Rookie Blue Review: Worth the Risk?

Gail was both obnoxious and entertaining in this episode, but I totally felt for her. Not buying the platonic relationship between Nick & Andy. I don't believe in guys having a girlfriend and being best friends with another woman. What woman wouldn't be insecure under those circumstances? Neither Nick nor Andy is entirely innocent here. I hated that we had absolutely no Sam & Andy scenes. I realize the show isn't exclusively about them, but good grief. Let's not forget the biggest draw for this show. I cringed when Sam called Marlo on her cell (not Andy) and when he ran to greet Marlo (not Andy). Was certain the writers would throw fans a bone by having Sam quietly on edge about Andy being in danger . If I had to choose between Luke & Chris, it would definitely be Luke. I've never been much of a Chris fan. However, I think it's most exciting when they bring Luke back for cameos in two or three of the episodes per season.

Rookie Blue Review: A Little Bit of Hope

I LOVED last night's episode, but I fear it will be a LONG road before we get our beloved Sam and Andy back together. Thankfully we had Oliver Shaw to be the voice of reason (and the viewers). For my own sanity, I also pretended the speeches from Frank and Noelle were "winks" from the writers to most of us viewers who they must know are dying to see Sam and Andy express such heartfelt sentiments to each other. I certainly hope the "love" between Sam and Andy is as prominently featured the entire season as it was in this particular episode.

Rookie Blue Round Table: "Surprises"

I'm so excited to actually watch Rookie Blue in real time. I just learned about the show during its most recent break. And, these round tables are so fun to read. I have a feeling this season will pull on the heart strings of the audience members like none other, so I'm thrilled I'll be able to read how other viewers are interpreting the course of events. I LOVE the Sam and Andy relationship and really hope it remains evident all season just how much they love each other.

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