Suits Review: Cover Your Assets

What more could be said? This episode was incredible. This season is incredible...this show hasn't slowed down since the premiere! I love the reality of their being repercussions for actions. They didn't skirt around donna's indiscretion. They tackled it head on and the character development and interaction this season has me positively giddy! Sara was amazing... Diane Neal guest starring was fantastic. The end result that scene between donna and Harvey had me leaning towards the screen. @Wednesday I feel some of the others are being a tad harsh. I fully understand your point about the language. Its increased exponentially and is frelling on being gratuitous rather than realistic. I don't care that they use it personally because they've always been a bit more edgy that way but I have noticed that they have been using it more and sometimes its more forced than organic. I've noticed that with a lot of USA shows more recently. In that sense I understand your point. I can start a drinking game now and be thoroughly wasted and that wasn't the case last year. Lol!

The Glee Project Review: Take A Bow

It took long enough. I liked Nellie and easily could identify with her the most,but this just wasn't right for her. She like Tyler lasted longer than she should have. She isn't a Tv star she's s stage performer. That is when she's the best, when she's on stage stroking the mic stand and giving it her all in front of an audience. That is where she is fearless. That is where she belongs and there is nothing wrong with that. I really enjoyed Abraham more than usual this week. He was more authentic than he ever had been.

White Collar Review: Standard Deviation

Loved the episode. I'm intrigued over Peter being reassigned. It came with price and I appreciate the reality of actions having consequences. Small part of me wanted to see Neal s reunion with Mrs.Suit and June. He somehow managed to form s family of his own and those two women are always in his corner. It just would have Bern kind of sweet to me. Love little Hector.

Covert Affairs Review: Send Auggie On Over

The show has a darker tone to it and I'm enjoying. Anytime I get to see more of auggie I'm pleased. Him in the field the pair of them having their first argument and Annie's reaction to his plan to propose. Great moments. I about cracked up when red rover was changing in front of him and he asked what was going on. Also as petty as it was I loved Joan calling her kiddies back and going toe to toe with Lena.

Political Animals Review: Series Premiere

USA has really been pushing boundaries and being risque this year. They've been very liberal with the salty language on a few of its shows. I agree that they went out of their way in an attempt to be edgier. The language and some of the sec scenes were gratuitous and nor essential to the storyline as the reviewer said. We didn't need to see Bud and his actress gf. It wasn't pleasant when the 8yr old stumbled into the room after having a bad dream just at the moment someones bare ass appeared. Even I was grossed out then. And Douglas and his wife also wasn't pertinent to the story. T j stuff was all very relevant and Sebastian Stan is a standout. Ellen a scene stealer. I did enjoy it overall though. It sort of solves my Scandal fix. Great script...maybe too good for something limited.

Suits Round Table: "Discovery"

-donna's discovery. Sarah's face in that moment was ingenious. Also lived her and Mike age thinks on her feet. Love that woman.
-eventually. He's the ultimate schemer. He takes his time.
-definitely a story there. The finale gave us the first hint of unrequited love on donna's part and its been hinted at least once in each episode since. Definitely a story there.
-every Louis moment was golden. He about stole the episode. I loved him and Mike bonding.

Leverage Review: Season 5 Premiere

@Jim by now you know it's Portland and not Seattle. Mistakes happen.:) I LOVE Leverage. I was super excited to have a new episode and have my favorite team back. It was such an explosive and great season finale that I didn't know how the premiere would be. I hate to say that the con of the week bored me to tears. I wasn't engaged in that aspect of the episode at all. But the character and team stuff was so good as usual. A brewery and Eliot moonlighting as a chef /bartender. Parker and Hardison officially dating. Nate honoring his father and committed to Sophie. Parker running like a champ and pulling a spiderwoman. The location...awesome. I suspect they fear cancellation based on some of their tweets so hope the ratings stay strong

Common Law Review: And Hudson Makes Three

Was glad to have the show back. It's light hearted, feel good fun...perfect for a Friday night. The leads are handsome, talented, and have a great chemistry. I'm surprised at how fond I've become of the show honestly. I do however understand your point. They are going through all the cliches, which is cute and fun. But eventually they'll run out and need to dig a bit deeper in hopes of not becoming stale and redundant. I did enjoy the episode though.despite it being predictable and an odd couple staple. I adore those boys and how they interact.


- anything where auggie and Annie are interacting is a fave. They just are super fun to watch together.
-Dan summed it up nicely. Jai was a poorly utilized character who faded into the background. It was unfortunate because he could have had potential but he never reached it. I liked sendhil so that sucks.
- I don't trust her but it is the CIA. I think she will be both good and bad for Annie and it will definitely lead to some interesting and darker storylines. I like what her character brings to the show and the other characters.
- Joan. She's lost two of her best people. She genuinely cares about her underlings so losing them affects her more. Especially auggie whom she has a special bond with. Annie and auggie will still work together and talk.
- it'll be a long while and I'm okay with that. It already has a serial, darker tone this season with potential for long arcs etc.

Suits Review: Liabilities

What an awesome episode! Season two of suits has been insane and intense! I for one loved litt. /Ross bromance despite it being so fleeting. Louis was awesome but clearly the guy needs to get over being so sensitive and needing all this praise. He isn't completely deprived of it and its childish. I love him being a wild card though. It's so Louis. I think the Jessica, Harvey, Daniel alliance will be interesting. Like the enemy of my enemy is my friend type of thing. This Donna development has me intrigued. This show thrives on these fantastic, strong relationships. Donna and Harvey are clearly the best of friends. Their bond is unshakable so I look forward to seeing that tested! Especially given the already tested relationship he has with Jessica. Its like a house of cards with the strongest bonds on the show threatening to tumble. I love it!