: A Coffin That Small. That was an incredible episode. Casey confronting the dealers. That sweet kid. That salute was one of the best moments on television.
-Worst:Premiere/2nd ep.
-Best Character: Severide and Casey. Agreed.
Honorable Mention. Definitely Boden. Agreed.
Worst :Cruz. Mills during the second half of season.
-Anything Boden says.

Switched at Birth Review: Families Unite

Bay is no picnic, and I say that as a Bay fan, but she really does always get the short end of the stick. I'm hopeful that maybe now she and regina can bond because they haven't really since the beginning. It's so unfortunate because she desperately seeks out a connection with someone and always feels like an outsider. I don't like the Kennishes. I really don't. I've tried to but they're snooty and entitled, judgmental, arrogant, and so much more. I'm not a huge Regina fan but at least she's more tolerable. Daphne has become just like them which sucks. I love Emmett. Love Travis and their bromance. The new Brit guy was hilarious. I really loved Ty being back. I smell a PTSD storyline. I look forward to him being on. Ugh Kathryn has 2 girls to harass, the wedding is about the bride, not the groom. The nerve of her to get all huffy.

The Client List Review: High Alert

Sleep with her husband and its when she has a houseful of kids who tend to get up in the middle of the night during sleepovers, two concerned friends, and an unlocked bedroom door? Seriously?! I just can't ...ugh. Now a 2hr season finale. This is not the kind of show worthy of a 2hr finale. I really don't know what happen with this show but it's ...uggh.

The Client List Review: High Alert

What happen? There is very little quality storytelling. Hell there is little storytelling period. It's becoming a chore to watch. I watch out of an unfortunate obligation to see things through and boredom. Unless cowboy was a sleeper spy in on taking Riley down, he and Selena’s relationship is plotless filler. I've said all I can say about JLH and the Kyle stuff. It would have been nice if they took longer to redeem his character so it wouldn't have felt so ridiculous when he did an abrupt 180. Riley and the writers have essentially let Evan go. I can't even see him onscreen without cringing over his lackluster strictly sexual relationship with his partner and the fact that he's graduated from the academy and been promoted twice all in 1 month. Plot device is what he's become. A real shame. Riley is just mind numbingly stupid running this business and dealing with this list debacle.It's painful to watch. Was I the only one turned off that she finally wants to sleep with her husband and she does it with a houseful of kids, two concerned friends, and an unlocked bedroom door? Seriously?! I just...ugh. and now a 2hr finale. This is not a show worthy of a 2hr finale.

Scandal Season 2 Report Card: A+

-752. That episode took me places. It was incredible. From the Huck background, the interaction between him and the other gladiators as they tried to pull him out to the revelations. Someone. Any freaking one. Give Guillermo Diaz an Emmy. All the Emmys.
-Can't even pick one.
-HUCK.Not only is he my favorite but he's the most complex and intriguing. Again I say Guillermo Diaz NEEDS an emmy for this role.
-Edison. He was insufferable. Most of the time be it an antagonist or not their characters are spectacular. Charlie? Billy?Hollis? Jake? Love them. Edison was lackluster.
-Oluck. Olivia and Huck have had me since season one. They're both beautifully broken people. They are kindred spirits. I love their scenes together.
-James and Cyrus. It's mostly James.oy.
-More David. The return of Jake. Cyrus running. Abby and Harrison backstory. More Harrison in general. Info on Olivia and her father. The fallout or Huck and crazy torture loving. Quinn.