What a disappointment this season has been. The writers have been lazy as hell. Yea, I get the whole philosophical dilemma of ‘how long should we search' regarding Sophia. Shane said it best when he said, ‘in the past we would stopped looking after 72 hours.’ Okay. We get it. However, it appears the writers (and other reviews on this page) think it takes all season to drive this point home. Well, guys- it doesn’t. Better shows can create this mood in two episodes. Sadly, most of this season has been filler. From irrelevant scenes that changed nothing regarding the story line to scenes that zapped whatever common since our protagonists SHOULD have had - It’s just been shamelessly bad. Little do the writers know that when Hershel says, “It’s a wonder you guys have survived this long” that most of us bitterly agreed.


I didn’t really care for the first two episodes (too soap opera and too much screen time with the two women at each other’s throats). This episode was going to be my last. However, I think I’ll follow it now. I thought this episode was genuinely sweet and engaging. I think the dialogue is a bit wooden and I often feel I’m watching a high school play due to its pace, spot on cues and set pieces. However, this one brought some adventure, some surprises and was a bit heartbreaking. It’s no Walking Dead. But I’m engaged and happy about it. Looking forward to following it…


I think this is the best show on television. However, I’m getting a bit nervous with how the writers are portraying character decision making. I mean, nobody on the show is looking for guns and/or driving off in better cars. Any good hick from Georgia would have looted every house on the way (enough rifles in those homes to supply a third world country) and dumped the crap RV and other junk cars for sturdier ones (how many RV’s, armed Army cars, and better gas millage auto’s have they passed by?) as they still cipher gas and tear out hoses from better cars. It’s a common since thing.

I was bummed that Otis died. I felt the actor showed more genuine emotion and grief (just in his expressions and body language) than any actor on the series (with their contrived mini drama bouts). Actually, I’m starting to care more for the people on the farm then our regular protagonists- which is fine.

I am assuming they are setting up Shane as a character who ‘breaks’ (probably goes nuts) due to losing the girl, her kid and killing a good guy (when he could have shot himself). Because they’ve set him up as a character with supposed integrity (and he probably thought he had some)- that he’s now questioning his existence, his sanity, his choice in killing Otis and whatever else… I’m thinking he ‘snaps’ sometime late November.

Besides that, I liked Sundays show and I’m looking forward to seeing how far they take it… I just hope they start making choices that most of us would make (I think) regarding survival.


@Jane, I didn’t say it was bad and left it at that (your comment). I believe I gave points on why it was horrible. The points aren’t really opinion- they happened in the show. We can discuss if those points matter. I think they matter (my opinion) and I explained why. I then concluded that the show was a bit self-righteous. I might have been haughty with my explanations (looking back). No need for that, really.

This is why I think they matter, though- it seems (due to the consistency in which the characters acted) that the people who created the show, appear to have an unwavering worldview I don’t agree with; their perceptions of what courageous men look like, how their families act (in/out of crises), how unimportant they made issues (that are important: i.e. where was the daughter for two years prior to abduction & wouldn’t she be affected) and how people in general deal with others- are at odds with how I think things are. I believe the show will continue to follow their rooted perceptions- which brings me to the conclusion that the characters will remain as they are.

So, unrealistic characters, bad storytelling and loopholes aren’t the best mix for a successful TV show. I seldom watch TV and I rarely write reviews. However, I guess I was really looking forward to watching something (since LOST was the last thing I watched) with some ‘bite’ and was disappointed.


The show is bad, guys. I actually turned it off after the female protagonist says, “did we do the right thing?” This is after her family is finally together, they’ve left uninhabitable earth and they stole back their 5 year-old daughter… Could things be better? Was this even a realistic question? This sums up how unrealistic these people are. In addition, the edit crew took so many liberties leaving important things out (how does the guy actually escape from prison, who do they steal the daughter back from, how does he get through restricted security) that viewers are left to assume they’ll pay no attention to future implausible situations (regarding characters in dilemma) and just avoid them. Lots of loop holes (in first thirty minutes) and I found myself more interested in the plot lines they significantly left out as opposed to the plot line they took. Lazy story telling at best…

I was excited to watch this. Really. However, the people affiliated with this were so obviously consumed with hitting every possible demographic that they zapped out any sort of creative continuity that would have kept me interested in the characters and their plight. In addition, the characters were all stereo-typical cookie cut-outs (good guy, bad guy, army guy, Abercrombie model). I could care less about a male protagonist who thinks he’s above the law. It would be different if the show had intentions of flushing out his flawed character. However, the show shamelessly justifies every cartoonish action he makes solidifying their position that everybody else is abnormal. It’s not about matters of taste here. It’s rather self-evident that this show is self righteous crap…

Lastly, why in God’s name is there Obama money, a materialization of Al Gore’s futuristic world and/or solar panel reference’s. So, we’ve got ourselves a hyped up show appearing both self-righteous (on the face of it) and baked with political references- no thanks. These hacks will lose millions of dollars on advertising and production- Terra Nova won’t last two seasons, guys. I’ll come home from work on Mondays (after I put the kids to bed) and watch LOST on Netflix.