Vampire Diaries Round Table: "A View to A Kill"

-Damon and Klaus bonding. Rebekah and Stefan bonding. Bonnie finally being badass. The fact that I started liking Kol. Basically everything.
-The Breakfast Club.
-I'm sold. It's the first time I'm really sold on them. I always felt it made more sense for Stefan to gravitate towards Caroline or Bonnie, but I'm really digging Stebekah.
-Klaus. For all the reasons he mentioned. I felt like he ripped those words out of my mouth verbatim. Ive said the exact same thing about him for eons. Klaus is a Dick just to be a Dick.

American Idol Review: Come Sail Away

I too thought it was odd that they didn't mention Mattheus being on The Glee Project. He did well. That purple haired chica had me fooled. She seemed genuinely sincere in her pre -audition interview thing. Her friends waiting for her seemed a little surprised when she exited. I could have gone without that disturbing bit. They had some really great auditions this go round and some heart warming stories that didn't seem overdone.

Lost Girl Review: Energizer SuccuBunny

I really enjoyed this episode! It was quite funny. I actually liked Lauren in this, her interactions with Kenzi were amusing and I loved that they aired out their stuff. I thought you did a decent job reviewing and I fully understand your point. I hate that it always boils down to being accused of homophobia if you don't care for Lauren and Bo when that isn't the case. It is Lauren as a character, she comes across as stiff and stoic. On a show where other characters have a bit of bite and humor she always falls flat. It does affect her relationship with Bo. Sex aside they come across as completely incompatible. And no, I'm not being homophobic. I do like Bo with Dyson. Very much, but I seen more chemistry sbd fire between Bo and TAMSIN( who I really like. Nice addition) and would choose her and Bo over Bo and Lauren any day. I'm going to miss Vex! I really loved him and his chemistry with Kenzi.

NCIS Review: Teddy and Rabbit

I think they struggled at times to make reasonable and realistic correlations as far as transitioning between the flashbacks and how they were triggered by the present. I also think the flashbacks felt incomplete somehow. But I stol felt this was a truly beautiful episode. It was unbelievably touching and invoked the appropriate emotions. It was fitting for an Abby episode. I thought the young Abby was brilliant. Startlingly good mannerisms. I loved the transition from grieving Ziva to a more at peace one, and that it was acknowledged and not forced. Not too many shows pull off the transition between gut wrenching drama and everyday humor like this show. I absolutely LOVED the scenes with Abby and McGee but especially her and Gibbs. Their moments always make me smile but it was especially beautiful. I continue to enjoy the extra emphasis on the family dynamic this season.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Walking on a Dream"

-Bailey's quip about some of them not having millions to fall back on. I loved the realistic tension of that situation was being addressed. It isn't their fault that they almost died but nevertheless the pieces fell a certain way and now all these people are impacted by this lawsuit. After Dereks self righteous blame fest with Owen the previous week it was interesting to see him and the others receive a bit of a bite.
-Staff. Definitely would cut staff. The irony of all these cuts is that's what got them in trouble with the plane crash in the first place.
-Ross and Stephanie
-Not necessarily, no.
-April needs to be single for a bit.


@Robin he is Todd Williams. Just recently he played a vampire hunter on the Vampire Diaries. I think he was in Chicago Code before that and he used to play a detective on the first couple of seasons of In Plain Sight. Those are the things I'm most familiar with. I agree completely with this review. I should probably avoid my Angelo rant because it'll be redundant but I'm so over his character being shredded and Bay was out of line. At least Angelo spends time with her, ironically enough more than regina. I liked that Trevor got something out of Daphne but honestly the way she's treated him...he's too good for her.

Being Human Review: Tainted Blood

Ah and I'm back to being annoyed or indifferent to Nora. Her bonding with the young teen was nice. I'm not sure if I'm ready to see another werewolf in their circle but I liked the teen well enough. She was spunky. I could see papa wolf taking her in...but nora seems fond of her. Its a pity about Henry. He was so harsh to both josh and aiden. That was rough. Sally was sally. Lol! This thing with the witch is interesting. Season three is shaping up to be their best yet!

The Carrie Diaries Review: Curious Carrie

There is something very refreshing about this show. I like it. The other characters are starting to develop nicely. Dorritt does seem to switch up personality wise but I think they're finding her footing as endearing but pesky little sister. I continue to love the relationship between Carrie and her father. It's fantastically written. Especially his struggles to raise two teen girls alone. I find Sebastian the charming but sweet bad boy great. And yes, I definitely missed Walt.

Deception Review: One Alibi Found

Julian was so clearly a red herring that it made things far from suspenseful. I like his complicated relationship with Joanna. They bring out interesting sides in each other. I'm still mostly suspicious of Sofia. I'm now suspicious of the father and I love this more vulnerable side to Edward.


-Stefan was MVP. "You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you." BOOM! That was wonderful. Love biyter, snarky Stefan.
-Hell it was ridiculous that Sheriff Forbes arrested Shane to begin with. Gonna go with Damon telling Jeremy to run before he kills him. Even the great Ian Smolderhaulder couldn't sell that one. He was reciting it like WTF am I doing right now.
-while crazy sex is the best sex, LOVE you snarky Stefan! Gotta go with Delena. We actually seen some skin even if it was rudely interrupted with Steroline whining. Hell even Damon and Bex had a hotter scene. Her face said it all.
-Please let it be Elijah.
-Don't care.