I am not a big fan of Chair but as I recall .. Chair are HOT when they are not together .. I don't remember they share HOT scene when they are a couple only remember when they were not together .. its obviously they will get back together .. NO DOUBT .. and i don't think this storyline will bring down rating because they are sooo many chair fan and they want them back together .. so they are going to keep teasing each other or make other jealous in some way and i am thinking about another HOT scene of them .. I have no idea what chuck is going to do so horrible that blair can't forgive .. Nate slept with her best friend .. She forgive him and I don't know if i am wrong but Blair love chuck even more .. I'm sure she will forgive him someday ..

Chair fan wanted more Blair and Chuck scene rite? i guess you just get your wishes .. only this is not the way you wanted but i'm sure you will get more of their HOT scene .. Don't forget how is Blair and Chuck in the past !!!


but i don't think that is a real script tho because there is so many things strange in that script ..


Jeca says:
I dont think exist one, beyon a Jenny want ... What somebody else has. In all season we haven't see a minute on JN , so where Jenny gets a new Nate need? Probably just a queen diva thing.

That's what i thought too, and that is probably why J fan keep calling Serena bad name bcoz there is no reason for NJ to be together (I don't feel it in a sec) and I am totally agree with everything you guys said .. I can't really express myself like that (eng is not my native lang) so, thank you for all good posed really!! because i almost leave this website just bcoz of J fan lol, They didn't give me much good feeling after read their poses eiei


Now I become "CBSN, Jeca, ChelseaFC, Patricia.GG" fan, I enjoyed reading all you comments a lot .. it was brilliant, reasonable and excellent points .. and i feel like 'NS shipper are freaking smart'

.. I've been reading all comments but so far i still can't find any jenny shipper made a very good point why jenny is deserve to be with nate more than serena' Most of them are just cursing the words

and that's made me feel so good eiei because I knew 'i took the right side' :)

BTW, Merry X'mas all


As long as Vanessa is with someone but "Nate" Then I'm cool with it :P


It was such a lovely arguments between "Scorpionmiro, Patricia and CBSN" I like reading your opinion ..

I agreed that Blair's life was messed up in the past too .. but in my opnion ..Blair's life was pretty much perfect before, She had Nate who were together since kindergarten,They were happy together until Serena happened ..She had her dad until recently he left for a male model .. what did serena had?!? .. Beside Blair still have her parents and Blair is connected to all of her parents .. Even "Syrus" Who always showing their love better than Serena's mother who seem to have a lot of secret , Lily always telling S what to do .. but I don't find Elenor did it as much as Lily did to Serena ..
So, Blair is come from loving family but Serena ?!? I don't think she had that moment before

i just think Serena will always have daddy issue as long as her father is still missing until then she will keep mess up over and over again and she jump from guy to guy just because her daddy issue who doesnt want to see her so, she fulfil that missing part by doing that (which is wrong btw) .. it's all related ..
And Serena just have a problem trusting people, Grabriel or Tripp .. She tried NOT to do anything with Tripp before that's why Nate get that chance to discover his feeling to her (again) ..
So, I don't think she is that bad tho, She actually believe that Tripp and his wife are OVER ..And about Serena was leaving Nate twice after his sweet speech .. She just made a wrong choice .. That's it !! .. bcoz AT THAT MOMENT : she has stronger feeling with Tripp over Nate .. WHY?!? .. bcoz as i remember .. NS were fighting and They don't even speak to each other and suddenly, Nate confess his feeling to her ..So, I don't think she see that coming!! So, she choose Tripp was a bad choice but i don't think what she did is unforgiveable ..

But Still, I cannot find a good reason about Jenny's reason about why she did such a thing!!, She was nice and sweet ..
The only reason I can think of is 'she just climbing to be on top' .. and get together with Nate could be a part of it ..
She used to be sincere and caring but now i doubt that ..

I still insist my believe that Serenate could make a better couple than Nenny .. Maybe Jenny is getting her way from Serena's mistake but I really don't believe in Nate's feeling to Jenny ..It seemed shallow to me .. One thing about Nate tho, He always a cheater!! ..
When he with Blair, he cheated with Serena ..
When he with Vanessa, he cheated with Jenny ..
So, I'm not surprise if Nate will play along with Jenny .. but it won't last bcoz This is "Gossip Girl" ..
.. Nobody get happily ever after ..


I have a second thought that Jenny maybe good for Serenate relationship ..

Nate is always a cheater .. Serena is always make wrong decision and obviously they can't change .. but even jenny get in between them or get nate as she wants but doesnt mean they will last .. Jenny is just a spice that need to stir in Serenate relationship a little bit but doesn't mean "Serenate" will end .. They'll always return or even get stronger and as u know its Gossip Girl .. Nobody get happily ever after .. because whenever they do that could be 'The End' ..

It's just too bad that they won't get any much chance to build up their relationship for you to see and believe in them but anyway, I still have my believe that NS is a better couple than NJ ..
This fight J might be win but someday she'll fail and whenever she does that would be my happiest day!!