I cannot wait! I love this show!

Suits Round Table: "Asterisk"

-Harvey pointing out to Donna that she can't have it both ways. I was annoyed that she was pissed that he didn't fight for her and pissed that he stuck up for her. No, but really it was Louis and Donna strutting. And Donna and Jessicas exchange. Those two NEED to share the screen more.
-Louis strutting. It was awesome. The convo with his parents was adorable and I loved him and Donna making up so to speak. Louis and Donna is a ship I'd jump behind.
-Devastated. It was like that episode of the closer all over again. She was the best. Poor Mike.
-They'll be great friends for now. They can't not be. Honestly Mike is the only thing that keeps Rachel relevant so they'll have to orbit around one another. Nick's answers are hinky. A glitch perhaps.

Leverage Review: Missed The Landing

While I enjoyed many aspects of the episode, I totally understand this review. The questionable mark (s) was a bit off compared to how it is usually. The entire thing with Eliot seemed forced because it was clearly put in there just to lead up to that cryptic exchange between Nate and Eliot at the end that left an ominous taste in both Eliot and the viewers 'mouth. I truly did expect more out of Parker and how she interacted with the cheerleaders. It lacked the humor that Parker provides when she is forced to interact with people outside the team. And some of the characters were more like caricatures but not in the exaggerated fun way that Leverage is known for. I still enjoyed this episode better than the first couple but not nearly as much as last week's.


Probably in January. They are doing Suits the way they do White Collar and Covert Affairs


I would have loved more Jane by design. That is an unfortunate cancellation.

JR Bourne Heads to The Hamptons

Awesome! Love him!

Suits Review: Me Without You

Nothing else mattered by the end because they killed Granny! Ugh that got to me. No one is supposed to die on Suits. No more. Moving on...fantastic episode as usual. I love the parallels of Harvey and Mike losing the most important person in their lives. While I am glad my girl Donna is back...I agree that the ease in which she returned was without consequence. I love her but everyone has been on a poor Donna kick that she didn't deserve. Yet again she lashed out on Harvey for trying to protect her after she lashed out st him for not protecting her. I love her but she wasn't a gem for this storyline. Loved both her and Louis strutting, the moment she realized Louis was made partner, and her and Jessica interacting. There needs to be more of those two together. As far as the other mayhem. I look so forward to it. As the kids say $h!t is about to get real!

Political Animals Review: Xie Xie

I knew the Susan and Doug thing was coming the moment they started working together. They do make a more appropriate couple more compatible. I have lost a ton of respect for Susan and her hypocrisy. She cries about being this super feminist but spends most of her time tearing other women down which contradicts everything she claims to stand for. Bud is a lousy husband and a lousy father but he's loyal in the basic of ways, comes through in the clutch, and gets things done. I love Margaret and her getting Anne high was hilarious and perfect. From calling Anne out to everything else. I hope this show gets renewed.

Leverage Review: A Fist Full of Truffles

I LOVED this episode. I didn't dislike the previous episodes this season. They were ok at times a bit boring. But this episode felt like Leverage again. I savoured the Eliot background. I love looking into his character because he's the most mysterious of them all. I love the familial bond amongst them being exhibited. How fraternal Eliot is with both Hardison and Parker. How fatherly nate was with Parker. It was great. And Christian Kane has a way of delivering the simplest of lines with this impact and power that gives words a whole deeper meaning. I loved it. I liked Hardison and his nerdy laser thing. I thought it worked. Hands down my favorite episode of the season do far.

Suits Round Table: "Rewind"

- donna and Harvey in the flashbacks. Also Jessica and Harvey interacting. I love those dynamics with Harvey and his kickass women. And Harvey finding out his father died was a beautiful scene along with him visiting his grave.
-Not at all. Love it when Mom and Dad screw with little Mikey.
- I agree with Nick completely. All season they've been beating up Harvey as far as accusing him of not being human enough but we've seen him like that from the start.
- him fessin up to eating the bran bars.
- Jessica. He owes Harvey...he might find out Daniel planned on using him for a patsy and it'll benefit him in the end.